Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Jan. 1, 2015

                Incident Date:
                                              Thursday, January 1st, 2015

The next community meeting at Ingleside Station will be held on January 20, 2015 at 7p.m.  Thank you.



 3:36am       Alemany/Lyell                                    D.U.I
Ingleside Officers Hauscarriague and Tran were dispatched to an automobile collision at Alemany and Lyell Streets. When they arrived they found three damaged cars including one that was parked. One of the other two cars was stopped at the intersection when the third car, traveling at high speed, rear ended it sending that car into the parked car. All the occupants were at the scene except for the driver of the car which caused the accident. He was jogging westbound on Lyell Street toward Cayuga. Unfortunately for him, Ingleside Officer Hauscarriague was a faster runner and quickly overtook him, placing the suspect in handcuffs. A passenger in the car said she asked her mother not to let the suspect drive that evening because, “He drives crazy”.  The suspect was given a roadside sobriety check which he easily failed. He was unable to breathe deeply enough for a valid breath alcohol test. At Mission Police Station he consented to a blood test and it was administered by a department phlebotomist. After the test he was taken to County Jail and booked for D.U.I and excessive speed. Report number: 150000679

7:00 pm      800 Blk Faxon                                  Burglary
A man arriving home with his parents, after parking his car and letting his parents exit the vehicle, was startled to see the lights on at his home. But that wasn’t the most scary occurrence. As he got out of his car he saw three men suddenly jump out of a living room window of his home and run toward the rear backyard area of the house. The homeowner and one of his parents started to chase the burglars but they got away by jumping into a waiting Toyota that was parked nearby. The victims ran inside and called police and Ingleside Officers Prieto and Phillips arrived soon thereafter. After inspecting the home with the officers, the victims said that a laptop, jewelry, and coins were missing. A short time later Ingleside Officers Thompson and Lustenberger had spotted a vehicle on northbound #280 that matched the description of the getaway car. The officers chased the vehicle as the occupants inside threw items out of the car including a pillow case that contained many of the items stolen from the earlier burglary. After pursuing the vehicle on and off the freeway, through city streets, the chase was terminated out of safety concerns. Most of the items taken in the burglary were recovered and returned to the victims. Report number: 150013157

 Serious Incidents

 1:25am       1800 Blk Sunnydale                         Assault
A couple returning home from a New Year’s Party were shot near their home. One of the two victims suffered serious wounds. The victim’s told Ingleside Officers Obot, Hart, Suguitan, and Muro that they exited a Muni bus and were walking toward their home through a nearby children’s playground when they saw several men playing dice. As they got near their home one of the men said, “What you got?”, and began shooting at the couple. The woman managed to get inside and closed the door to protect herself but her male companion suffered several gunshot wounds. He was taken by ambulance to S.F.General for treatment. The Ingleside Station Investigative Team has been assigned the case. Report number: 150000215

 Vehicle and Other Incidents:

 12:01am           Unit Blk Brentwood                Vandalism to Vehicle
  3:41am           Pasadena/Geneva                     Traffic Collision
  4:00am           300 Blk Winfield                      Recovered Vehicle
  4:20am           400 Blk Madrid                        Assault
  6:30pm           Cambridge/Gladstone              Theft form Vehicle
  7:00pm           3200 Blk 26th                           Stolen Vehicle
  7:29pm           200 Blk Baden                         Restraining Order Violation
  8:45pm           Alemany/Ocean                       Traffic Collision
  9:00pm           5600 Blk Mission                     Stolen Motorcycle

 Burglaries with suspect description:

 No Incidents to Report.