Thursday, September 6, 2012

September 1, 2012

Incident Date:
Saturday, September 1st, 2012

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4:50am       400 Blk Monterey         Burglary
Officer Dominguez and several other Ingleside officers responded to a burglary in progress.  Dispatch had provided a description of the suspects as well as the vehicle they were driving.  The officers observed a vehicle travelling at a high rate of speed and in the opposite direction of traffic.  The vehicle matched the description of the suspect vehicle.  The officers caught up to the vehicle and when it was safe to do so, affected a traffic stop.  A record check of the vehicle returned stolen and the license plate on the vehicle was also stolen and did not belong to the vehicle.  The suspects were detained until the officers met with the reportees.

The 911 caller told the officers that he observed a male and a female removing items from a home that he knew they did not reside in.  When he confronted the suspects, they put some items on the sidewalk, boarded their vehicle and drove off.  A cold show was conducted where the reportee positively identified the two individuals as the ones that had been removing the items.  Both suspects were taken into custody.

Officers contacted the resident of the home where items were being removed and he identified some of the items recovered as his.  A record check of one of the suspects revealed she was on active probation.  An arrest search located suspected heroin in one of her pockets.  Both suspects were transported to Ingleside station where they were positively identified and booked into custody.

The vehicle was released to its proper owner at the scene.  Report Number 120698414

4:30pm       2400 Blk Bayshore       Narcotics
Officer Johnson and several other Ingleside officers responded to an address where a known suspect with an active warrant resided.  They were unable to locate the suspect, but detained an individual who was loitering in the front area.  A record check revealed the individual to have several active warrants.  An arrest search located a crystal like substance believed to be methamphetamine.  The suspect was transported to Ingleside station pending further investigation.  A presumptive test of the substance returned positive for narcotics.  The suspect was booked for the warrants and possession of narcotics.  The narcotics were hand carried to the Narcotics Drop Box at the Hall of Justice.  Report number 120699553

Other Incidents:

8:15am       5100 Blk Mission          Battery
Officer Howard was sent to investigate a battery.  He met with the victim who told him that she was standing near the ATM when an unknown suspect approached her, began yelling obscenities and spitting at her.  The victim said she was not injured and probably could identify the suspect if she saw him again.  Report number 120698561

12:20pm     Visitacion/Scherwin      Agg. Assault
Officers Sugitan and Fung responded to an assault with a stun gun.  The victims advised that they were waiting for the bus when a male came from behind and stunned them on the neck area.  The suspect then boarded a vehicle which fled down Schwerin.  Both victims said they were not injured and refused medical assistance.  They would not be able to identify the suspect.  Officers searched the area for the suspect vehicle to no avail.  Report number 120699070

10:00pm     5200 Blk Diamond Hts Computer Fraud
A victim responded to Ingleside station and told Officer Ocreto that her computer had been hacked into and several files deleted.  She provided the name of an individual who was using an alias name as the person who had committed the crime.  She wanted the incident documented because she stated that in the past she has had the same problem with an individual with the same name.  Report Number 120699757

Vehicle and Other Incidents:

3:34am            4000 Blk Mission        Fraud
9:38am            100 Blk Bocana          Traffic Collision
10:05am          600 Blk Ogden           Vandalism
4:00pm            Unit Blk Powers         Stolen Vehicle
8:00pm            300 Blk Flood            Stolen Vehicle
8:15pm            Brunswick/Curtis        Traffic Collision
8:31pm            300 Blk Nevada         Graffiti
9:03pm            1600 Blk Burrows       Recovered Vehicle
9:08pm            200 Blk Flood             Recovered Vehicle
9:50pm            400 Blk Brunswick     Stolen Vehicle