Thursday, August 23, 2012

August 20, 2012

Incident Date:
Monday, August 20th, 2012

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Other Incidents:

1:42am       3300 blk Mission Robbery
Officers Peregrina and Ma were dispatched to respond to a robbery and Officer Hauscarriague also responded as backup. The victim flagged down officers as they arrived and told them he was robbed by a suspect posing as a security officer. The suspect pointed a gun towards the victim’s right temple and told him to give his wallet. The suspect fled the scene and the victim stated he could identify the suspect if he saw him again. Report number 120661671

1:00pm       50 Phelan             Theft
City College Officer Quintana was dispatched to the College Multi Use Building regarding a theft. The victim told Quintana that someone stole her purse containing several credit and debit cards, IDs, and her laptop worth $800 dollars. She left her purse under a desk that was not surrounded by a wall or partition. She did not notice anyone suspicious while she was working with nearby students. Officer Quintana advised her to cancel her credit and debit cards. Report number 120648588

1:30pm       Unit blk Mission  Theft
Officers Park and Chang responded to a theft incident at a gas station. The victim stated that while paying the attendant someone had opened her car and stole her purse. She left the car unlocked and left her purse on the passenger seat. She reported that $80 dollars, her iPhone, and debit card were in the purse. Later that day, a person who located her purse called her. The person returned her purse and told her it was empty when he found it. The officers asked the gas station attendant if they could have access to the cameras, but she told them that only the manager could do it and he was out of town. Report number 120662077

2:20pm       50 Phelan             Theft
Officer Quintana was sent to respond a theft incident at the college bookstore. A victim’s iPhone was stolen as she left it on the counter to look for a book. The victim stated she didn’t see the suspect or find any witnesses. She deactivated her iPhone after she could not find it. Report number 120615396

3:44pm       500 blk Madrid   Assault
Officers Archilla and Gomez responded to an assault in the area. The victim’s brother called the police and told them that someone had cut his brother. The victim showed his hand and his left thumb was cut. He told officers that while walking back home, four unknown suspects attacked him. He blocked some of their attacks and one of them caused the laceration. Paramedics were called in and transported him to SF General Hospital for further evaluation due to severity of the cut. Report number 120660548

4:24pm       Unit blk Otsego   Violation of a Restraining Order
Police Services Aide Zabarte was assigned station duty when the victim came in to report a violation of a restraining order. The victim stated that she has a restraining order against the suspect due to previous encounters where she has filed multiple police report against him. The suspect had called her multiple times and has been seen around in the neighborhood. Zabarte initiated a query on the suspect and found out he is on active probation in San Mateo County. Zabarte booked a copy of the court order at Ingleside Station. Report number 120662152


7:29am            300 blk Prospect         Recovered Vehicle: 1999 Honda Accord, 2D, Purple
8:26am            Unit blk Bronte            Recovered Vehicle: 1994 Honda Civic, 2D, Blk
9:00am            100 blk Kern               Stolen Vehicle: 1988 Honda Accord, 4D, Whi
10:00am          100 blk Hahn               Recovered Vehicle: 1996 Honda Accord, 4D, Sil
12:00pm          Bennington/Ellert         Stolen Rear License Plate
12:12pm          600 blk La Grande      Recovered Vehicle: 1994 Honda Accord, 4D, Gry
1:48pm            Unit blk Alpha             Recovered Vehicle: 1995 Honda Civic, 2D, Grn
5:00pm            Unit blk Valley            Stolen Vehicle: 1994 Honda Accord, 4D, Turquoise
9:00pm            Unit blk Tioga             Recovered Vehicle: 1992 Honda Accord, 4D, Blu