Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March 9, 2012

Incident Date:
Friday, March 9th, 2012


12:50am     4500 Blk Mission St      Warrant
Officers Barajas and Almaguer were on duty working in plain clothes. As they patrolled the area, the officers spotted a suspect who Officer Almaguer recognized from prior police contact.  The officer knew the suspect was on parole.  The officers stopped and made contact with the suspect, identifying themselves as police officers.  A record check revealed that the suspect was wanted on an outstanding warrant.  The suspect was transported to Ingleside station and booked into custody upon confirmation of the warrant.  Report Number 120194622

2:50pm       Geneva/London            Narcotics
Officer Aslam was on patrol at the intersection of
Geneva Avenue
and Mission Streets. He noticed a vehicle that was missing its front license plate. Officer Aslam affected a traffic stop and asked the driver for his license, registration, and proof of insurance. A record check revealed that he was driving on a suspended license. The officer then placed the driver under arrest.  An arrest search of the vehicle located a plastic baggie containing a green leafy substance believed to be marijuana.  The suspect was cited for the marijuana and Officer Aslam hand delivered the narcotics to the Narcotics Drop Box at the Hall of Justice.  Report Number 120196424

3:50pm       4000 Blk Mission St      Narcotics
Officer Goldsborough was dispatched to a call at a store on the 4000 block of
Mission Street
, where he met with a special agent from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). The DEA agent had executed a search warrant at the store, but the suspect they were searching for was not there.  At the scene, officers arrested another suspect, and when searched, a Ziploc baggie which contained a white powdery substance believed to be methamphetamine, was located on his person. The suspect was booked into custody.  Officer Goldsborough conducted a presumptive test on the substance which returned positive for methamphetamine.  He hand delivered the narcotics to the Narcotics Drop Box at the Hall of Justice.  Report Number 120193129

5:18pm       4300 Blk Mission St      Trespassing
Officers Hom and Chan were dispatched to a report of trespassing.  Officer Goldsborough also responded and had the suspect detained upon Officer Hom and Chan’s arrival.  The suspect was wet and smelled of bleach. He also had fresh wounds on his hands.  The officers contacted the victim who told them that he had met the suspect online and invited him over.  When the suspect arrived, the victim decided that he did not want to let the suspect into his house, and told the suspect to leave.  The suspect forced entry into the victim’s residence and began damaging items belonging to the victim.  The victim threw bleach at the suspect because he felt threatened.  The victim signed a citizen’s arrest and the suspect was arrested.  Report Number 120196775

200 Blk Flood Ave
        Disturbing the Peace
Officers Gomez and Kerlegan responded to a noise complaint.  As the officers exited their vehicles, they could hear loud rap music from the residence.  The officers made contact with the suspect, and advised him to turn down the music.  The suspect told the officers he would turn it down, and walked into his garage.  The suspect returned, but the officers could still hear the music clearly.  The officers met with two different reporting parties who advised them that there had been several incidents in the past regarding the suspect playing loud music.  The officers contacted the suspect again, and asked him to turn the music down lower.  The suspect agreed, and turned the music down.  The officers left.

A short time later, the officers were dispatched to the same residence regarding the noise complaint. The officers were advised by dispatch that as soon as they left the scene, the suspect turned the music back up to the same loud level as before.  Two victims signed a citizen’s arrest form, and the suspect was cited for disturbing the peace.  Report Number 120196941

8:19pm       800 Blk London           Unlicensed Driver
Officers Archilla and Pereira were on patrol, when they spotted a vehicle with tinted front windows, so they elected to perform a traffic stop. When asked for his license, the driver said that he did not have one. The officers then ran a computer check on the driver, and it was revealed that the driver had an outstanding warrant, and that his license was suspended or revoked. The driver was transported to Ingleside station and booked into custody upon confirmation of the warrant.  Report Number 120197256

8:20pm       Mission/
Persia St
          Unlicensed Driver
Officers Morse and Cassinelli were on patrol when they noticed a vehicle that had some of its tail lamps were not working, and they decided to pull over the vehicle. When asked for his license, the driver stated that he did not have one, and that he was on parole. The officers then placed the driver in handcuffs, and had assistance arrive due to the fact that there were two other occupants in the vehicle. When the other two occupants were passed through a computer check, one of them was found to be a wanted person out of Sacramento and he was also placed in handcuffs. Both of the suspects were arrested. Report Number 120197278

9:52pm       200 Blk Schwerin St     Firearm
Officers Seavey and Padilla were working in plain clothes in the Towerside housing Area, when they spotted a white van blocking the sidewalk, without any rear or front license plates. They pulled over the vehicle, and were able to identify four occupants in the vehicle. Due the time of night, and high crime in the area, the officer preceded to call for assistance. When one of the doors from the vehicle was opened up, the officers could detect a strong odor of marijuana. The occupants of the vehicle were asked if any of them were on parole, and two of them came forward saying that they were on parole. As another door of the vehicle was opened, a plastic baggie, which appeared to contain a green leafy vegetable matter that resembled marijuana, fell out. As a check was conducted on the occupants, it was reveled that two were on parole, two had active warrants (one which was also on parole), and the other occupant was not on parole, probation, nor did he have any warrants. When a search of the vehicle was conducted, a loaded firearm was discovered, along with a stun gun. All four suspects were taken into custody.  All evidence was booked at Ingleside station.  Report Number 120194343

Other incidents:  

200 Blk Mullen Ave.
Officer Flynn responded to call on the 20 block of
Mullen Avenue
, regarding theft of property. The victim claims that plants were stolen from her front garden in between the times of 8am-3pm, of the previous day. The victim claims that at least 50 plants were taken. Also, she claims that she went to a flower shop, were she saw her plants for sale.  She was unable to provide any further information and there were no witnesses.  No arrests have been made at this time.  Report Number 120196355

9:04am       600 Blk Monterey         Harassment
Officer Frisk was dispatched to a report of harassment.  The victim is the manager of a grocery store and has been having trouble with the suspect for over a year.  The suspect had previously come into the store and followed women customers around, making them very uncomfortable.  The suspect stopped the behavior for a period of time after being barred from returning to the store.  The victim told the officer that the suspect called the store on two separate occasions, yelling at an employee.  The officer responded to the suspect’s last known address and made contact with him.  The suspect was advised that he was not to go to the grocery store or make phone calls to the store.  The suspect was advised that he would be arrested for trespassing if he returned to the store.  No arrest was made at this time.  Report Number 120195084

9:20pm       Bosworth & Mission    Theft
PSA Flynn took a report regarding theft.  The victim secured his bicycle on the front of a MUNI bus, but did not lock it. The victim boarded the bus, which he rode for several blocks.  When the victim exited the bus, he discovered that a suspect had taken his bicycle.  Report Number 120197375

10:45pm     London & Amazon       Kidnapping Att.
Officers Lozano and Pedersen responded to a report of a battery.  The victim was walking when she was approached by the suspect.  The suspect told the victim to “wait a minute” and wrapped his arm around her neck.  The suspect told the victim that he was going to take her with him.  The victim managed to duck down and get out of the suspect’s grasp.  The victim ran away from the suspect and called police.  She was not injured.  The officers searched the area for the suspect but were unable to locate him.  Report  Number 120197632

1:11pm       300 Blk Wilde Ave.       Narcotics
Officers Hurwitz and Tam responded to a call on the 300 block of Wilde Avenue, regarding a report on a marijuana grow house. The victim reports that she had bought the home on Wilde Avenue, after which she had posted a 48 hour notice to contact to the occupant of the home. After no response was received, the victim returned to the residence to have the locks changed on the home, after which a locksmith provided her with entry into the home.  Once inside, she discovered that the home was used for marijuana cultivation. She proceeded to call the police. Officer collected 13 burlap sacks worth of marijuana, grow lights, and ballasts. Officers also discovered that the homes electrical system was re-wired. No arrests have been made at this time. Report Number 120193050

12:15-3:00pm      Phelan Ave.         Theft
San Francisco City College Police Department (SFCCPD) Officer Edais was dispatched to a report of theft. The victim claims that he was assisting a classmate with homework at the Café in the Student Union building, at which point he left the building, leaving behind his backpack, which contained his laptop, and textbook. When he realized that he left his backpack behind, he returned to the building in search of it, but was not able to find it.  He was provided with follow up information.  No arrests have been made at this time. Report Number 120193527

3:00pm       3000 Blk Folsom St      Theft
Officer Bernard responded to a call on the 3000 block of Folsom Street, regarding theft. The victim claims that his bicycle was stolen from his garage. The victim says that he was notified by a UPS delivery man that his garage door was open, and later that day, he discovered that his bicycle was missing. Aside from the UPS man telling him that his garage door was open, the victim says that he accidently left an electronic garage door opener in a rental car, but never received it back after reporting it to the company. No arrests have been made at this time. Report Number 120195664

3:00-5:00pm        Phelan Ave.         Theft
 San Francisco City College Police Department (SFCCPD) Officer Burlyga responded to a report of theft at approximately 5:14pm. The victim claims that she was at the Wellness Center Building, at the Ocean Avenue Campus of City College of San Francisco, attending a class, during which time she had a laptop bag, which contained $300 in a compartment. She left the room, leaving her bag unattended for approximately 10 minutes, and it was not until two days later that the victim discovered that the $300 were missing. No arrests have been made at this time.  She was provided with follow up information.  Report Number 120190329


  6:30am          100 Blk Hamerton Ave           Recovered vehicle
  8:44am          100 Blk Murray St                  Recovered vehicle
  8:45am          Unit Blk Leese St                    Recovered vehicle
  8:59am          100 Blk Bennington St            Recovered vehicle
 12:30pm         100 Blk Ripley St                   Stolen vehicle
 1:26pm           400 Blk Joost Ave                 Recovered vehicle
 6:56pm           Monterey/Detroit Blvd.          Traffic collision
 9:00pm           100 Blk Fairmount Ave          Stolen vehicle