Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Incident Date:
Sunday, January 22, 2012


2:45pm       200 Blk Hearst Ave       Threats
Officers Naval and Pedersen were dispatched to a report of threats.  The victim and suspect had gotten into a verbal argument that turned physical.  The suspect pushed the victim and threatened to kill her.  The suspect continued to yell at the victim and shoved her into a bathroom.  A witness corroborated the victim’s story.  The suspect was arrested.  Report 120059662

4:15am       300 Blk Persia Ave         Robbery
Officers Apodaca and Seavey responded to a report of a robbery.  While in route, dispatch provided a description of the suspects and the vehicle they fled in.  The officers contacted two victims.  The victims were walking when they noticed a vehicle slow down next to them.  A female passenger stared at the victim’s and gave them a “dirty look”.  The vehicle pulled over and parked.  A male suspect got out of vehicle and approached the victims.  One of the victims noticed that the suspect had what looked like a night stick tucked into his jacket.  The suspect demanded the victim’s personal belongings.  The victim took out his wallet and took the cash out of it.  The victim handed the cash over to the suspect.  The suspect then grabbed the victim’s wallet out of his hand, and dropped it to the ground causing the contents to spill over the sidewalk.  A second male suspect emerged from the vehicle and approached the victims.  The second suspect picked up the contents from the victim’s wallet that were on the sidewalk.  A third female suspect emerged from the vehicle and stood by.  The suspects then got into their vehicle and fled.

Officers Dominguez and Morse responded to the area to search for the suspects.  They spotted a vehicle matching the description provided by the victim’s.  Two suspects matching the description given by the victim’s were standing outside of the vehicle, which was parked at a gas station.  One of the suspects was attempting to use a card to get gas.  The suspects spotted the officers and jumped back into the vehicle.  The officers followed the vehicle as it exited the gas station.  The officers attempted to pull the vehicle over, but it failed to yield.  The officers pursued the vehicle until it lost control and crashed into a curb.  The driver of the vehicle exited and fled.  Officer Dominguez chased the suspect for several minutes until the suspect stopped and turned towards the officer.  The suspect took a fighting stand by balling up his fist.  The officer ordered the suspect to get on the ground.  The suspect ignored the officer’s orders and advanced towards the officer.  The officer took out his pepper spray and warned the suspect that he was going to get sprayed. The suspect continued to advance and the officer sprayed the suspect.  The suspect still continued to advance, so the officer struck the suspect with his baton.  The officer was finally able to get the suspect on the ground and he was handcuffed.

Meanwhile, Officers Padilla and Seavey responded to assist Officer Morse, who had the three remaining suspects still detained in the vehicle.  The suspects were taken into custody without further incident.  A records check revealed that the vehicle was reported as stolen.  A metal pipe and several items of stolen property were recovered from inside the vehicle.  All four suspects were positively identified and arrested on several felony charges.  Report 120058874 ***BEST ARREST OF THE DAY!!!***

Other incidents:        

10:35pm     600 Blk Edinburgh St        Vandalism
PSA Cato took a report regarding vandalism.  The victim discovered a dent in the fender of his vehicle that was new damage.  The victim believed that he knew who the suspect was, although he did not see the suspect cause the damage.  Report 120060750

  4:30am          Andover & Cortland               Vehicle accident (H&R)
  5:55am          Silver & Gambier St                Vehicle accident  
  7:31am          1200 Blk Bernal Heights          Recovered vehicle
  9:00am          1600 Blk Sunnydale Ave         Vehicle accident (H&R)
  7:10pm          Mission & 29th St                    Vehicle accident