Friday, February 24, 2012


Incident Date:
Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012


1:29am       2200 Blk San Jose                  Resisting
Officer Almaguer and several other Ingleside officers responded to a trespassing call on a MUNI LRV.  The officer made contact with the reportee who hi, that the LRV was stopped because of a male subject refusing to get off the LRV thus rendering it out of service.  The officer could smell that the suspect had been drinking and was intoxicated. So the officer escorted the suspect off the LRV. Because of the state of intoxication, the officer held on to the suspects’ jacket and arm so he would not fall. The suspect began to yell and fight with the officer causing the other officers there to assist to take him to the ground and handcuff him.  The suspect continued to flail his body around as he was on the ground causing scratches and cuts to his face. The officers ordered an ambulance to check on the self inflicted cuts. The ambulance crew determined that the suspect needed to go to the hospital for further evaluation. The suspect was cited for resisting arrest and will appear in court. Report Number 120150668

12:57pm     Alabama/Cesar Chavez            Narcotics
Officers Altamirano and Thompson were on patrol when they observed a male driving while talking on his cellular phone.  The officers pulled the car over to issue a citation to the driver for the violation. The driver told the officers that he did not have a California Driver’s License but that his Texas Driver’s License was in his backpack in the trunk.  Officer Altamirano instructed the driver to get his license from the trunk. As the driver looked inside a backpack, a clear plastic bag with marijuana fell out! Since the driver did not have a medical marijuana card he was cited for the traffic violation and possession of the marijuana.  Report number 120148550

7:26pm       Monterey/Circular        False Registration
Officers Peregrina and Hom were on patrol when a car driving erratically drew their attention.  A DMV record check of the license plate returned with expired registration yet the tabs on the vehicle showed the registration to be current.  The officers effected a traffic stop and the driver was unable to provide any form of identification.  He provided the officers with his name and a record check revealed he was on parole, had an active no bail warrant and no current license. 
 The officers confirmed the suspect’s identity through the SFPD Mug Shot System at Ingleside station and were able to confirm the warrant. The suspect was booked for the false tabs and the warrant.  Report Number 120150226 This is the ****Best Arrest of the Day****

Other Incidents:

2:00am       100 Blk Florentine        Battery
A victim responded to Ingleside Station to report a battery.  She told PSA Flynn that she had an argument with one of her roommates and that he began yelling and threatening her.  He then pushed her and she fell on the floor.  The victim had no visible injuries and refused medical assistance.  She wanted the incident documented because she said that she was afraid of her roommate.  She was provided with follow up information.  Report Number 120138567

4:00am       Unit Blk Rudden          Theft
A victim responded to Ingleside station and told PSA Cato that he parked and secured his vehicle and when he returned found several items missing.  He was unable to locate any sign of forced entry to the vehicle and was unable to provide any further information.  He was provided with follow up information.  Report Number 120149649

10:00am     Unit Blk Santos            Burglary
Officer Peregoy and several other Ingleside officers were dispatched to a possible burglary in progress. Dispatch advised that a witness had called in regarding several subjects entering several apartments with items in their hands.  They responded to the premises in question and observed several suspects exiting the home. The suspects had several items in their hands, as was dispatched, which they threw and began running from the officers. The officers were able to catch up to a few of them and take them into custody. Several witnesses were interviewed who wish to remain anonymous. The residents of the home responded to the scene and observed several items missing from the premises. They were able to identify the items that were thrown by the suspects as belonging to them. The officers took pictures of the items and collected them as evidence. They provided the victims with a property receipt.

The officers contacted SFPD’s Crime Scene Investigations who advised that they would be responding to the scene to collect evidence. A record check of one of the suspects showed him to be on active parole.  His parole officer authorized a parole hold. He was booked into custody for the burglary and for the parole violation. The officers searched the areas for firearms and other discarded items, to no avail. All victims were provided with follow up information. Officers took pictures of the damage to the apartments and booked them into evidence. Report Number 120144962

2:00pm       3500 Blk Cesar Chavez             Theft
A victim responded to Ingleside Station and told PSA Cato that she left her personal items in her office for a short time.  When she returned to the office she found several items were missing. She was unable to provide any information on the suspect. She was contacted by her bank regarding various charges on her Visa card which she did not authorize. The bank requested she file a police report and she was provided a follow up information.  Report Number 120149150

2:00pm       Unit Blk Seneca            Theft
Officer Phillips responded to a theft call. The victim told him that she left for work and when she returned she found several items missing. She did not see anyone take the items and told the officers that she has three other roommates. The roommates were unavailable to be interviewed and the victim was provided with follow up information. Report Number 120148168

7:00pm       Unit Blk Bannock                  Fraud
A victim came to Ingleside Station and told PSA Heckenberg that she received a letter regarding money owed which she was unaware off.  The letter had a correct name but an out of county address. She was unaware of how anyone located her personal information and wanted the incident documented.  Report Number 120148613

  8:37am          300 Blk Sunrise                      Recovered Auto
10:59am          France/Vienna                        Recovered Auto
11:10am          Monterey/Hazelwood             Traffic Collision
12:33pm          200 Blk Vienna                      Recovered Auto
12:43pm          Unit Blk Winding                    Recovered Auto
12:48pm          900 Blk Ellsworth                   Recovered Auto
12:52pm          Mission/Theresa                     Traffic Collision
  1:00pm          500 Blk 28 St                        Recovered Auto
01:08pm          Edinburgh/Amazon                 Traffic Collision
04:05pm          100 Blk Madison                   Recovered Auto
06:44pm          300 Blk Edinburgh                 Stolen Auto
02:30pm          500 Blk Joost                         Recovered Motorcycle
02:51pm          Unit Blk Phelan                       Hit and Run
09:00am          500 Blk Cayuga                      Stolen Auto
10:30am          100 Blk College                      Stolen Auto