Thursday, February 5, 2015

Feb. 1, 2015

       Incident Date:
                          Sunday, February 1st, 2015
The next community meeting at Ingleside Station will be held on February 17, 2015 at 7p.m.  Thank you.
No Incidents to Report.
Serious Incidents:
1:00am       200 Blk Lowell                          Armed Robbery
A woman walking home was robbed of her possessions. The victim told Ingleside officers Wells and Kikuchi that she was walking home after exiting the #43 Muni bus when she noticed she was being followed by two men. The victim started to run but the suspects caught up with one of them putting a knife to her neck. The suspects took the victim’s coat and her bag containing credit cards, a driver’s license, cell phone, and laptop computer before running away. The coat was recovered a short distance away but her bag and contents remain missing. Report number: 15006634
9:30pm       Bayshore/Sunnydale              Aggravated Assault
A Muni rider was assaulted and robbed of his belongings. The victim told Ingleside officers Wong and DeFilippo that, while riding the bus, a fellow rider came up to him and struck him in the face and then took out a knife and slashed his knee. During the assault, the victim dropped his cell phone and the suspect picked it up and exited the bus running away in an unknown direction. The victim was transported to the hospital for treatment of his wounds.  The 20 year old victim was reported missing by the San Jose Police on New Year’s Day. The San Jose Police were notified that he had been found in San Francisco. Report  Number: 150099133
Vehicle and Other Incidents:
03:15am          4900 Blk Mission                          Theft from Vehicle
04:30am          100 Blk Holladay                          Theft from Building
11:00am          200 Blk Naples                              Theft from Vehicle
11:19am          100 Blk Crescent                           Battery
11:38am          Diamond/Kern                               Theft from Vehicle
02:10pm          1800 Blk Sunnydale                      Warrant Arrest
05:00pm          Unit Blk Argonaut                         Battery
07:00pm          Stanford Heights/Los Palmos        Theft from Vehicle
08:15pm          1000 Blk Goettingen                      Battery
10:16pm          500 Blk Lisbon                              Theft from Building 
11:00pm          700 Blk Moultrie                           Stolen Motorcycle      
Burglaries with suspect description:
No Incidents to Report.