Wednesday, April 25, 2012

April 20, 2012

Incident Date:
Friday, April 20th, 2012


2:22pm       3000 Blk Mission        Theft
At the given time and date, Officers Chew and Morrow were dispatched to the intersection of Tiffany and 29th Streets, regarding an assault involving three male suspects.  Officers Duffin and Rueca were already at the scene, and witnessed no merit of assault. The officers discovered that two of the males detained were in fact loss prevention officers at a nearby supermarket on Mission Street. The third suspect was apprehended by the loss prevention officers for shoplifting. The loss prevention officers told the SFPD officers that they witnessed the suspect enter the store, place some items in his shopping cart and continue to walk around the store.  He then placed some of the items in his shopping cart in his pockets, and when he went to the cashier, only paid for those that were in his shopping cart. He then exited the store without paying for the items in his pocket. When the loss prevention officers detained the suspect outside, he began to run, throwing some items at the officers. Despite fleeing the scene, the suspect was apprehended. When the SFPD officers arrived on scene, they ran a background check, which showed that the suspect had an outstanding warrant. The suspect was handcuffed and transported back to Ingleside Station, where the warrant was confirmed and he was booked.  Report Number 120313258

8:10pm       4000 Blk Mission        Battery
While on duty at Ingleside Police station, Officer Almaguer was advised by Sgt. Castillo, of a suspect that was wanted regarding a battery involving serious bodily injury, and if spotted, he should be arrested based o the given charges. Later that day, while on patrol, Officer Almaguer received a call from an anonymous citizen stating that the suspect had been seen in the area of Russia, and Mission Street at a liquor store. Officer Almaguer responded to the scene, identified the suspect, and arrested him without incident. Report Number 120270971  

Other incidents:  

8:11am       200 Blk Juanita           Burglary
While on patrol, Officer Frisk noticed two bicycles attached to a “No Parking” sign. Earlier this month, Officer Frisk had taken two reports from the neighboring area, regarding burglaries during which two bicycles were stolen. One of the reporting victims from the burglaries that took place earlier was contacted and responded to the scene.  He positively identified one of the bicycles as being his. The second bicycle was transported back to the Ingleside Station by Officer Najarro. Report Numbers 120295719 and 120295985

10:34am     500 Blk Russia              Burglary
On the given time and date, Officers Park and Chang were dispatched to Russia Avenue, regarding a possible burglary in progress. The home that the officers responded to was vacant, and the reporting party was a realtor who was going to show the home to some prospective buyers. The officers conducted a walkthrough, and found nothing but a broken window.  They provided the reportee with follow up information. Report Number 120312642


  6:44am          600 Blk Vienna St                  Stolen Vehicle
  8:14am          1000 Munich St                      Stolen Vehicle
  1:42pm          Unit Blk Pasadena St              Stolen Vehicle
  7:00pm          600 Blk San Jose Ave            Traffic Collision
  7:00pm          Silver Lake/Mission St            Traffic Collision
  3:50pm          Ocean/Phelan Ave                  Traffic Collision
11:43pm          200 Blk Genebern Way          Recovered Vehicle