Thursday, February 23, 2012


Incident Date:
Tuesday, February 21, 2012


1:40am       Alemany & Congdon         Stolen Vehicle
Officers Padilla and Seavey were on patrol when they noticed a car driving with a broken taillight.  The officers saw the car make an abrupt right turn that caused the officers to follow it. The Officers positioned themselves behind the car that was now getting onto the freeway. By this time, the officers were close enough to conduct DMV records check (with the plate) and discovered that the car was reported stolen.  The officers continued to follow the car and called for backup.  The car exited the freeway with the officers still following.  Officer McCall and Lozano responded as backup to assist. Officers Padilla and Seavey effected a traffic stop with the help of other Ingleside units. There were four occupants in the car that were extricated and detained. The officers discovered other items in the car that had possibly been stolen and required investigating. The driver of the car was arrested on stolen vehicle charges, a felony! He was booked at Ingleside Station. this rids Ingleside District of yet, another criminal, thus making our streets safer! That makes this, the****BEST ARREST of the DAY**** Report 120144069
Other incidents:  

12:04am     Unit Blk Allison              Robbery
Officers McCall and Lozano were dispatched to a report of a robbery.  The victim got off of the bus he was riding and began walking towards his house.  Three suspects approached the victim and demanded “everything” from his pockets.  One of the suspects stood in front of the victim and searched the victim’s pockets.  The other two suspects positioned themselves around the victim.  After taking the victim’s belongings, the suspects fled.  Report 120144047

1:45am       Unit Blk Schwerin         Burglary
Officers Apodaca and Gabriel responded to a report of an audible alarm.  The officers met with a security guard on scene, who allowed them into the building.  The officers searched the building and found one room inside that had damage to the door as if it had been forced open.  There was a broken window in the same room, indicating a suspect might have entered through the window.  The officers were unable to determine if anything was taken from the building.  Report 120141811

10:00am     200 Blk Guttenberg St   Theft
Officer Pedersen was dispatched to a report of a well-being check.  The victim told the officer that he discovered that an unknown suspect had broken a window out of his vehicle.  The victim’s wallet containing his credit cards and cash were stolen.  The victim was soon contacted by his bank informing him that a suspect had made a purchase of over $1,000 at a grocery store, and made a second purchase at a gas station.  Report 120145409

2:19pm       200 Blk Edinburgh St     Theft
Officer Pedersen responded to a report of theft from a vehicle.  The victim parked her vehicle, secured it, and left it unattended.  Upon her return, the victim discovered a suspect had broken the driver’s side window and stolen her purse.  Her purse contained credit cards and a checkbook.  The victim was soon contacted by her bank regarding a fraudulent charge made at a gas station.  Report 120145590

7:30pm       400 Blk Naples St            Hazardous WasteOfficers Burke and Carrasco were dispatched to a report of dumping of hazardous waste.  The officers contacted the victim who told them that he found about 50 five gallon paint cans and other garbage dumped nearby.  The officers located the paint cans and found that much of the paint had spilled over into the street.  The officers contacted the Department of Public Works, who responded to clean the area.  The officers located and seized a receipt within the trash that may lead to further information regarding the suspect in this case.  Report 120146673

10:46pm     300 Blk Cortland Ave     Vandalism
Officers Chang and Park responded to a report of a vehicle’s window being smashed out.  The witness was in an establishment and heard the sound of glass breaking.  The witness looked outside and saw a suspect standing next to a vehicle.  The witness yelled to the suspect, asking if she was breaking into the car.  The suspect seemed startled and quickly walked away from the area.  A passerby informed the officers that the registered owner of the vehicle was on vacation.  The officers took pictures of the car to document the damage and left a follow-up form with the case number for the victim.  Report 120147148


  1:40am          Alemany & Congdon              Recovered vehicle
  6:17am          1000 Blk Geneva Ave            Stolen vehicle
  7:00am          700 Blk Morse St                   Stolen vehicle
  9:15am          Lowell & Brunswick               Vehicle accident
10:55am          Unit Blk Blythdale                   Vehicle accident
  4:30pm          200 Blk Blythdale                   Recovered vehicle
  7:09pm          Naples & Persia Ave              Vehicle accident (H&R)