Thursday, September 6, 2012

September 2, 2012

Incident Date:
Sunday, September 2nd, 2012

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2:19am       Alemany/San Juan       Narcotics/DUI
Officer Crispin was on patrol when he observed a vehicle swerving and repeatedly drifting to the left.  He affected a traffic stop and noticed the driver’s speech was slurred, he was sweating and his pupils were dilated.  He asked the driver to exit the vehicle and the driver stumbled as he exited.  The driver agreed to take various field sobriety tests, which he failed.  He signed a consent to search form for the officer to search his vehicle.  The officer located several prescription pills/bottles which he seized as evidence.

The suspect was transported to Mission Police Station where a phlebotomist responded to draw blood.  The suspect also requested a breath test which the officer conducted.  All results were placed in their proper envelopes and hand delivered to the Hall of Justice.  The suspect was booked for driving under the influence.  Report number 120700978

2:13pm       2400 Blk Bayshore       Warrant
Officer Burke and several other Ingleside officers responded to an area in search of a known suspect with an outstanding no bail warrant.  They located the suspect on a staircase near the address where he resides. He was taken into custody without incident.  Report number 120701904

Other Incidents:

1:00am       Maynard/Congo           Shots Fired
Officer Contreras and several other Ingleside officers responded to a shots fired call.  They met with several reportees who stated that they heard several pops but did not see anything when they walked outside.  Officers were able to locate gunshot damage to several addresses which they photographed as evidence.  No gunshot victims were located and no one at the scene appeared injured.  Officers collected bullet fragments and booked them into evidence.  Report number 120700649

1:43am       100 Blk Kelloch            Shots Fired
Officer Apodaca and several other Ingleside officers were dispatched to investigate a shots fired call.  They met with several victims who all stated they heard shots but did not see anyone do the firing.  The officers located bullet holes in several of the homes, as well as shell casings in the parking lot areas.  They took pictures of the damage and collected all items as evidence.  Officers canvassed the area for any other victims to no avail.  None of the reportees were injured and all were provided with follow up information.  Report number 120700768

8:40pm       4700 Blk Mission          Robbery
Officer Gomez was sent to investigate a robbery.  He spoke with the victim who said he was standing on the corner when a male approached him and yanked a few chains from his neck.  The male then ran down Onondaga.  The victim was not injured and said he could not identify the suspect.  Officers searched the area for anyone matching the suspect description to no avail. 
Report Number 120702770

Vehicle and Other Incidents:

1:00am           2400 Blk Diamond     Recovered License Plate
2:00am           Somerset/Mansell        H&R
4:30am           900 Blk Somerset        Recovered Vehicle
5:26am           Somerset/Mansell        Traffic Collision
8:00am           900 Blk Madrid          ATM Fraud
10:00am         800 Blk Chenery         Stolen Vehicle
8:00pm           Mangels/Foerster         Stolen Vehicle
8:18pm           1800 Blk Sunnydale    Vandalism
8:55pm           Mission/Godeus          Traffic Collision
10:00pm         400 Blk Sawyer          Auto Boost
10:00pm         29th/San Jose              Stolen Vehicle