Wednesday, March 21, 2012

March 17, 2012

Incident Date:
Saturday, March 17th, 2012


2:19am                 100 blk Saint Marys               Assault
Officers Hermosura and Ma were dispatched to an assault call. The officers met with the victim who stated a known suspect was parked in front of his residence and tried to start a fight. The suspect swung an unknown object at the victim’s head, causing it to bleed. The suspect then fled the area, hit a parked car and drove off. While the officers were obtaining more information from the victim, the victim noticed a vehicle that matched the description of the suspect’s. The officers conducted a traffic stop and positively identified the driver as the suspect. As the victim was given medical treatment, a cold show was preformed and the victim positively identified the suspect as the person who had assaulted him.  He was taken into custody and booked at Ingleside Station.  The suspect’s vehicle was towed to Auto Return with a hold for hit and run. Report Number 120217741

5:45pm                 300 blk O’Shaughnessy         Dog Bite
Officers Almaguer and Barajas were dispatched to a report of a dog bite. The victim informed the officers that he was jogging on a trail at Glen Park Canyon when he was chased and bitten by an off leashed dog. The victim stated he called out to the dog owner and told her what had happened. The suspect stated she would pay for any related expenses and provided the victim with her contact information. The victim informed the officers that he wanted the suspect to be cited for the attack and for not having her dog on a leash. The officers drove to the suspect’s residence. The suspect explained she was walking with her two dogs off leash and heard the victim call out to her that he had been bitten. The suspect also informed the officers that she would pay for any related expenses. The officers informed the suspect that in accordance with the Animal Care and Control policy her dog must be quarantined for 10 days. The suspect was also cited for not having her dogs on a leash and for the dog bite. All photographs of the dog bite were booked into evidence at Ingleside Station. Report Number 120219383

Other incidents:  

5:00pm                 1100 blk Plymouth               Fraud
Officer Altamirano was on duty at Ingleside Station when a victim came in to file a report of fraud. The victim stated he had purchased two gift cards online, and upon receiving the packages he only found two empty CD cases. The victim stated that the packages were sealed and did not look tampered with. The victim stated he needed to file a police report in order to follow up with the online company. The victim was given a business card with a case number. Report Number 120218426

  2:25am          St. Marys and Marsily              Traffic Collision
  7:00am           Unit blk Peralta                         Stolen Auto
  8:20am           200 blk Ripley                          Stolen Auto
  9:00am           Unit blk Bonview                      Stolen Auto
10:30am           300 blk Coleridge                     Recovered Auto
  2:31pm           1300 blk Noe                           Recovered/Unfounded Auto
  5:00pm           2000 blk Geneva                      Stolen Truck