Friday, April 13, 2012

April 12, 2012

Incident Date:
Thursday April 12th, 2012


7:45am       4000 blk Mission          Warrant Arrest  
Officer Curry was sent to investigate a person yelling. When the officer arrived to the location he was flagged down and directed towards a woman across the street. The officer went to speak to the subject and was met with a verbal attack. The suspect kept yelling that she had done nothing. The officer attempted to calm her down. The officer learned that the suspect had been in an argument prior and was still angry.  Once the officer had all the information he conducted a warrant check. The check revealed that the suspect had an outstanding warrant for Parole Violation. The suspect was taken into custody without any further incident.  report number 120289370

Other Incidents:

4:07am       100 blk Blythdale         Vandalism
Officers Hom and Apodaca were sent to investigate a vandalism incident. The victim told the officers that she heard someone knocked on her front door and that when she went to investigate it was a lone person. The victim told the officer’s that she asked the suspect what she wanted and that the suspect never answered. The victim closed the door. A few seconds later the victim heard the window shatter. The victim saw the suspect run away. Report number 120292088 

8:30am       300 blk 30th Street       Vandalism
Officer Pederson was sent to investigate a vandalism case. The victim told the officer that she left her home this morning and that when she returned she discovered that her window was broken. No suspects were seen. Report number 120288980

11:00          50 Phelan                      Theft
Officers SFCCPD officer Ngoi and Sgt Quintana were sent to investigate a theft case. The victim told the officers that he placed his property in a locker and locked it with his lock. When the victim returned the lock was gone, and so was his property. There was a suspect observed on the camera. Later in the day there was a suspect caught on film using the stolen credit card in the book store. This case is still under investigation. Report Number 120289853

11:15am     5200 Diamond Hgts     Vandalism
Officer Morgante responded to a report of vandalism. Officer Morgante spoke with the victim who told him that an unknown suspect(s) had damaged two dryers in the wash room. The officer saw that someone had stuffed the dryers with newspapers and an open can of paint, and turned the dryer on. The officer noticed wet paint on the ground and shoe prints in the paint. The officer called for a Sgt. to respond. Sgt miller responded and continued the investigation. The shoe prints led all the way to the elevator and led the Sgt to an apartment. The know suspect now told the officers that he had been in the wash room but it was only to check his laundry. Officer Morgante contacted CSI and Sgt Chacon responded and processed the crime scene. Several witnesses were interviewed and statements were taken. This case is still under investigation. Report Number 120286649

12:15pm     50 Phelan                      Theft
SFCCPD Officer Burlyga was sent to investigate a theft. The victim told the officer that while in class she left her IPhone on the corner of a computer desk and momentarily walked away, only to discover it gone when she returned. Report Number 120291068

5:00pm       300 Blk Coleridge         Burglary
Officer Curry was dispatched to investigate a residential burglary. The officer spoke with the victim who told 
him that while he was at work that while he was at work his neighbor called him and told him his garage was damaged. The victim returned home and found his garage door ajar. The officer observed broken plexi glass on the garage floor. The victim stated that the unknown suspect opened a box of rare coins and made off with over $7,000 in coins. The victim also stated that the approximate weight for all these coins was 60-75 lbs. The officer contacted CSI who responded and processed the crime scene. Report Number 120289897

5:40pm       Cayuga/Navajo            Theft/Person
Police Services Aide Heckenberg-Tognozzi prepared a report regarding a theft from person. The victim told the PSA that while on her way home, she was near Balboa HS and observed a yellow car slow down. A female suspect asked the victim if she could borrow her phone to call someone. When the victim went around to the driver side, she observed a male suspect in his 20’s. The suspect then gave the victim a number to call. Once the victim called she heard a male voice and said “there are some people looking for you named Angela your brother and sister”. The victim handed the driver, and the suspects took off. Report Number 120287421

6:48pm       Unit blk Acton              Theft from Auto
Police Services Aide Flynn prepared a report regarding a theft. The victim told the PSA that he parked and left car unlocked at his mother’s house. When he returned to his car his trunk was open and his backpack containing his laptop and soccer equipment was missing. No suspects were observed. Report Number 120291541

11:00pm     300 Blk Alemany          Vandalism
Officer Cavanaugh prepared a report regarding a vandalism incident. The victim told the officer that she parked her car in the garage. When she returned in the morning she discovered someone had broken her window. There were no witnesses or suspects. Report Number 120291074


11:50am          55 Phelan (lot)             Traffic Accident
12:20pm          Mission/Silver             Traffic Accident
  3:50pm          Unit blk Murray          Stolen Plate
  6:00pm          200 blk Harvard          Stolen Plate
  7:00pm          Unit blk Murray          Stolen Auto
  9:00pm          300 blk Holly Park      Stolen Auto
  9:51pm          200 blk Silver              Recovered Auto
10:03pm          200 blk Pope               Stolen Plate