Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April 29, 2012

Incident Date:
Sunday, April 29th, 2012


5:19pm       Unit Blk London St               Warrant
Officers Archilla and Paras were on patrol when they spotted a vehicle make a left turn without using the turn signal.  The officers conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle and contacted the driver, advising her of the violation.  There were two passengers in the vehicle, and the officers asked if anyone was on probation or parole.  The front passenger told the officers that he was on probation. A records check of this passenger revealed that he was wanted on an outstanding warrant.  The passenger was arrested.  Report 120340499

Other incidents:  

2:37am       5400 Blk Mission St               Burglary
Officer Hom was dispatched to a report of burglary.  The victim left his apartment that he shares with a roommate.  When he returned home, he saw that his bedroom door was open. The victim’s laptop was missing.  The victim believed his roommate might have left the front door unlocked.  Report 120338983

11:43am     500 Blk Alemany Blvd           Vandalism
Officers Barajas, Phillips, Johnson and Obot responded to a report of vandalism. The victim told the officers that three of his vehicle’s had been damaged.  The first vehicle had its side door mirror broken off.  The second vehicle’s rooftop was caved in as if someone had jumped on it.  The third vehicle’s driver side mirror was shattered.  The victim had no idea who might have caused the damage, or why.  Report 120339709

12:00pm     500 Blk Alemany Blvd           Vandalism
Officers Barajas and Obot were flagged down by a victim regarding vandalism. The victim reported two of her vehicle’s had been damaged.  The first vehicle’s driver’s side window was shattered.  The second vehicle’s rear window wiper had been ripped off.  Report 120339737

1:23pm       2900 Blk Alemany Blvd          Battery
Officer Goldsborough was dispatched to a report of battery.  The victim was driving in a parking lot when a suspect stepped out in front of his vehicle.  The victim believed the suspect was purposely walking slowing as to delay him.  The victim honked at the suspect, who turned around and walked over to the open driver side door of the vehicle.  The suspect slapped the victim in the side of his head.  The victim exited his vehicle and chased after the suspect, who was able to get away.  The victim was not injured.  Report 120339931

3:36pm       1800 Blk Alemany St              Battery
Officers Morrow and Bernard were flagged down by a victim.  The victim had obvious signs of being under the influence of alcohol such as bloodshot eyes and being very unsteady on his feet.  The victim said that he was drinking with the suspect and some friends all day long when the suspect scratched him.  As the officers were speaking with the victim, the suspect emerged from the residence.  The suspect had obvious signs of being under the influence of alcohol.  The suspect told the officers that the victim kept calling her his girlfriend, but that she told him to stop before her real boyfriend got upset.  The victim kept asking the suspect to leave the apartment with him, but she refused.  Both the victim and suspect continually changed their stories and neither one wanted any further police action and parted ways.  Report 120340198

4:17pm       100 Blk Britton St                   Burglary
Officers Phillips, Johnson, Obot, Barajas, Chew, Lim, Goldsborough, Preston and Thompson responded to a report of a burglary in progress.  An anonymous witness had reported seeing four suspects breaking into an apartment.  Officers Chew and Lim detained two possible suspects.  The housing manager arrived on scene and unlocked the front door of the apartment so the officers could conduct a walkthrough of the premise.  The officers did not find any suspects inside but found a broken window on the second floor.  There was no apparent damage to the inside of the premise.  The officers mirandized and questioned the two possible suspects, who denied having been involved in the incident.  The witness refused to cooperate or speak further with police.  The suspects were released from the scene.  Report 120340245

4:38pm       200 Blk Schwerin St                Shooting
Officers Obot, Johnson, Phillips and Barajas were dispatched to a report of vandalism.  The victim told the officers that she heard what sounded like a gunshot.  The victim looked outside and saw a possible suspect fleeing the area.  The victim noticed later that a bullet had gone through a bedroom window where her daughter sleeps, and then ricocheted into the bedroom wall above the door.  No one was injured during the incident.  Report 120340295

7:17pm       400 Blk Cortland Ave              Burglary
Officers Leong and Castillo responded to a report of burglary.  The witness told the officers that he was sure he secured the doors to the building before leaving.  When he returned, the doors were open.  The witness had to leave again, so he did not report the incident at the time it occurred.  The officers located damage to the door consistent with a suspect prying it open.  A door handle was also torn off of another door within the building.  Nothing appeared to be stolen.  Report 120340762
  2:06am          100 Blk Delta St                     Recovered vehicle
10:39am          1600  Blk Alemany Blvd         Vehicle accident
10:50am          Unit Blk Milton St                   Stolen vehicle
11:07am          Noe & 30th St                        Vehicle accident
  1:58pm          600 Blk Sawyer St                 Stolen vehicle
  4:00pm          Alemany & Norton St            Vehicle accident (H&R)
  6:00pm          Mission & Santa Rosa            Vehicle accident (H&R)
  6:44pm          900 Blk Madrid St                 Stolen vehicle
  7:10pm          Unit Blk Sparta St                  Stolen vehicle  
  8:24pm          29th & Mission St                  Vehicle accident