Tuesday, April 17, 2012

April 14, 2012

Incident Date:
Saturday, April 14, 2012


12:10am     3100 Blk Harrington St                   Weapon
Officers Archilla and Gonzalez responded to a report of a possible vehicle break in.  While en route, dispatch advised the officers of four suspects that were involved, and provided them with the description.  When the officers arrived on scene, they patrolled the area looking for the suspects.  The officers spotted a suspect matching the description given by dispatch.  The officers parked and exited their vehicle.  As they approached the suspect, they noticed the suspect duck down behind a truck as if he was trying to hide from them.  The officers continued walking towards the suspect.  Officer Archilla heard the sound of metal hitting the ground.  The officers detained the suspect and searched the immediate area where he had been hiding.  Officer Archilla located a silver handgun in the street between the tire of the truck and the curb.  The handgun was seized and the suspect arrested.  It should be noted that numerous other Ingleside officers searched the area for the outstanding suspects, with negative results.  Report 120297674 ***BEST ARREST OF THE DAY!!!***

2:06am       Alemany & Silver Ave           D.U.I.
Officers Apodaca and Gabriel were on patrol when they responded to a report of a suspicious person in a vehicle.  Dispatch advised the officers that the witness was following the vehicle that was driving erratically.  The witness reported that the vehicle failed to stop at several red lights and then collided with a parked car.  The officers arrived on scene of the collision and contacted a possible suspect.  The suspect was sitting outside of the vehicle on the sidewalk.  The witness identified the suspect as the driver of the vehicle.  The officers immediately noticed that the suspect had symptoms of being under the influence of alcohol, including a strong odor of alcohol coming from the suspect’s breath, bloodshot eyes and slurred speech.  Upon further investigation, the officers determined that the suspect was under the influence of alcohol while driving and he was arrested.  Report 120295151

2:00pm       Brookdale & Santos Ave       Warrant
Officers Obot, Johnson and Phillips responded as back up for a motorcycle officer who was conducting a traffic stop.  The officers immediately recognized the driver of the vehicle from several police contacts.  They knew that the suspect was on parole.  A records check revealed that the suspect was wanted on an outstanding warrant.  The suspect was arrested and also cited for driving on a suspended license.  Report 120296331

2:39pm       300 Blk Raymond Ave          Warrant
Officers Benavidez, Lustenberger and Almaguer were dispatched to a threats call.  The victim and suspect had gotten into a verbal argument.  The victim did not want any further police action, however, a records check of the suspect revealed that he was wanted on an outstanding warrant.  The suspect was arrested.  Report 101056221

5:45pm       Russia & Mission St               Alcohol
Officers Fung and Sugitan responded to a report of a fight in progress.  Upon arrival, Officers Campos and Burke were attempting to detain two possibly involved suspects.  One of the suspects started walking towards Officers Fung and Sugitan, and they order her to stop.  The suspect refused and pushed Officer Fung.  The officers grabbed the suspect and placed her in handcuffs.  As the officers were handcuffing the suspect, another suspect yelled at the officers and began walking towards them.  Officer Campos detained this suspect.  While Officer Campos detained the suspect, the third suspect attempted to strike him in the groin area.  Officer Campos grabbed this suspect and handcuffed her.  The third suspect smelled of alcohol and had slurred speech.  She was unsteady on her feet and appeared unable to care for herself.  This suspect was arrested for public intoxication.  The other two suspects were released from the scene.  Report 120296977

Other incidents:  

1:40am       100 Blk Monterey Blvd                   Arson
Officers Campion-Healy and Frisk were dispatched to a report of arson of a vehicle.  The victim had parked his vehicle in his driveway upon his return home earlier in the morning.  The victim went into his residence.  A short time later, the victim heard his door bell ring and he looked out the window.  The victim saw a cab, but didn’t see any person.  The victim figured the cab had the wrong address so he did not answer the door.  A few minutes later, the victim’s doorbell rang again.  He looked out in front but did not see the cab, or any person.  The victim went to sleep.  When he awoke, he found a note from the SFFD telling him that his vehicle had been burned, and that they attempted to contact him by ringing the doorbell.  The inside of the victim’s vehicle had been burned.  Report 120295537

2:30am       Oneida & Delano St               Theft
Officer Lee took a report regarding theft.  The victim parked her vehicle and secured it.  Upon her return, the victim discovered that the passenger side window had been smashed.  Her purse was stolen from inside.  Report 120296375

2:53am       200 Blk Duncan St                 Arson
Officers Dominguez and Carrasco were conducting traffic control on an unrelated incident when they were flagged down by a citizen regarding a fire.  The officers responded to the scene and found a portable toilet on fire.  The fire had spread to a nearby vehicle, which also caught fire.  SFFD responded and extinguished the fire.  The owner of the vehicle was notified.  No one was injured during this incident.  Report 120295349

5:55am       Unit Blk El Serano Court       Burglary
Officers Frisk and Campion-Healy responded to a report of burglary.  The victim had called the police earlier in the evening.  Officers had responded, but the victim could not find any signs of forced entry and did not believe anything was taken.  Later in the morning, the victim realized that his bicycle and several bicycle parts had been stolen from his garage.  Report 120295719

6:00am       100 Blk Ridgewood Ave          Burglary
Officer Morgante responded to a report of burglary.  The victim’s front door had been forced open by an unknown suspect.  There was damage to the door indicating that it had been pried open.  The door leads to a foyer, but not directly into the victim’s residence.  No attempt was made by the suspect to enter the residence.  Nothing was stolen.  Report 120295894

10:00am     Unit Blk Rio Court                  Burglary
Officers Frisk and Campion-Healy were investigating a report of burglary when they were notified of another burglary within a block of the first burglary.  The officers responded to the scene and contacted the victim.  The victim told the officers that an unknown suspect had made entry into the courtyard area of his residence and had stolen his bicycle and other items.  Report 120295985

10:19am     Unit Blk Ocean Ave                 Fraud
Officers Sanchez and Curry were dispatched to a report of fraud.  The witness told the officers that a suspect had approached his window trying to cash a check.  The witness conducted the normal procedure of verifying the check.  The issuer of the check informed the witness that the check was not valid.  The witness returned to the window, but the suspect had fled.  Report 120295731

10:30am     700 Blk Monterey Blvd            Burglary
Officers Campion-Healy and Frisk responded to a report of burglary.  The victim told the officers that the night before, a suspect had forced entry through a locked door.  The door leads into the apartment building.  Nothing was taken and the suspect did not attempt to enter any of the apartments.  The following day, a neighbor advised the victim that the door had been forced open again, as well as the door leading into the garage area.  Again, nothing was taken.  Report 120295872

2:05pm       4900 Blk Mission St                  Theft
Officers Sugitan and Fung were dispatched to a report of theft.  The victim had left his bicycle in front of a market unlocked and unsecured while she shopped for groceries.  Upon her exit of the store, the victim realized that an unknown suspect had taken her bicycle.  Report 120296626

3:00pm       1400 Blk Douglass St                 Theft
Officers Castillo and Leong responded to a report of grand theft.  The victim caught a cab from the airport.  The cab took him home to his residence.  Shortly after the victim was dropped off, he realized that he had left his iPhone in the cab.  The victim contacted the cab company, but the company told the victim they were unable to contact the driver.  The victim tracked his cell phone and discovered that the name on the account had already been changed.  The officers also contacted the cab company for further information.  Report 120297630

5:32pm       Mission & Geneva Ave              Battery
Officers Almaguer, Lustenberger and Benavidez were dispatched to a report of a fight involving twenty subjects.  The officers located a large crowd and were flagged down by two victims.  The victims told the officers that they had just exited a MUNI bus and were talking to some friends.  Two suspects approached the victims.  The first suspect pushed the first victim in the chest and then placed him in a choke hold.  The second victim produced what looked to the victim as a stun gun.  Several friends and family members that had been in the area came to the aid of the victims so the suspects fled the scene.  Report 120296836

7:49pm       400 Blk Precita Ave                   Threats
PSA Flynn took a report regarding threats.  The victim received a phone call from a blocked number.  The caller threatened to harm the victim and yelled profanities at her.  The victim believed she knew who the suspect was.  Report 120297044

9:15pm       Onondaga & Mission St             Robbery
PSA Heckenberg-Tognozzi took a report regarding robbery.  The victim was walking to her car holding a bag of food in her right hand, and looking down at her cell phone, which she held in her left hand.  The victim heard someone approach her from behind.  The suspect bumped the victim from the side and grabbed her cell phone out of her hand.  The suspect fled.  The victim got into her car and went home.  She said that she waited a day to contact police because she was scared.  Report 120295571


  2:02am          30th & San Jose Ave              Vehicle accident
  5:40am          Geneva & Mission St              Vehicle accident
  9:58am          100 Blk Rolph St                    Recovered vehicle
  2:45pm          600 Blk Edinburgh St             Stolen vehicle
  9:50pm          Unit Blk Brookdale Ave         Stolen vehicle