Friday, May 25, 2012


Incident Date:
Thursday, May 24th, 2012

Ingleside Station Captain Message:

Emerging/Recent Crime Trends—There was a spike in thefts on MUNI buses this past weekend where victims were robbed of their cell phones and Ipads.  If you ride the bus alone, please keep your electronics tucked away and hidden so as to not be an attractant to thieves.

Captain Daniel J. Mahoney


2:29am                5100 Blk Mission          Burglary/Arrest
Officers Hauscarriague and Baldovino responded to a burglary in progress on 5100 block of Mission Street. As the officers were approaching the address that was being burglarized, they observed a car parked in front with the engine and lights running. When the officers got closer they saw a man carrying a safe to his car. The officers quickly arrested the suspect. The officers checked for any other suspects and contacted the owner of restaurant. The safe was recovered from the street and returned to the owner.  The owner was contacted and the property was returned. Because of the quick response and attentiveness another criminal is now in jail! It is SAFE to say that this criminal will not be getting out any time soon. Report 120410575 this is the Best Arrest of the Day.

Other incidents:  

7:07am                Unit Blk Lyell               Robbery
Officers Park and Chang responded to a call regarding a robbery with a gun. Prior to their arrival, Officer Conceicao meet with the victim who stated that she had last seen the suspects running on Still St. Multiple Ingleside Units searched the area to no avail. Officers Park and Chang spoke with the victim who stated he had parked his car and began to walk away. As the victim walked down the street he heard rapid footsteps from behind him. As he turned around, the suspect pointed a handgun at him and took the victims messenger bag. A second suspect then reached into the victims pocket and removed a wallet. The victim stated neither suspect said a word, and took off running with his belongings. Officer Chang searched the area for any possible evidence but found none.. There were no visible surveillance cameras in the area and no witnesses at the scene. Report 120410735

8:00am                400 Blk Raymond                  Theft
Officer Ng was foot when he was approached by a victim stating her library card had been stolen. The victim informed the officer that there had been 43 unreturned books under her name. The Officer spoke with the staff at the local library who informed the officer they were aware of the situation. The staff also stated that the victim should have immediately cancelled her library card. The Library documented the case for their records and the victim was given a follow-up form. Report 120411943

10:05am              Unit Blk Phelan            Theft
Officer Boyko was on patrol at City College when a call came in regarding a theft. The officer met with the victim who stated that her laptop had been stolen from her office. The victim informed the officer she had locked the office door when she left, and did not see anyone suspicious in the area. The officer spoke with several others that were in the area, but they did not see anything. Report 120411357

10:15am              Visitacion/Britton                   Robbery
Officer Chang and Park responded to a call regarding a purse that had just been stolen. The officers met with a woman who stated that a victim ran up to her and said that she had just been robbed. The woman looked down the block and saw three individuals run around the corner. When the officers spoke with the victim she stated that three males approached her and yelled “Give me your purse! Give me your purse!” The victim replied “Don’t hurt me!” and handed the suspects her purse. Since the victims’ cell phone was in her purse, she ran up to a woman and asked her to call 9-1-1.  The victims’ sunglasses were found outside a housing complex nearby. After speaking with an employee of the complex, one of the suspects was identified. He then stated that he had seen one of the suspects throw a dark colored object into some bushes. As the officers approached the bushes, the victims’ Muni pass was recovered. Photos of the sunglasses and Muni pass were taken, and the items were returned to the victim. The photos were booked into custody at Ingleside Station. Report 120411266

12:30pm              700 Blk Edinburgh      Burglary
Officers Sugitan and Fung responded to a call regarding a “Hot Prowl” burglary. The victim told the offiers that he was at home alone when he heard the doorbell ring repeatedly. The victim told the offices that he was not expecting anyone so he did not bother to look.  Then the victim heard the suspect now ringing the in-law apartment bell. The victim went to investigate and saw the suspect pry open the gate and front door to the in-law. when the suspect saw the victim he fled. The officers contacted CSI to process the scene.   Report 120411664

2:30pm                800 Blk Moscow           Dog Bite
Officer Najarro was sent to investigate a dog attack. The officer located the victim who works for the post office. The victim told the officer that he was delivering the mail and stopped for a short rest. The victim told the officer that the dog owner was present and that when they saw the mailman they ran off and bit him. Report 120409073

8:58pm                3700 Blk Mission          Robbery
Officers Anderson and Ferronato spoke to the victim of a robbery. The victim told the officers that she was 8sitting in a restaurant when she saw two suspects walk in. he victim told the officers that the suspects had their faces covered with a hood. The suspects walked directly towards her and grabbed the laptop and ran out. Report 120413121


  8:28am          Carter/Geneva             Traffic collision
  9:55am          Edinburgh/Italy           Recovered vehicle
  1:13pm          500 Blk Prentiss          Recovered vehicle
  2:30pm          Persia/Mission             H&R
  9:00pm          Unit Blk Leland          Stolen vehicle
10:00pm          5400 Blk Diam Hts.    Stolen vehicle
10:30pm          Unit Blk Martha          Stolen vehicle