Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Incident Date:
Sunday, February 26th, 2012


3:56pm       300 Blk Congo St          Narcotics
Officer Hurwitz responded to a report of possible narcotics sales.  The officer spotted a possible suspect sitting in a vehicle near the premise where drugs were supposedly being sold.  The officer made contact with the suspect.  The suspect told the officer that she was waiting for a friend.  While the officer was talking to the suspect, a second suspect exited the premise and approached the vehicle.  The second suspect told the officer that he was on parole.  A third suspect exited the premise and got into the vehicle.  Officer Chew responded to the scene to assist.  Officer Chew conducted a parole search of the second suspect and retrieved suspected narcotics from his person.  He was placed under arrest.  The third suspect was on probation with a warrantless search condition.  Officer Hurwitz asked the suspect if she had anything illegal on her.  The suspect began crying and admitted to having narcotics on her.  The suspect removed the narcotics from her pants and handed it to the officer.  The officers called for a K-9 unit, which responded and conducted a search of the suspect’s residence.  Several pieces of evidence were retrieved, including a digital scale and other items indicating that narcotic sales were occurring.  The third suspect was arrested.  The first suspect who had been waiting in the car was released from the scene.  Report 120161734

Other incidents:  

2:30am       5800 Blk Mission St      Theft
Officer Lundy was dispatched to a report of a theft.  The victim was riding the MUNI, holding his cell phone in his hand.  There was a subject sitting next to the victim.  The victim fell asleep.  When he woke up, the victim discovered that his cell phone was gone and that the subject that had been sitting next to him had moved seats.  The officer contacted the subject, who gave the officer permission to search him for the phone.  The officer searched the subject but did not locate the phone.  The victim was under the influence of alcohol and was unable to provide any further information.  Report 120159927

4:47am       900 Blk Geneva Ave     Burglary
Officer Lundy responded to a report of burglary.  A witness told the officer that he was looking out his window and saw two suspects across the street at a business.  At first the witness thought the suspects were delivering baked goods, until he realized that it was too early for the delivery to be arriving.  The witness then noticed a third suspect standing in the shadows.  The witness claimed that a marked Daly City patrol unit drove by, which appeared to have spooked the suspects.  All three fled.  The officer inspected the front door of the business and discovered a small piece of wood had been broken off and there was damage to the deadbolt.  The suspects did not make entry into the premise.  Report 120160093

5:00am       100 Blk Tucker St        Vandalism
Officers Morrow and Trujillo were dispatched to a report of vandalism.  The victim parked his car and secured it, leaving it unattended.  When the victim returned, he discovered that an unknown suspect had poured paint on his car.  The victim was able to wash most of the paint off.  The victim believed that the vandalism was caused by a neighbor that was angry with him regarding a prior incident.  The victim did not see who damaged his car.  Report 120160203

11:30pm     500 Blk Sawyer St        Theft
Officers Apodaca and Gabriel responded to a report of theft.  The victim returned home and was approached by a witness.  The witness told her that a suspect had entered the victim’s room and stole a check.  When the officers attempted to contact the witness, she refused to cooperate or speak about the incident.  Report 120159795


11:03am          Unit Blk Santa Rosa             Recovered vehicle
11:25am          Ogden & Prentiss St           Recovered vehicle
12:34pm          Leland & Peabody               Vehicle accident
  2:50pm          3400 Blk Mission St            Vehicle accident 
  5:00pm          300 Blk Valley St                Recovered vehicle
  6:27pm          Italy & Edinburgh                Recovered vehicle
  8:40pm          Lamartine & Cayuga            Stolen vehicle