Thursday, December 6, 2012

Dec. 3, 2012

Incident Date:
Monday, December 3rd, 2012

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 No incidents to Report

Serious Incidents:

5:05pm       Unit Blk Mission           Robbery
Officers Naval and Morrow were dispatched to a call of a robbery at a Chase bank on Mission Street. They met with the victim who said that he was withdrawing $2,950.00 for repairs that he was having done to his truck. Upon arrival to the auto shop, he found that the car was not yet ready, so he decided to go home, when he was approached by two suspects from behind. One of the suspects held something to his head, which was assumed to be a gun. The suspect then said, “Don’t say nothing or I’ll shoot you.” They took the victim’s wallet and  money and ran off down mission towards Excelsior Ave. The victim was not injured, and there were no witnesses or surveillance cameras to capture the event. Report Number 120976317

7:40pm       2200 Blk Castro            Robbery
Officers Morrow and Naval were dispatched to the intersection of Castro and 29th Street on a call of a possible robbery. When the officers arrived to the scene, they met with the victim who said that while he was walking down the street, a suspect grabbed him from behind and placed him in a headlock saying “Don’t scream.” The victim stated that he began yelling loudly and then he and the suspect both fell to the ground. The suspect then released the victim and ran away. He was last seen running westbound on 29th before he turned a corner. Besides some minor scratches on his knees, the victim was not injured. The officers then found and met with a witness who said that he saw the two men on the ground but didn’t know if it was a little game between friends or an assault of some kind. The witness said that he shouted out at them to see if they were okay, before the suspect ran off westbound towards 29th. The witness said that not even a minute later, he saw a Toyota Rav4 or Honda Pilot in a dark color screech out from the corner where the suspect ran towards. The witness had a strong feeling that the vehicle was involved with the above listed incident. The officers searched the surrounding area to no avail. Report Number 120976743

7:55pm       400 Blk Geneva             Theft
Police Service Aide Flynn was working at Ingleside Station when a subject came in reporting a theft. The victim said that she was waiting in front of the bus stop in front of the Balboa BART station, when she got her phone snatched from her hands. She was checking emails when an unknown male snatched the phone from her. The victim said she did not resist as the phone was taken from her. The suspect then ran over the overpass towards City College. She said that a man that was waiting near her tried running after the suspect, but she didn’t know the name or have any info on the witness who chased after the suspect.  The description of the subject was said to be a 16-19 male of unknown race, from 5’6-5’8 in height, wearing a Gray hoodie and Blue jeans. Report Number 120977064

10:15pm     29th street                      Battery
Officers Mcmilton and Peregrina were sent to Mission and 29th regarding a physical fight. Upon arrival, they found the victim lying on his back, conscious, and bleeding from the back of his head. There was a witness, who said that he and the victim were walking outside from a bar where they were playing billiards. The three men that they were playing with followed them out of the bar. They said that one of the three suspects was upset with the victim, calling him a sore loser. They said that the suspect threw some unknown items at the victim, but did not hit him saying” You don’t know how to lose! Why do you even play!” Then the suspect threw several punches in and around the head, but the suspect was able to deflect a few before he was knocked to the ground. The victim fell to the concrete sidewalk, resulting in a laceration and concussion, but never lost consciousness. He was transported to the hospital where he received some stitches. The Security guard who was working there told them that he had to kick them out of the bar before the fight, since they were getting rowdy. He didn’t see anything after they left the bar, but said that they do have surveillance cameras to help get some identification if needed to further the investigation. Report Number 120977020

Vehicle and Other Incidents:

   7:30am         Ocean/Phelan              Traffic Collision
   9:10am         700 Blk Paris               Recovered Vehicle
 12:22pm         200 Blk Athens           Recovered Vehicle
 12:51pm         600 Blk Portola           Battery
  1:53pm          Mansell/Hamilton        Recovered Vehicle
  2:05pm          Unit Blk Phelan          Theft
  2:45pm          Unit Blk Phelan          Theft
  3:30pm          Unit Blk Judson          Theft
  6:35pm          3300 Mission               Theft
  6:49pm          Unit Blk Bayshore      Traffic Collision
  7:00pm          200 Blk Valley            Stolen Vehicle
  7:45pm          Unit Blk Phelan          Robbery
  8:37pm          Unit Blk Gladys          Recovered Vehicle
10:00pm          Unit Blk Valmar         Malicious Mischief
10:00pm          400 Blk Ellington        Stolen Vehicle

 Burglaries with suspect description:

No incidents to report.