Wednesday, April 25, 2012

April 21, 2012

Incident Date:
Saturday, April 21st, 2012


9:17pm       100 Blk Santa Ynez      Threats
While on duty at the Ingleside Station, Officer Lee was approached by a female victim, and a witness, who came to report a crime. The victim said that she lived with her adult son, and that she was scared of him, because he is a violent person. She said that the night before, she had some relatives over at her home, when her heavily intoxicated son became violent, and pushed her from behind. She said that she left the home for a moment, because she did not want to be confrontational, but later returned only to be attacked again by her son, who grabbed her by the hair, and by the back of the neck. She left her home once again, and the police were called, due to fact that her son in the past had threatened to kill her. When the officers arrived on scene, the family members asked them to arrest the suspect, but the officers could not, for he was in his own home, and they needed to speak with the victim. The victim did not return to her home until the next morning, when she found broken windows in the front of her home. She then came to Ingleside Station to file a report. Another call from the same neighborhood had been received after a neighbor heard glass breaking. Officers Bernard and Morrow responded to the call, identified the suspect, and arrested him for the threats.  He also confessed to breaking the glass windows. Back at the station it was revealed that the suspect was on active probation. The suspect was arrested, and booked for threatening his mother, breaking the windows of the home, battery on his mother, and violation of his probation sentence. The mother was given an emergency protective order and the suspect was served with the order.  Report Number 120318383

11:10am     5000 Blk Mission         Court order violation
Officer Chang responded to a call on the 5000 Block of Mission regarding a restraining order violation. When he arrived, he met with the victim, and the suspect, who happened to be the victim’s son. The victim handed Officer Chan a temporary restraining order valid through a determined date, at which point there would be a court hearing. Officer Chan responded to the apartment upstairs, and made contact with the victim’s son. The son was uncooperative, complained that it was unfair, and that he did not want to leave. Officer Chan called SFPD’s Identifications Bureau and confirmed the restraining order. Based on the fact that the suspect did not want to leave, and that he was uncooperative, Officer Chan determined that the suspect was in violation of the court order, took him into custody, and booked him at Ingleside Station. Report Number 120315890

Other incidents:  

4:56am       200 Blk Gates              Burglary
Officers Peregrina, McMilton, Carrasco, and Dominguez responded to a 911 caller who said that while sleeping he heard his garage door open, and feared that someone was inside. Upon arrival, the officers made contact with the victim, who told them that he and his wife were sleeping when they heard the garage door open. The victim witnessed an unknown suspect steal a bicycle and a helmet from the garage. Officers Dominguez and Carrasco searched the area for the suspect and bicycle, with negative results.  The victims did not get a good look at the suspect and could not identify him.  They were provided with follow up information.  Due to the lack of physical evidence, SFPD’s Crime Scene Investigations Unit was not called.  Report Number 120315248

12:47pm     400 Blk Paris               Int. w/electrical line
At 12:47pm Sgt. Miller responded to a call regarding a landlord-tenant dispute. Upon arrival, he met with the tenant, who said that she was inside her apartment when the electricity ceased working. She repeatedly tried to contact her landlord, but to no avail.  After going upstairs to knock on the door, she was able to talk with her landlord. She suspected that the landlord had shut down the electricity from the apartment due to an ongoing dispute regarding loud music. The landlord denied shutting off the electricity, and went with Sgt. Miller to the basement. There, the landlord showed Sgt. Miller the box for the circuit breakers.  She claimed that the breakers had been flipped due to a circuit overload, and she flipped the switches back up.  No arrest was made.  All parties were provided with follow up information.  Report Number 120316070

2:09pm       200 Blk Cayuga           Identity theft
While on duty at Ingleside Police Station, PSA Zabarte was contacted by his credit card provider, stating that his credit card was being cancelled, due to over the credit limit usage. The victim said that he does not use the credit card. The last time that he used the credit card was back in March, when he was about to make a purchase online, but later cancelled the transaction. Before and after that transaction, he had never used his credit card. He was provided with follow up information. Report Number 120316252

4:00pm       200 Blk Chenery         Identity theft
While at Ingleside Station, PSA Flynn was approached by a man claiming to be the victim of identity theft. The man reported that he was at his home opening the mail, when he opened two letters from companies regarding credit cards that he had never applied for.  He had no suspect information and was provided with follow up information. Report Number 120316484

5:50pm       Unit Blk Coleridge     Burglary
Officers Castillo and Hom responded to a call regarding a possible burglary. The victim at the scene claimed that the day before (4/20), he had left and closed his garage door.  He returned the next day (4/21) and found the garage door open, with his bicycle missing. He had no suspect information and the officers found no ascertainable areas to process for prints.  No arrests have been made at this point.  Report Number 120316791

  2:47am          300 Blk Los Palmos Dr           Stolen Vehicle
Farragut Ave
                           Traffic Collision
  9:09am          300 Blk Capistrano Ave          Stolen Vehicle
Edinburgh St
                           Traffic Collision
11:50am          200 Blk Blythdale Ave            Stolen Vehicle
12:45pm          Bosworth/Marsily                   Traffic Collision
300 Blk Laidley St
                  Recovered Vehicle
  4:40pm          Unit Blk Coso Ave                 Traffic Collision
100 Blk Holladay Ave
            Recovered Vehicle
300 Blk Laidley St
                  Recovered Vehicle
10:30pm          Bosworth/Diamond                Traffic Collision
11:29pm          Unit Blk Raymond Ave           Stolen Vehicle