Thursday, July 12, 2012

July 11, 2012

Incident Date:
Wednesday, July 11th 2012

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12:39am     100 blk Blythdale   Warrant
Officers Hauscarriague and Baldovino were in the area of the Sunnydale housing area when they noticed a suspect that was wanted on a warrant go into a residence.  The officers went to the door of the residence and asked to speak with the suspect regarding a complaint. When the suspect came to the door  the officers arrested him on a felony drug warrant in the amount of $10,000. Report number 120548057

12:51pm     900 blk Ellsworth   Warrant
Officers Uang and Hopkins were patrolling Ellsworth St. when one of the officers recognized a suspect with an outstanding warrant. In order to confirm the outstanding warrant on the suspect, Officer Hopkins conducted a computer check and found that the warrant was still outstanding. The officers quickly exited their vehicle and were able to place the suspect under arrest for his outstanding $25,000 drunk driving warrant. Report number 120546283

12:53pm     1500 Sunnydale       Warrant
Officers Johnson and Peregoy were on patrol when they were flagged down by a female subject; as she was talking to the officers she mentioned she had an outstanding warrant. The officers conducted a computer check to confirm she indeed had a warrant. The warrant was for resisting arrest and theft in the amount of $5000. The officers gave the suspect the information she flagged them down for and then…arrested her! Report 120546324

1:10pm       Cesar Chavez/Hampshire      Warrant
While on patrol Lt. Engler observed someone under the overpass. Further investigation revealed a male subject camped there. The camper was advised that it was illegal to camp under an overpass. The officer then conducted a warrants check and discovered that the subject had outstanding warrants. The suspect was wanted on a misdemeanor failure to appear traffic warrant out of San Luis Obispo and for a local SF traffic warrant. Report number 120546318

1:10pm       Coso/Winfield          Warrant
Officers Chew and Lim were patrolling the area, when they witnessed a black Cadillac with a tinted driver window at the intersection of Coso Ave. and Winfield St. The tinted windows are in violation of California law therefore the officers stopped the vehicle; the officers approached the Cadillac and asked the driver for his identification. The driver could not provide it because it was suspended. The officers asked the driver to step out of the vehicle. A further check revealed the subject had an outstanding warrant for $35,000 for driving with a suspended license. the driver was arrested and booked.  Report number 120546352

7:43pm       3400 blk Mission      Warrant
Officers Barajas and Almaguer were patrolling Mission St. when they saw a suspect wanted on a Parole violation warrant. The officers engaged the subject in conversation and while they conducted a warrant check. The warrant was good and the suspect was arrested and booked at Ingleside Station. Report number 120547504

Other Incidents:

1:00am       2200 blk Bayshore    Theft
Officers Ng and Tillan were on patrol when they were dispatched to Bayshore Blvd. to investigate a theft. When they arrived the reportee told the officers that a water main cover had been stolen. The removal of the cover led to a 10,000 gallon dispersal of water into a vacant dirt lot. The water caused no damage to any property however it did create a large puddle of muddy water. Report number 120546633

5:00am       100 blk Britton          Burglary
Officers Thompson and Altamirano were dispatched to the 100 blk of Britton St. for a vandalism case. When they arrived the victim told the officers this was not vandalism but a burglary. The victim told the officers that between the times of 5:00am and 5:30am she had heard a loud sound from downstairs and her dogs barking in the backyard. The victim walked downstairs to investigate and realized that the front door had been kicked in.  The officers then went to the housing office to review footage of the surveillance cameras in the area, however the tapes did not provide any leads. Report number 120546277

11:00am     Crocker Amazon Prk   Vandalism
Police Services Aide Flynn prepared a report regarding a vandalism incident from a victim that had come into Ingleside station. The victim told PSA Flynn that someone had vandalized one of the soccer goals at the park, by removing the wheels. The goal post was also dismantled and the net was damaged. Report number 120547576

11:50am     300 blk Duncan          Theft
Officers Curry and Sanchez reported to a local residence in regards to a theft. The victim told the officers that a package had been delivered to his home, the company did not ring his bell to inform him of the delivery and left the package outside. Later, the victim heard someone outside his door and when he went to investigate he saw an unknown suspect with his package in a backpack and was fleeing on a black bicycle. Report number 120546380

11:56am     Lisbon/Excelsior        Stolen Vehicle/ Evading
Officers Chew and Lim were on patrol when they heard a broadcast regarding a stolen vehicle in their area. As they searched the area for the vehicle they noticed that it was backing out of a garage and the driver was a young dark skinned white or Hispanic male wearing a white t-shirt. The officers followed the vehicle waiting for additional Ingleside units. The stolen vehicle ran a stop sign and narrowly avoided a collision with another vehicle that is when the officers activated their lights and sirens and chased the vehicle. The vehicle now started to drive recklessly and endangering the public. The officers decided not to pursue out of fear of an innocent person being fatally injured or wounded. The information of the vehicle and driver were relayed to other law enforcement agencies. Report number 120533105

8:00pm       Rutland/Arleta            Theft
Officer Ng was patrolling the area near Rutland St. and Arleta Ave. when he was approached by a male victim. The victim told the officers that he had parked his car the previous night and when he returned the hubcaps had been stolen. Each cap has an estimated value of $75. There were no suspects observed in the theft. Report number 120546675

9:00pm       Unit blk Regent           Fraud
Police Services Aide Flynn prepared a report for a male victim of fraud. The victim came to Ingleside station and informed PSA Flynn that he requested a credit report and saw that three credit cards were on his report, which were not authorized. The victim filed a complaint and a further investigation showed that the cards had been authorized by someone that possessed the victims Social Security number. Report number 120547441

9:25pm       200 blk Blythdale        Aggravated Assault
Officers Peregoy, Hopkins and Uang were dispatched to a local residence regarding a fight. On arrival the officers saw the victims, one was holding a bag of ice to his hand and the other had a rag to their hand. All parties told the officers what happened. Both victims live at the same residence and got into a fight with each other. The owner of the residence asked the occupant to leave for the night to avoid any further disturbances. The occupant refused and grabbed a golf club and hit the owner of the residence until he was able to break free and grab a knife and chase the occupant out of the house. During this struggle the occupant received a small cut on the hand. The officers took custody of the weapons as evidence in the case. Report number 120547786

11:00pm     3700 blk Mission          Battery
Police Services Aide Flynn prepared a report for a female victim of battery. The victim told PSA that she was at a local bar and coming out of the bathroom when she was struck by 2 suspects one of which was known to her and the other was unknown. The victim has had on-going arguments with the known suspect. Report number 120546910

  8:54am          2300 blk San Jose       Recovered Vehicle: 1997 Honda Accord, 4dr, White                      
 12:55pm         1500 blk Visitacion      Recovered Vehicle: 2000 Jeep Cherokee, LL, Blk
  1:36pm          Unit blk Castillo           Recovered Vehicle: 1993 Honda Accord, 4dr, Maroon
  2:30pm          Russia/Mission            Traffic Collision: Hit and Run
  2:49pm          Fulton/16th                 Traffic Collision: Pedestrian
  3:53pm          16th/ Shotwell             Traffic Collision: Hit and Run, Pedestrian
  5:00pm          2600 blk Diamond      Stolen Vehicle: 2000 Honda CRV, 2H, Green
  5:03pm          100 blk Holladay        Recovered Vehicle: 1998 Honda Civic, 2dr, Green
  5:56pm          24th/ Harrison             Traffic Collision: Bicyclist
  7:00pm          Mission/Maynard        Traffic Collision: Hit and Run
 10:00pm         3400 blk San Bruno    Stolen Vehicle: 1999 Honda Civic EXL, 2dr, Black