Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April 28, 2012

Incident Date:
Saturday, April 28th, 2012


Putnam/Crescent Ave.
While out on patrol in plain clothes, Officer’s Burke, Campos, and Seavey noticed a suspicious vehicle idling in an empty parking lot. When Officer Seavey approached the vehicle, he saw that there were two occupants inside of it, and the driver was in possession of a piece of paper with a green leafy vegetable matter on top of it. The officers exited their vehicles, identifying themselves as police officers. As they were speaking with the suspects, the passenger told the officers that he was on probation with a search condition. The officers then searched the suspect, and the area of the vehicle in which he was sitting. While the vehicle was being searched, Officer Seavey spoke with the driver. When asked if he had any drugs by Officer Seavey, the driver said that he did not, and Officer Seavey proceeded to conduct a search on him. While conducting the search, Officer Seavey found that the suspect had a small, hardened, crystallized object in his front pockets, which were suspected methamphetamine. Officer Seavey also found a green leafy vegetable matter that resembled marijuana, for which the suspect had a physicians note for. The driver was handcuffed, and transported to the Ingleside Police Station by Officer Goldsborough. Report number 120337850

Other incidents:  

Arnold/Crescent Ave.
Officer’s McMilton and Peregrina were dispatched to the given location concerning a robbery with a gun. At the scene, they met with three victims, who claimed that they had been robbed at gun point. The victims said that they were walking home after getting off of the bus at 1:40am. While walking home, the victims said that they were approached by a man talking on his cell phone, who pulled out a handgun, pointing it at them. He first pointed the gun at a female victim, and demanded she give him her purse.  The victim refused and he hit her below the ribcage with the gun. The suspect then pointed the gun to two male victims that gave him their money. The suspect turned away, and fled on foot. The female victim was transported to the hospital for minor injuries. The area was searched for the suspect, but to no avail. Report number 120335951

Unit Blk Leland Ave.
While out on patrol, Officer Sanchez was flagged down by a victim who claimed that she had been the victim of a theft. The victim told Officer Sanchez that she had parked her car the night before at the given location, and on the morning of the given date, she came back to find out that a rear passenger window had been broken out, and her radio stolen. Officer Sanchez searched for any evidence of fingerprints, but to no avail. Report number 120336294

Unit Blk Garrison Ave.
            Firearm Discharge
At 5:00pm while at the Ingleside Station, PSA Flynn was approached by a female victim who came to file a report regarding damage to her vehicle. The victim said that earlier that day she noticed that her vehicle had a hole in the door. Earlier that day, there were also several Ingleside units in the area where she parked her car. It was determined that the damage to the vehicle had occurred earlier that day during a separate shooting incident. Report number 120336335

Unit Blk Monterrey Blvd
Officers Park and Chang were out on patrol when they noticed a man frantically waving his arms trying to get their attention. The man directed the officer’s to a black Mercedes vehicle, which was parked on Monterrey Blvd. The left rear window of the vehicle was shattered, but the interior was untouched. The man told the officers that his friend had parked the vehicle there the night before, and that he came out today, and found the vehicle with the window shattered. There were no witnesses to this crime. Report number 120337026

1400 Blk Visitation Ave.
PSA Flynn was on duty at the Ingleside Station, and he was approached by a man who came to file a report. The victim told PSA Flynn that he had parked his vehicle on Visitation Avenue, and came back three days later to discover one of his windows broken.  Several items were taken, including his stereo, navigation system, and phone charger. The victim waited a week before reporting this incident. Report 120337979

600 Blk Velasco Ave.
Officers Lim and Chew were dispatched to call regarding vandalism. When they arrived on the scene, they met with the victim.  The victim told the officers that she was standing out in front of her home, when two suspects began walking towards her vehicle. One of the suspects then made a striking motion towards her vehicle, and shattered her front passenger side window. The suspects then fled on foot. The area was canvassed, but to no avail. The victim believes that she may have been targeted, because she witnessed a prior incident a week prior to the incident.  Report number 120337543

9:19pm       Brazil/
Lisbon St
.                     Assault
While out on patrol, Officer McMilton, along several other Ingleside units, was dispatched to the corner of Brazil and
Lisbon Street
, regarding a shooting. When he arrived on the scene, Officer McMilton made contact with the victim.  An ambulance was summoned.  The victim told Officer McMilton that he had been stabbed, not shot. The victim was later transported to San Francisco General Hospital, where he received medical attention. Further investigation determined that the victim was at the bus stop at Mission and Brazil Streets, when he was approached by the suspect.  The suspect began to insult the victim and then suddenly pulled out a knife and stabbed him.  The suspect fled.  Witnesses were able to identify the suspect.  This matter remains under investigation.  Report number 120338284


12:16am          4200 blk Folsom St.               Recovered Vehicle
  8:38am          Unit blk Madrid St.                Stolen Vehicle
11:33am          200 blk Whitney St.               Stolen Vehicle
  3:15pm          Cayuga/Onondaga Ave.         Traffic Collision
  3:30pm          Cayuga/Onondaga Ave.          Recovered Vehicle
  4:35pm          Unit blk Flood St.                   Recovered Vehicle
  4:54pm          100 blk Murray St.                 Recovered Vehicle
  6:15pm          100 blk Blythdale Ave.           Traffic Collision
  7:16pm          1100 blk Geneva Ave.            Recovered Vehicle
  8:42pm          4200 blk Folsom St.               Recovered Vehicle
10:00pm          1000 blk Sunnydale Ave.       Traffic Collision