Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Jan. 2, 2015

    Incident Date:
                                    Friday, January 2nd, 2015
The next community meeting at Ingleside Station will be held on January 20, 2015 at 7p.m.  Thank you.
5:12pm       Rolph/ Seville                                    Stolen Vehicle
Ingleside Officers Seavey, Barajas, and Padilla were on routine patrol when they spotted a 2000 Honda Civic that was reported stolen earlier in the day. The officers followed the car as the driver drove at a dangerous pace ignoring stop signs and other traffic control measures while traveling through several intersections of the Excelsior District. The officers radioed for backup and tried to pull the driver over but he escaped and they lost sight of him. However, a short time later Ingleside Officers Thompson, Quintero, and Lustenberger spotted the suspect parking the car near the intersection of Ottawa and Cayuga. They arrested the driver who had a long criminal history and was driving without a valid license. He also had shaved ignition keys in his possession commonly used for stealing vehicles. He also had a significant amount of methamphetamine in his clothing. He was arrested and charged with auto theft and narcotics possession. Report number: 150004041
Serious Incidents
7:08am       Persia/Mission                                   Robbery
A man walking down Mission Street became a robbery victim. The man told Ingleside Officer Rand that he bumped into another pedestrian walking and said “Excuse me” after the collision. But the other pedestrian wasn’t so kind. He said, “F..k you” back and punched the victim in the face. The victim walked away while calling 911 and saw the suspect board a #14 Muni bus. The victim turned around and got on the bus where the suspect saw him talking to dispatch on his cell phone. The suspect took the phone out of the victim’s hand, grabbed the victim’s wallet from his pocket, and punched him again. He then threw the victim’s cell phone into the street while exiting the bus. The victim picked up the cell phone and continued following the suspect who suddenly turned around and punched him a third time. The victim recovered his wallet and cell phone but the suspect escaped with approximately $150 in cash. Report number: 150003219
9:15am       Visitacion/Sawyer                            Robbery
A woman standing at a bus stop noticed three men walking towards her. She told Ingleside Officers Hopkins and Uang that one of the suspects reached out and grabbed her purse and lunchbox. The victim fell to the ground in the fetal position, clutching her purse next to her body. The suspects kept grabbing at her purse and lunch box but stopped the assault when they heard a witness yelling at them. They did get away with the victim’s lunchbox. The officers called for medical help and paramedics treated the victim for injuries to her face. Report number: 150003394
10:32am     300 Blk Lisbon                                 Robbery
Ingleside Officer Morgante was sent to investigate a robbery of a woman walking near her home. The victim told Officer Morgante that the robber ran up behind her and grabbed her purse from her shoulder before running to a vehicle waiting nearby which sped away. The loss was the purse containing identification, cash, credit cards, and house keys. Report number: 150003623
Vehicle and Other Incidents:
  1:30am          5600 Blk Mission                      Theft from Building
  5:00am           500 Blk Circular                       Theft from Vehicle
  7:15am           Duncan/Tiffany                         Stolen Vehicle
  7:30pm           Stillings/Martha                        Stolen Vehicle
  9:54am           Campbell/Goettingen                Recovered Vehicle
12:36pm           100 Blk Tioga                           Recovered Vehicle
  3:00pm           Mission/Francis                        Warrant Arrest
  4:00pm           300 Blk Hanover                      Stolen Vehicle
  4:39pm           700 Blk Moscow                      Burglary
  4:55pm           200 Blk Ripley                         Recovered Vehicle
  5:00pm           1400 Blk Noe                           Fraud
  7:45pm           Girard/Harkness                       Recovered Vehicle
  9:00pm           Unit Blk 28th                             Stolen Vehicle
10:00pm           Mission/Seneca                         Traffic Collision
Burglaries with suspect description:
No Incidents to Report.