Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Dec. 8, 2012

Incident Date:
Saturday, December 8th, 2012

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1:20am       Alemany/San Jose        Resisting
Officers Chew and Bernard responded to a traffic collision call at the intersection of Alemany and San Jose. The officers arrived with a medical team and went up to one of the passengers in the vehicle. When they tried to reach her, the girls’ fiancĂ© got in the way and tried to get to her first. The officers told the subject to back off and let the medics’ help her, but he persisted that he needed to be the one to help her. The officers then tried to hold him back when the subject pushed the officer back. The officers then took hold of him and put him in cuffs, and cited him for interfering before letting him leave the scene. Report Number 120989150

1:21pm       3400 Blk Mission          Drug Arrest
Officers Campos, Alvarez and Johnson were on patrol when they saw a subject walking in front of a building that looked nervous and was looking around as if they were looking for something. When the officers stopped, the subject walked away, with the officers proceeding to follow and question him. The subject stopped and answered the officer’s questions, telling them that he was just going to the “shack”. The officers asked him if he had any narcotics or weapons on him, which he responded “No”. The suspect allowed the officers to search him. Upon searching his pockets, they found a small pipe and a small amount of crystal meth. The officers then placed the man under arrest and he was booked at Ingleside station. Report Number 120990135

1:21pm       3400 Blk Mission          Drug Arrest
While officers Johnson, Alvarez and Campos were investigating the suspect above, they saw another suspect leaving the building they were just at looking nervous. Officer Johnson approached this suspect and identified himself as a police officer. The suspect started breathing heavily and looking around suspiciously when the officer asked to perform a frisk for weapons. Upon searching the suspect, the officer found narcotics in his pockets, along with a glass pipe in his other pocket. The suspect was booked at Ingleside Station and found the Narcotics to be Meth. Report Number 120990141. Two for the price of one!

2:20pm       3400 Blk Mission          Drug Arrest
Officers Campos, Johnson and Alvarez later found another suspect out near where the other 2 who had been arrested were hanging out at. The suspect was coming out of the front door when the officers approached him and asked him what he was doing in there. After hearing his story, the officers asked him if he had any drugs on him, to which he responded by handing over a bag of meth. The officer then placed the suspect under arrest and he was booked at Ingleside Station.
Report Number 120990157

Serious Incidents:

12:17am     Unit Blk Appleton        Assault
Officers Hermosura and Contreras were dispatched to a call regarding a screaming woman. The officers arrived and found a woman who was crying and bleeding from her nose. The victim said that she had just taken a cab when they arrived at her home. The victim told the cab driver that she had money in the house, but not enough on her to pay him. The cab driver then told her “I’m gonna beat your ass if you doing give me my money”. She said that both she and the driver stepped out of the cab. The victim told the officer that suddenly the driver punched the victim in the face. She said that she saw the driver get back into the cab and drive off.  She described him as an Arabic male in his mid 30’s, about 5’10 with brown hair. They found a witness who described the story the same as when they got out of the cab, that the cab driver struck the victim “like a man” before taking off.  No suspects have been located or identified yet. Report Number 120989047

 5:25pm      Unit Blk Brookdale      Battery
Officers Obot and Johnson were dispatched to Brookdale regarding a stabbing.  They arrived with several other officers as well to the scene and talked to the victim. She said that she heard a knock at her back door and when she went to look she felt the door get pushed into her. The victim was held then pushed up to a wall by the suspect. The victim was able to reach and grab a kitchen knife. The victim then swung the knife at the suspect cutting him, which caused him to release her and then run off. She said that there were 2 suspects in her house, the one attacking her and another watching in the background. After the suspects left the house, she saw that one of them dropped their cell. The victim grabbed the phone and noted the number. A short time later, the suspects came back asking for the cell phone. the victim threw the phone out the window. No arrests have been made. Report Number 120990715

Vehicle and Other Incidents:

12:01am          800 Blk Peru               Stolen Vehicle
12:44am          4900 Blk Mission        Warrant Arrest
  1:19am          Alemany/San Jose       Traffic Collision
  1:27am          300 Hanover               Recovered Vehicle
  1:45am          Mission/ San Juan       Traffic Collision
  6:17am          100 Blk Otsego           Harassing Phone Calls
  9:00am          2400 Blk Diamond     Fraud
  9:40am          Visitacion/Cora           Traffic Collision
10:53am          Ellsworth/Jarboe         Traffic Collision
  2:11pm          5200 Blk Diamond     Theft
  5:50pm          4900 Mission               Theft
 6:00pm           400 Blk Campbell       Recovered/Stolen Vehicle
 6:00pm           600 Blk Anderson       Stolen Vehicle
 6:20pm           600 Blk Cortland        Theft

 Burglaries with suspect description:

No incidents to report.