Tuesday, August 14, 2012

August 2, 2012

Incident Date:
Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

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1:20pm       1500 blk Hampshire     Air Gun Possession
Officer Duffin along with numerous other Ingleside units responded to a man loading a gun outside. The suspect was sitting on the front steps of a residence while loading a gun and had a metal pipe next to him. Officers arrived at the scene and told the suspect to put down the gun and get away from the metal pipe. The man complied and told officers that the gun was a BB gun. Ingleside officers searched the suspect for any other possible weapons. The officers found a small bag of marijuana in his front pocket. The suspect was arrested and transported to Ingleside Station where he was cited and released with a court date. Report number 120610258

11:45pm     100 blk Cambridge      Possession of Narcotics
Officers Pedersen and Hom were on patrol when they noticed a parked car blocking the entrance to a small street way. The officers approached the vehicle and saw that someone was sitting inside the driver’s seat. They asked the subject what he was doing and he responded that he was just reading a magazine after work. However the man responded in a jittery way and stuttered his words which made the officers question further. Officer Hom noticed a small glass pipe containing white residue located right next to the subject. The subject was asked to get out of the vehicle so the officers could search the vehicle. They discovered several bags of methamphetamines and smoking pipes. The officers moved the illegally parked car away from blocking the street. The suspect was arrested and transported to Ingleside Station. The officers discovered that the suspect had a traffic warrant as well. The suspect was booked and charged with possession of methamphetamines and paraphernalia as well as the warrant. Report number 120611858

Other Incidents:

10:00am     Unit blk Heritage            Theft
Officer Obot and Officer Johnson were patrolling when they were waved down by a citizen. The citizen reported that someone had stolen her purse that contained several credit cards and other valuable items. The victim told the officers that she was talking to family members in front of their home and inadvertently left her purse on the front steps. The victim told the officers that the family heard some sort commotion and directed their attention there. However when they looked back, she noticed the purse and her belongings were gone. Report number 120610628

11:20am     200 blk Baltimore          Identity Fraud
Officer Bernard responded to an incident of fraud. Two suspects had attempted to scam a woman for $1790 after posing as a family member and lawyer over the phone. One the suspects posed as her eldest grand-daughter and came up with a fake arrest story. She told the victim that she was charged with a fake crime and needed $1790 for bail. Another suspect posing as a public defender over the phone tried to convince her to arrive to a certain area to receive the bail money. However the victim became suspicious and called her real grand-daughter to find out that she was never arrested. Report number 120610173

11:30am     Unit blk Chenery           Burglary
Officer Tam responded investigate burglary incident. The victim told officers that he was woken up by a loud crashing noise and saw an unknown suspect in front of his doorway. The suspect had broken into the home from the backyard and forced open the bedroom door. When the victim saw the suspect the suspect fled. No items were stolen but the backyard and bedroom doors were damaged. Officer Tam took photos of the forced entry and booked them at Ingleside Station as evidence. Report number 120609966

1:00pm       1 Sgt John V. Young    Identity Theft
Police Services Aide Heckenberg-Tognozzi prepared a report regarding an identity theft. The victim told the PSA that a suspect identified herself as a conservator for family member who was diagnosed with dementia called her. The victim also told the PSA that she received a letter showing that the family member owed $1,421.23 dollars in taxes. The victim told the PSA that the she checked with the family accountant and learned that someone had fraudulently used the family members name and social security number. Report number 120609784
3:00pm       300 blk Avalon           Identity Fraud
Officer Kerlegan was on station duty when a woman came in to report a case of identity fraud. The victim told the officer that she received a letter from the IRS that stated she owed money for the tax year of 2011. The victim told the IRS representative she has not worked since 2008 and that someone had used her social security number to file a tax return for the year in question. A copy of the IRS letter was booked as evidence at Ingleside Station. Report number 120610662

4:00pm       100 blk Valley              Burglary
Officer McMilton and Officer Peregrina were dispatched to a burglary incident. The victim told the officers that someone had broken into his home and stole his iPod. The victim told the officers that a family member was watching over the home and came to check if everything was ok. As he arrived to the house, he noticed the front door was open and looked like it had been kicked in. There was no physical evidence so CSI was not notified. Report number 120611648

5:00pm       1600 blk                      Church Theft
Officer Tam was sent to investigate a burglary incident. Someone had stolen a bass guitar out of a victim’s backyard. The victim stated that he placed his Gibson bass guitar in his backyard a few weeks ago. But when he wanted to retrieve his bass, he noticed someone had stolen the instrument. The victim provided a photo of the bass guitar that was booked as evidence at Ingleside Station. The guitar was valued at $1500 Report number 120610800

6:37pm       Unit blk Pasadena        Embezzlement
Sergeant Sawyer met with a married couple that was possible victims of a mortgage scam accompanied by their daughter. The company that was claiming to have purchased their home told the victims that since they were behind mortgage payment and that a loan modification plan by the bank was being processed. However the family started to receive letters that the home was foreclosed and auctioned off. The company that allegedly bought the home told the tenant living there to start writing the rent checks to their company’s name instead of the original owners. The victims contacted their bank and learned that the home was not foreclosed nor sold. From there, they contacted the company that was claiming to have bought the property and were told  that they could buy back the home for $165,000 dollars when the house of allegedly bought for $100,000 dollars at the auction. The lawyer for the family advised them to file a police report in which a handwritten statement was booked as evidence at Ingleside Station. This case was referred to the Financial Crimes unit for further investigation. Report number 120611052

10:05pm     4900 blk Mission         Theft
Police Services Aide Flynn was on station duty when a victim came in to report a theft. The victim parked his motorcycle in front of a supermarket and left his helmet attached to the motorcycle. When he came back, the helmet was missing and part of the helmet strap was left on the motorcycle as it was cut off. Report number 120611745


10:51am          Alemany/Farragut        Traffic Collision
11:59am          400 blk Valley             Stolen Vehicle: 2008 Suzuki DR650, Motorcycle, Black
3:45pm            800 blk France            Recovered Vehicle: 2007 Chrysler 300, 4D, Black
5:30pm            700 blk Duncan           Stolen Vehicle: 1992 Honda Civic, 4D, Gray
6:43pm            3400 blk San Bruno    Recovered License Plates
7:24pm            100 blk Bosworth       Recovered Vehicle: 1994 Nissan Sentra, 4D, Gray
7:40pm            3400 blk San Bruno    Recovered Vehicle: 1990 Honda Accord, 4D, Gray
7:45pm            Norwich/Alabama       Stolen Vehicle: 1990 Honda Accord, 4D, White

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