Thursday, June 14, 2012

June 13, 2012

Incident Date:
Wednesday June 13th, 2012


10:37am     1900 blk Sunnydale               Warrant Arrest
Officers Trail, Peregoy and Hopkins received information on squatters that were wanted for several violations. The officers went out to investigate the call. The officers located a suspect and conducted a warrant check. The warrant check showed that the suspect had an outstanding trespassing warrant for $40,000. The officers took the suspect into custody and booked him at ingleside station.  Report number 120464748

5:25pm       Unit blk Mirabel                    Warrant Arrest
Officers Yuen and Gonzalez were on patrol checking on a passing calls request on the stairs on Mirabel Street. The officers came into contact with a group of people that were smoking Marijuana. The officers conducted warrant check on all the individuals and discovered that one of the subjects had a warrant for…Marijuana! The suspect was arrested and booked for the warrants. Report number 120366570

5:33pm       Sunnydale/Hahn                    Warrant Arrest
Officers Campos and Burke were patrolling when they observed a subject they knew had an outstanding warrant. The officers stopped the subject and conducted a warrant check. The officers discovered that the subject had two warrants totaling over $7000. The suspect was arrested and booked for the warrants. Report number 120412537

8:11pm       Unit blk Mansell                     Warrants Arrest
Officers Archilla and Antonian went on patrol with firsthand knowledge that a suspect was wanted for missing court. The judge issued a warrant for the arrest of this person. The officers responded to the suspects’ home and found him there. The officers arrested the suspect without incident. The warrant was for theft over $20,000. Report number 110029738
The above listed reports are
****The Best Arrests of the Day***

Other Incidents:

12:01am     Unit blk Pueblo                      Vandalism
Officers Paras and Shugars were sent to investigate a vandalism call. The officers spoke to the victim that told them that in the month she has had to replace 4 tires. There were no suspects observed this time just like the the previous 3 times. Report number 120322760

7:32am       Unit blk Garrison                  Shots fired
Officers Curry and Sanchez were sent to investigate a shooting incident. The officer could locate any victims or suspects. The officers did locate a witness that told them they observed two suspects running from the scene.  The officers located shell casing and booked them as evidence. Report number 120336335

8:30am       1500 blk Diamond                 Theft/Building
Officer Preston was sent to investigate a theft from a building. The officer spoke to the victim and learned that he was working in the garage when he stepped inside for a moment. When he returned he realized that his $5,500bike was gone. Since there was no physical evidence CSI was not notified. Report number120466108

8:30am       1500 blk Noe                          Theft/Building
Officer Preston was sent to investigate a theft from a building. The officer spoke to the victim and learned that an unknown suspect broke into her garage and removed her $1,200 bike. Once again there was a lack of evidence therefore CSI was not notified. Report number 120465382

9:00am       1600 blk Guerrero                 Theft/Building
Police Services Aid Heckenberg-Tognozzi prepared a report regarding a theft. The victim told the PSA that while having a garage sale she left her purse on a chair only to discover that someone had taken the purse. She did not see anyone take the purse. Report number 120465401

11:30am      200 blk Raymond                              Dog Attack
Officers Wong and Pai were sent to investigate a dog bit incident. The victim told the officers that while he was in his backyard his neighbors’ dog jumped over the fence and bit him on the foot. The officers took photos and spoke to the owner of the dog. All the photos were sent to SF ACC. Report number 120462190

12:10pm     100 blk Topaz                        Theft/Building
Officers Fung and Suguitan were sent to investigate another theft of a bicycle. The victim told the officers that he was working in his garage but left the garage door and went into the house for a short time. When he returned he discovered that his bike worth over $400 was gone. The victim told the officer that he saw the suspect and was able to chase him for as short distance to no avail. Report number 120462253

4:44pm       Unit blk Stoneybrook            Robbery
Officers Almaguer and Barajas were sent to check on two suspicious subjects that were following a female for a possible robbery. While the officers were responding another call came over the radio that the two suspects were seen running across the foot bridge with a black backpack belonging to the victim. Officers responded to both sides of the bridge, but the suspect was able to get away. Other officers detained subjects that were in the area and resembled the suspects. The victim told Officers that theses were not the suspects. The case was turned over to Sgt Alvarez for the investigation. Report number 120465796


12:30am          Unit blk Gladstone                  Stolen Auto, 1994 4dr Dodge Caravan Blue
  8:24am          200 blk France                       Recovered Auto, 1989 Honda Civic 4dr Red           
  2:00pm          Persia/Edinburgh                     Stolen Auto, 1998 4dr Acura Integra Silver
  2:45pm          Pope/Cross                            Traffic Accident, non injury accident
  5:30pm          Delta/Arleta                            Stolen plate
  7:20pm          Morse/Rolph                          Traffic Accident, Hit and Run
  7:38pm          400 blk Cortland                    Recovered Auto, 1990 blk Ford truck
  9:08pm          Teresita/Evelyn                       Traffic Accident, Hit and Run