Wednesday, March 21, 2012

March 19, 2012

Incident Date:
Monday, March 19th, 2012


2:50pm       Crescent & Andover              Warrant
Officers Thompson and Altamirano were dispatched to a report of a verbal argument.  The officers arrived on scene and detained two possible suspects.  The officers conducted records check on each suspect.  One suspect came back wanted on two outstanding warrants.  The suspect was arrested.  Report 120224401

3:21pm       Mission & Tingley St             Traffic
Officers Elton and Rueca were on patrol when they observed a suspect riding a bicycle on the sidewalk.  The officers contacted and detained the suspect, advising him of the violation.  Because of several recent bicycle thefts, the officers asked the suspect if they could inspect his bicycle.  The suspect agreed.  The officers ran the serial number on the bicycle, which came back stolen out of San Diego.  The suspect could not explain where he got the bicycle from and was evasive in the answers he gave the officers.  The officers arrested the suspect for possession of stolen property.  The officers transported the suspect back to Ingleside station, where they continued their investigation.  Due to insufficient evidence against the suspect regarding the stolen property, the suspect was cited for the violation of riding the bicycle on the sidewalk and released.  The bicycle was booked as evidence.  Report 120224285

10:21pm     Unit Blk Coso Ave                Robbery
Officers Castillo and Leong responded to a possible purse snatch.  Dispatch broadcasted the description of the suspect.  The officers contacted the victim.  The victim had been walking when she passed a group of people.  The victim continued walking and felt like someone was following her.  A suspect grabbed the victim by the hair and threw her to the ground.  While on the ground, the suspect punched the victim several times.  The victim looked up and was able to see the suspects face.  The victim yelled for help, and feared for her life.  She told the suspect to take everything, hoping the suspect would leave her alone.  The suspect ripped the victim’s purse from her shoulder and her iPod out of her hand.  The suspect fled. 

While Officers Castillo and Leong were interviewing the victim, several other officers responded as backup, and had located a group of five possible suspects.  A cold show was conducted, but the victim did not positively identify any of the five individuals detained.  They were each released from the scene.  Officer Padilla then informed dispatch that he had detained an individual matching the description of the suspect.  The victim positively identified this individual as the suspect who committed the robbery.  The victim’s cell phone and iPod were recovered from the suspect’s possession.  The suspect was arrested.  ***BEST ARREST OF THE DAY!!!***

Other incidents:  

3:00am       400 Blk Chenery St              Burglary
Officers Lundy and Hom were dispatched to a report of a burglary.  The victim heard his garage door open, which surprised him because it was so early in the morning.  The victim looked outside and saw the suspect getting on the victim’s bicycle.  The victim yelled at the suspect, who fled on the victim’s bicycle.  The victim exited his house and tried to catch up to the suspect.  The victim was unable to catch him, so he called the police.  Report 120226087

7:00am       1400 Blk Sunnydale Ave      Theft
Officers Muro and Larocca responded to a report of vandalism.  The victim told the officers that he had parked his car out in front of his residence, and secured it.  The next morning, the victim discovered that the front passenger window was smashed.  The victim’s GPS had been stolen from inside the vehicle.  Report 120223265

8:00am       100 Blk Hahn Ave                Vandalism
Officers Larocca and Muro were dispatched to a report of vandalism.  The victim told the officers that he parked and locked his vehicle.  When the victim returned, he found the passenger window on his vehicle had been smashed.  Nothing was taken from the vehicle. Report 120223259

8:30am       800 Blk San Jose Ave           Theft
Officer Bernard responded to a report of theft.  The victim went bicycle riding with his girlfriend. When they were done, they locked one of the bicycles against a water heater inside the garage.  The next morning, the victim discovered that the bicycle was missing.  The victim was sure the garage was locked and secured when he left the bicycle.  There was damage found to the door leading into the garage, indicating the door as the point of entry.  Report 120221219

8:50am       4500 Blk Mission St             Burglary
Officer Frisk was dispatched to a report of a burglary.  The reporting party told the officer that two of his employees had closed up his store the night before.  When he arrived the next morning, he saw that the lock on the gate in front of the business had been replaced with a new lock.  A window to the business had been smashed out, and there was a hole in the front door.  There were also wires in the front of the business that were cut.  Upon further investigation, it was discovered that the safe had been stolen.  Drag marks in the concrete sidewalk in front of the store indicated the safe had been dragged away.  Report 120223384

10:46am     200 Blk Athens St                 Burglary
Officer Frisk was dispatched to a report of a burglar alarm.  Sgt. Karp also responded as back-up.  Upon arrival, the officers discovered the front gate of the residence open.  The front door had pry marks and there was damage to the lock mechanism.  There were no signs of entry into the residence.  Report 120223704

11:25am     1000 Blk Sunnydale Ave      Burglary
Officers Morrow and Bernard were dispatched to a report of a possible burglary.  The victim told the officers that when he returned home, he saw a suspect standing in his apartment.  Upon seeing the victim, the suspect froze briefly, then fled out of a back door.  The victim’s apartment had been ransacked, but he was unsure if anything was taken.  The officers found pry marks on the back door of the apartment, indicating that the suspect had gained entry by forcing the door open.  Report 120223782

12:21pm     3200 Blk San Bruno             Hot Prowl
Officers Bernard and Morrow responded to a report of a home invasion robbery.  Several other Ingleside officers responded as back-up.  The victims told the officers that they were on the second level of their home when they heard the doorbell ring.  One of the victims peered into the peep hole and saw the suspect standing there.  The victim was surprised that the suspect was able to bypass their iron security gate.  The victim did not open the door.  The suspect briefly walked away from the front door but suddenly returned and kicked the front door in.  The suspect grabbed both of the victims and put them in a headlock, one on each side of his body.  The suspect began demanding money.  The victim’s told the suspect that they didn’t have any money.  The suspect threw the victims into a ply-wood partition that was set up in the living room.  The suspect ran into the victim’s bedroom and ransacked it.  The victim’s saw the suspect flee out of the back of the house carrying an object that he had not been carrying when he entered the house.  The victims refused medical treatment and did not suffer any injuries during the incident.  Officers searched the area for the suspect with negative results.  Report 120223942

2:15pm       200 Blk Raymond Ave         Personation
PSA Cato took a report regarding false personation.  The victim received a collection notice regarding an outstanding balance for a cell phone account.  The victim reported that he had never opened an account with the cell phone company.  Report 120224360

3:37pm       Unit Blk Phelan Ave            Theft
SFCCPD Officer Green took a report regarding theft.  The victim had just completed using the computer lab.  He placed his books down on a table and turned his back to them for just a few seconds so that he could sign out of the lab.  When the victim turned back around, his books were gone.  Report 120224451

5:43pm       4400 Blk Mission St             Theft
Officers Pereira and Archilla responded to a report of theft.  The victim told the officers that two suspects had entered his store.  One suspect asked to see a pair of shoes.  While the victim helped the first suspect, the second suspect walked behind the counter and stole a laptop.  As the suspect fled, he whistled, alerting the second suspect who fled after him.  Report 120224956

6:45pm       Unit Blk Phelan Ave            Theft
SFCCPD Officer Chang took a report of theft. The victim placed several of his personal belongings into a locker, and secured it.  When the victim returned, he discovered that everything was missing.  Several of his items were found in a nearby garbage can.  Report 120225170

10:50pm     Unit Blk 28th St                    Battery
Officers Cassinelli and Morse responded to a possible assault.  The officers contacted the victim.  The victim told the officers that he had gotten into an argument with the suspect.  The victim tried to end the argument, but the suspect punched the victim in the face.  The suspect fled.  The victim refused medical treatment.  Report 120225681

  5:30am           100 Blk Raymond        Stolen vehicle 
  6:30am           200 Allison St              Stolen vehicle
  7:30am           400 Blk Banks             Stolen vehicle
  9:00am           100 Blk Avalon            Recovered vehicle
  9:30am           Cortland & Peralta       Vehicle accident
10:05am           Unit Blythdale Ave       Recovered vehicle
  5:00pm           Unit Blk Gladys St       Stolen vehicle
  6:30pm           200 Blk Elsie St           Stolen vehicle
  8:02pm           300 Blk Coleridge        Recovered vehicle