Friday, December 14, 2012

Dec. 12, 2012

Incident Date:
Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

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 No incidents to Report.

Serious Incidents:

1:30pm       Mount Vernon/San Jose        Robbery
A victim came into Ingleside Station to report a robbery. The victim stated she was on the MUNI-M  line, texting on her Iphone. As the bus came to a stop at Mt Vernon and San Jose Avenue,  an unknown suspect ran up to her and snatched her phone from her hands  and ran off the bus. The victim said that her Iphone was turned off, so the GPS tracking was currently inactive. MUNI was contacted and will provide a copy of the recorded video from the MUNI bus in an attempt to identify the suspect.  Report Number 121000991

4:04pm       200 blk Athens                       Robbery
Officer Tam and Leong responded on a report of a robbery and carjacking with a gun. When they arrived, they met with the victim and the victim’s father who were both robbed at gunpoint. The victim stated his father was walking back to his residence after just parking their van. The victim got into the driver’s seat of the vehicle to move the van with the driver side door open. Two unknown suspects appeared at the victim’s side holding a black semi-automatic handguns. The suspect pointed the firearm at the victim’s face and demanded all his belongings. The victim said he did not have anything, in which the suspect repeated the demands and started to shove the victim. The victim then gave the suspect two phones he had. The victim also witnessed the second suspect walk towards his father and point the gun directly on his chest and demanded his belongings as well. Fearing for his life, the victim’s father dropped his cell phone and wallet containing some money, a driver’s license and three credit cards on to the sidewalk. The first suspect then pulled the victim out of the vehicle. Both suspects then jumped into the van and drove off down Athens making a right on to Westbound Excelsior. Two witnesses, a neighbor and a construction worker, saw what happened and immediately called the police. The victim nor his father were injured during the incident. The victim’s vehicle has since been listed as a stolen vehicle.  Report Number 12001319

5:20pm       600 blk Sawyer                      Robbery
Officer Gomez and Lockett were dispatched to investigate a report of a robbery. Upon arrival, they made contact with the victim who stated he was robbed at gunpoint by two suspects. The victim said he was waiting for the bus when one suspect approached him and put a silver automatic handgun to his chest. The suspect proceeded to take the victims grocery bag which contained his laptop computer. Then a second suspect came from behind and took his jacket which had his cell phone, keys, and wallet. The suspects then fled westbound on Velasco. Report Number 121001808

Vehicle and Other Incidents:

  7:01am          Alabama/Ripley                      Traffic Collision
  8:42am          300 Blk Silver                         Theft
  9:07am          100 Blk Faith                          Recovered Vehicle
  9:18am          100 Blk Italy                           Recovered Vehicle
12:15pm          100 Blk Elsie                           Recovered Vehicle
12:07pm          Elsie/Virginia                           Hit and Run
  1:58pm          1100 Blk Crescent                  Recovered Vehicle
  2:04pm          200 Blk Vienna                       Recovered Vehicle
  3:30pm          300 Blk Winding                     Stolen Vehicle
  3:45pm          Unit Blk Cotter                       Warrant Arrest
  4:03pm          200 Blk Athens                       Stolen Vehicle
  6:00pm          Unit Blk Bemis                        Burglary
  6:50pm          Mission/College                      Traffic Collision
  9:00pm          300 Blk 29th                           Theft
  9:00pm          300 Blk Moscow                    Stolen Vehicle
  9:31pm          Alemany/Ellsworth                  Traffic Collision
10:00pm          600 Blk Huron                        Stolen Vehicle
10:00pm          500 Blk Mission                      Recovered Vehicle
11:00pm          600 Blk Myra                         Vandalism to Property

Burglaries with suspect description:

No incidents to report.