Friday, January 11, 2013

Jan. 9, 2013

Incident Date:
Wednesday, January 9th, 2013

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6:26pm       50 Phelan Ave               Weapons
Officer Chang, a San Francisco City College Police Officer, was on foot patrol inside the campus near the Statler Wing. As he was walking through, he smelled a strong odor of marijuana coming from the area. Officer Chang went to investigate and followed the smell. He encountered two subjects standing around the corner. As Officer Chang got closer to them, the smell only got stronger. When asked about the marijuana, the two subjects replied and said that they had just finished smoking a “joint”. Officer Chang recognized one of the individuals whom he had arrested on a prior occasion for carrying a weapon onto school grounds. He notified dispatch and requested assistance. After Officers Burlyga and Edais as well as Sergeant Russo arrived, they searched both subjects. Officer Chang noticed that the same individual he had arrested was carrying a backpack and proceeded to search it. Inside he found a large kitchen knife with a six inch blade. Officer Chang placed this subject under arrest yet again for bringing a weapon onto school grounds. The other subject had no weapons, therefore was released from the scene. Report Number 130024928. This officer’s ability to remember prior arrest of this subject for weapons yielded yet another arrest making CCSF safer for students and instructors. That is why this is…                                                                                             **********The Best Arrest of The Day**********

Serious Incidents:

8:20pm       Unit Blk Richland        Robbery
Officers Barajas and Lustenberger were dispatched to the unit block of Richland Avenue regarding multiple calls of a woman screaming for help. One of the callers believed that the woman screaming might have been a victim of a robbery. Officers Leong and Castillo was the first unit to arrive on scene and found the woman, who had in fact been robbed. Medics also responded to the scene. Officer Castillo obtained a description of the two suspects involved in the robbery and broadcasted their description. Officer Barajas spoke with the victim who said she was walking home from the Glen Park BART Station. As she crossed the bridge on Richland Avenue, she saw a suspect following her close behind. She said she crossed the street to see if the subject would follow her. Once she crossed the street, she looked back and saw the same subject walking faster towards her. She also saw a second subject running towards her from across the street. Both suspects began to reach for her backpack and for her purse. One of the suspects then grabbed her from behind and held her in a choke hold. The victim then yelled out for help but the same suspect covered her mouth to prevent her from screaming. The suspects were able to take her purse and fled Westbound on Richland Avenue. Two witnesses who called the police said they saw the two suspects jump into a dark late 80’s to early 90’s van.  Officer Leong and Castillo searched the area and located some of the victim’s property on the unit block of Monterey Avenue. They took pictures and collected the items and returned them back the victim. Report Number 130025192

Vehicle and Other Incidents:
  7:22am          300 Blk Franconia                   Recovered Vehicle
  9:00am          3200 Blk Mission                    Theft from Vehicle
  9:16am          300 Blk Jarboe                        Recovered Vehicle
11:00am          4000 Blk Folsom                     Burglary
12:45pm          900 Blk Chenery                     Vandalism to Vehicle
  2:41pm          1000 Blk Dolores                    Warrant
  7:05pm          Silver/Congdon                       Traffic collision
  7:33pm          200 Blk Prague                       Theft from vehicle
  8:09pm          400 Blk Brunswick                 Recovered Vehicle

Burglaries with suspect description:

No incidents to report.