Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Incident Date:
Tuesday, February 14th, 2012


2:55pm       Mt. Vernon & San Jose         Dog Bite
Officers Sullivan and Padilla responded to a report of a dog bite.  The victim was walking when four small Chihuahua’s approached him.  One of the dogs bit the victim on his calf.  The dogs then fled the area.  The victim chased after the dogs to see where they went.  The victim followed the dogs to a residence where he located the owner.  The owner explained that someone had left the front door opened and the dogs escaped.  The owner was cited for the dog bite and advised to keep the dogs quarantined for 10 days.  Report 120126722

4:40pm       3300 Blk Mission St               Theft
Officer Preston was dispatched to a report of a fight.  When the officer arrived, he was unable to locate a fight in progress.  The officer contacted a loss prevention employee who explained that he had taken a suspect into custody who had shoplifted from the store.  The loss prevention employee told the officer that he witnessed the suspect take a bottle of shampoo.  The suspect concealed the bottle in a bag and carried it out of the store, making no attempt to pay for it.  The suspect was cited for theft.  Report 120124124

8:35pm       4000 Blk Folsom St                Battery
Officers Archilla and Pereira responded to a report of a battery.  The victim was lying on the couch, talking on the phone.  The suspect came into the room holding a plastic plate, demanding that the victim do the dishes.  The victim refused and continued talking on the phone.  The suspect threw the plate at the victim, hitting her in the face. The victim did not suffer any injuries from the plate hitting her. The victim wanted to press charges against the suspect and signed a citizen’s arrest.  The suspect was arrested for battery.  Report 120127673

Other incidents:  

3:40am       Unit Blk Brookdale Ave       Shooting
Officers Ma and Padilla were dispatched to a report of a shooting.  The victim told the officers that he was inside his residence when he heard a suspect pounding on the front door.  The victim did not answer.  The suspect yelled that he wasn’t going to knock anymore.  The victim then heard several gun shots.  The victim immediately called 911.  The officers searched the area for a possible suspect or witnesses.  The officer recovered two spent bullets.  No one was injured in the incident.  Report 120125354

5:54am       800 Blk Moscow St               Theft
Officers Morse and McCall responded to a report of a suspect breaking into a vehicle.  The victim told the officers that she was returning to her vehicle when she saw two suspects.  The suspects were standing near the vehicle, and all of the vehicle’s doors were open.  The suspects made eye contact with the victim and then walked away.  The victim continued to her vehicle and discovered that a window on the vehicle had been smashed.  Her purse and other items were missing.  The victim chased after the suspects but decided that it wasn’t safe to continue following them.  Report 120125417

8:00am       800 Blk Faxon St                  Dog Bite
Officer Frisk was dispatched to a report of a man being attacked by a dog.  Upon arrival, the officer contacted a subject who owned one of the dogs involved.  She told the officer that her dog had broken out of her backyard.  She suddenly heard someone yelling for help.  She looked outside and saw her dog attacking a smaller dog.  The dog being attacked was being walked by its owner.  The woman ran outside and grabbed her dog.  The smaller dog ran off, and its owner chased after it.  The owner of the second dog was located a short time later at a veterinarian.  His dog suffered from injuries to her neck and legs and was being treated.  Report 120450584

9:00am       Unit Blk Phelan Ave            Theft
SFCCPD Officer Bermudez took a report of a theft.  The victim was on the bus, holding her purse on her shoulder.  When she got off the bus, she noticed the pocket on her bag where she kept her wallet was unzipped.  The wallet was gone.  Report 120125564

10:30am     Unit Blk San Juan                Fraud
PSA Zabarte took a report regarding a fraud.  The victim attempted to use his debit card, but it declined.  The victim called his bank and discovered that there were $1700.00 worth of charges to his account that he did not authorize.  Report 120125746

11:48am     Unit Blk Fairmount St         Burglary
Sgt. Miller responded to a report of a burglary.  The victim was in her home with her young child, taking a nap.  When she woke up, she went downstairs and realized that a set of keys was missing.  The victim went to her vehicle and saw that it was locked.  She noticed the window down slightly, which was not how she had left it.  The victim looked into the vehicle and noticed that the items inside looked as if they had been moved.  The victim went back inside and found the back door was open and that three plastic cups that had been filled with change were missing.  The victim believes the suspect entered the house through the unlocked back door and stole the car keys, which were used to open her vehicle.  Report 120126619

12:15pm     400 Blk Russia Ave              Personation
PSA Cato took a report regarding false personation.  The victim was alerted to suspicious withdrawals from her bank account.  The withdrawals were made from the victim’s checking and savings accounts.  Report 120126675

1:00pm       3400 Blk Mission St             Vandalism
Sgt. Miller took a report regarding vandalism.  The victim said that he returned home and found new damage to his apartment door.  The door is accessible to many people, as it is off of a common hallway.  Report 120123693

7:00pm       Unit Blk Ruth St                   Vandalism
PSA Cato took a report regarding vandalism.  The victim parked her vehicle in front of her residence and left it unattended.  When the victim returned, she discovered one of the tires was flat.  The side wall of the tire had been punctured so it could not be fixed.  This is the third time that the victim’s vehicle had been vandalized.  Report 120126932

9:14pm       Unit Blk Ocean Ave             Assault
Officers Burke and Carrasco responded to a report of a fight.  A witness told the officers that she had been approached by an extremely intoxicated suspect.  The suspect then stumbled over to a car and tore off the windshield wiper. The victim got out of a vehicle and confronted the suspect.  Both parties had dispersed prior to the officers arriving.  The officers were then alerted by dispatch that there was another fight reported in the area of Mission and Geneva.  The description of one of the involved parties matched the description from the initial incident.  The officers responded to the new location and contacted the suspect.  The suspect had obvious signs of intoxication, such as slurred speech and the inability to stand on his own.  The officers took him into custody for being intoxicated in public.  The suspect was transported to Ingleside Station. 

While at the station processing the suspect, the officers were notified that the original 911 caller had located the victim involved in the incident.  The officers responded and contacted the victim.  The victim told the officers that he confronted the suspect when he saw the suspect tear the windshield wiper off of his friend’s vehicle.  The victim said that he got into a physical fight with the suspect, and that the suspect punched him several times in the face.  The suspect then fled the area.  The victim told the officers that he would be unable to recognize the suspect.  Report 120127770

9:15pm       500 Blk Duncan St               Personation
PSA Cato took a report regarding false personation.  The victim said that she attempted to file her tax return online, but that it was rejected.  The service informed the victim that her social security number had already been used to file taxes for the year 2011.  The victim believes that a suspect had used her social security number fraudulently.  Report 120127435

9:35pm       Mission & 29th St                 Battery
Officers Benavidez and Baldovino responded to a report of a battery.  The victim was riding a MUNI bus, sitting towards the back.  The suspect boarded the bus and approached the victim.  The suspect told the victim to move.  The victim moved to another seat, attempting to avoid a confrontation.  The suspect followed the victim to her new seat, and told her to move again.  The victim didn’t respond to the suspect, and did not move seats again.  The suspect began to punch the victim.  The victim used a grocery bag to shield the blows.  The victim ran to the front of the bus and told the driver about the incident.  The suspect got off the bus and fled.  Report 120127792


  1:15am          Mission & Francis       Vehicle accident
  8:20am          1300 Blk Shotwell      Stolen vehicle
  9:25am          Unit Blk Leese St        Recovered vehicle
11:40am          100 Blk Valmar St      Recovered vehicle
12:54pm          Raymond & Alpha      Vehicle accident
  6:53pm          Brazil & Edinburgh      Vehicle accident