Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Nov. 19, 2012

Incident Date:
Monday, November 19th, 2012

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2:03am       Unit blk Mission           False Registration
Officers Mccall and Lozano were on patrol when they saw a car traveling in front of them headed down Mission Street. They then did a record check and found that the cars registration had expired earlier this year, yet had a 2013 registration tab on the rear license plate. They then effected a traffic stop and pulled the subject over and talked to the man driving. He stated that it was his friend who put the sticker on for him so he could go to work. The man didn’t have the car registered under his name yet, but has had it for over a year, and doesn’t have a California drivers license.  Upon doing a records check, it was revealed that he had  a “Suspended or Revoked”  license status. The officers cited the man and released him at the scene. The officers then seized the rear license plate and towed the car with  hold for Traffic Administration. The plate was booked at Ingleside Station. Report Number 120935799

 Serious Incidents:

8:30am       200 blk Santos              Burglary
Officer Ng was dispatched to Santos Street regarding a burglary. When he arrived, he talked with the victim who said that her apartment was burglarized. Officer Ng checked and could find no signs of forced entry. The victim believes the culprit to be an ex-boyfriend, as he would be the only other person with a spare key. Upon interviewing neighbors, officer Ng found that several witnesses claimed to have seen a gray Chevy SUV parked in front of the building. They also said that a Latin male and female were both loading up the car for about an hour. There were no video cameras to capture the incident, and no arrests have been made.
Report number 120937206

1:15pm       200 blk Velasco             Robbery
Officers Chang and Park responded to a call regarding a robbery at KellochVelasco Park located on the 100 block of Velasco Street. Upon arrival, they interviewed the victim who said that he was being followed by 3 black males for several blocks. Then when arriving at  the intersection of Velasco, one of them came up behind the victim and snatched his wallet out of his back pocket, ripping his pants in half in the process. The victim said they ran off though the grass field between Argonaut and Burr Street. He also stated that he would most likely not be able identify them should he see them again. No arrests have been made. Report number 120937109

5:26pm       5000 blk mission           Battery
Officers Gabriel and Apodaca responded to a call at the St. Lukes Hospital to meet with a victim of an aggravated assault. The victim stated that she was walking to her room when the suspect, a neighbor, came up to her in her hallway and didn’t allow her to pass. The victim then started to argue with the suspect to get out of the way, which then turned into a physical altercation with the two women shoving and pulling each other’s hair. Then the suspect bit the victim in the stomach finishing the melee. The victim then called the police who arrived and made contact with the suspect. The suspect stated that the victim had started the fight, and not her, and then refused medical attention. The victim was then taken to the hospital for the bite mark she sustained in addition to the chest pains as a result of the anxiety from the incident. Upon checking the bite, it appeared to be a bruise and not a puncture, and was listed as being in stable condition. When trying to get in contact with the suspect, the officers could not make contact with them again. The officers gave the victim a follow-up form, a victim of a violent crime notification and a Marsy’s card. Report Number 120938903

6:49pm       3000 blk mission           Battery
Officers Castillo and Kabanuck responded to an evening call on Mission Street regarding an assault. Upon the officer’s arrival, they met up with the victim, who said that she was attacked by an unknown woman and knocked to the ground. The victim stated that she had been knocked unconscious for at least one minute and awoke with a pain in her face and back. Officer Castillo called the ambulance, who later treated the victim at the scene. The victim stated that she had simply walked out of a Cole hardware store on mission when a white female, wearing light colored clothes, approached her and pushed her onto the ground, knocking her unconscious. There were many witnesses who told a similar story, seeing what happened. One of the witnesses claims that the young girl is seen around the area and is considered a troublemaker. One witness described the suspect as a 35 year old white female with four stars tattooed on her right cheekbone. Report Number 120938367

Vehicle and Other Incidents:

  3:40pm            100 blk Rousseau        Recovered Vehicle
  8:20am            1000blk Sunnydale      Malicious Mischief
12:32pm            Unit blk Ney               Recovered Vehicle
  4:29pm            Cortland/Mission        Traffic Collision
  9:12pm            800 blk Faxon            Recovered Vehicle
  9:35pm            Dolores/27th               Traffic Collision

Burglaries with suspect description:
No incidents to report.