Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March 11, 2012

Incident Date:
Sunday, March 11th, 2012


2:00pm       1800 Blk Sunnydale     Theft
Officers Dominguez, McMilton and Peregrina were on patrol when several calls of garbage cans on fire had been dispatched.  They observed another garbage can burning on Mission Street and had dispatch notify the fire department.  Based on the call locations and times they were dispatched, it was assumed the suspect was possibly travelling southbound on Mission Street.  While searching the area, they spotted an individual on a bicycle without a head light.  The officers decided to make contact with the male, who presented his California Identification Card when asked for identification.  Officer Dominguez noticed that the male had black soot on his left hand and a strong odor of melted plastic and scorched paper emanating from his person.  As the officer began a record check on the suspect, he spontaneously admitted to setting the garbage cans on fire.  A record check revealed that the suspect was on probation with a search condition.  A search of his person located several lighters and items which had the scent of a gasoline fluid base.  Based on the facts above, the suspect was placed under arrest and transported to Ingleside station. 

At Ingleside station, he was mirandized and chose not to speak with the officers.  The officers searched for camera footage in the area to no avail.  They responded to all of the locations and took pictures of the damages which they booked into evidence at Ingleside station.  At the instruction of Sgt. Daniele, the suspect was booked into custody.  Report Number 120203712

3:08pm       Unit Blk Niagara          Weapons
Officers Lim and Chew responded to a fight.  Upon their arrival, they detained several male individuals who admitted they were in an altercation.  In the area, Sgt. McDevitt recovered a large kitchen knife which one of the suspects admitted was his.  No one at the scene was injured and all suspect refused medical assistance.  The individual with the knife was provided the opportunity to set bail.  After his inability to make bail, he was booked into custody for the weapon.  A record check revealed another suspect had an outstanding warrant. 

All suspects were transported to Ingleside station pending further investigation.  At Ingleside station, the warrant was confirmed and that suspect was booked into custody.  All other suspects were released at Ingleside station after being issued Certificates of Release.  All evidence was booked into evidence.  Report Number 120202190

4:46pm       Mission/Oliver               Battery
Officers Gonzalez and Yuen were sent to a fight.  They arrived on scene and spoke with the victim.  She told him she was in the laundromat when an unknown suspect approached her and kicked her in the face.  The victim fell to the ground and hit her face.  She complained of pain to her mouth area and had visible swelling.  The officers immediately summoned an ambulance to the scene to tend to her.  A male who was with the victim detained the suspect until the police arrived.  The suspect was taken into custody and transported to Ingleside station.  A record check revealed he had an outstanding warrant.  The warrant was confirmed and he was booked at Ingleside station.  Report Number 120202435

Other incidents:  

1:00am       5100 Blk Mission          Agg. Assault
Officers McMilton and Peregrina were on patrol when they responded to a fight.  They met with the victim who was bleeding from a large laceration to his nose and right eye.  The officers immediately summoned an ambulance to treat him.  The victim was uncooperative with the officers.  A witness at the scene said he noticed the victim in an altercation and crossed the street to assist him.  Suddenly, various males who were arguing with him began punching him and one threw a bottle at him, causing injury to his facial area.  The victims then fled in an unknown direction.  The witness could not identify them if he saw them again.  The victim was provided with follow up information and transported to the hospital for further assistance.  The officers took pictures of the scene and his injuries which they booked into evidence at Ingleside station.  They searched the area unsuccessfully for the suspects.  Report Number 120200718

9:00am       1400 Blk Guerrero       Burglary
Officer Preston was dispatched to investigate a burglary.  He met with the victims who advised that they secured their bicycles in the garage area and when they returned found the bicycles missing.  They were unable to locate any sign of forced entry and the officers provided them with follow up information.  Because of the lack of physical evidence SFPD’s Crime Scene Investigations Unit was not notified.  Report number 120202510


  3:11am          Lisbon/Excelsior         Traffic Collision
  8:00pm          100 Blk Lundys          Stolen Vehicle