Sunday, January 15, 2012


Incident Date:
Saturday, January 14th, 2012


9:35pm       Arlington & Bosworth            Warrant
Officers Hauscarriague and Almaguer were on patrol when they spotted a vehicle parked in a red zone in front of a fire hydrant.  The officers contacted the occupants of the vehicle.  A records check revealed that one of the occupants was wanted on an outstanding warrant and he was arrested.  Report 120039517

2200 Blk Bayshore Blvd
Officers Burke and Lustenberger responded to a report of a theft.  While en route, the suspect had fled the store, dropping the items he had taken.  The officers contacted the witness who told them that the suspect had attempted to steal some beer from the store.  The suspect fled, dropping the beer, and his cell phone.  The witness did not want to press charges because he had recovered the items that the suspect had taken.  An anonymous witness pointed in the direction of where the suspect went.  The officers turned and saw a male walking towards them that matched the description of the suspect.  The suspect admitted to the officers that he had a warrant.  A records check confirmed that the suspect was wanted, and he was arrested.  Report 120039846

Other incidents:  

1:00am       400 Blk Campbell Ave             Robbery
Officer Morse and Officer McMilton were dispatched to a report of a robbery.  The victim had arrived home and parked in her driveway.  The victim noticed the suspect standing across the street, wearing a mask.  The victim became scared and walked back to her car.  The suspect began to run at the victim, so the victim ran yelling for help.  The suspect ran up behind her and shoved her to the ground.  The suspect then ripped the victim’s purse from her shoulder and fled.  Report 120039943

Unit Blk Rotteck St
Officers Dominguez and Brown responded to a call regarding vandalism.  The victim heard a knock on her window and pulled back the curtain to see who was there.  The suspect was standing outside demanding to see a subject who no longer lived at the residence.  The suspect became upset and bunched the bedroom window, causing it to shatter.  The suspect then picked up a planter box and threw it at the victim’s vehicle, hitting and shattering the driver side window.  Report 120040166

5700 Blk Mission St
Officer Almaguer was dispatched to a report of a battery.  The victim got into an argument with the suspect.  The argument escalated and the suspect grabbed the victim by his shirt.  Several witnesses to the incident pointed to the victim as the instigator in the argument.  The suspect had left the scene so the officer was unable to get his side of the story.  Report 120038923

5:50pm       1800 Blk Alemany Blvd          Assault
Officer Lustenberger responded to a report of an assault.  The victim had called 911 to report that he had been hit and was bleeding from his ear.  The victim told the call taker that he was intoxicated and screamed at her.  The officer arrived to find the victim lying on the ground with several injuries.  The victim smelled strongly of alcohol.  Officers Castillo and Leong arrived to assist, since the victim only spoke Spanish and Officer Castillo is a certified Spanish translator.  The victim told Officer Castillo that he had been drinking with some friends and that they got into a fight.  The victim refused to identify his friends and was highly uncooperative.  The victim was transported to SFGH for treatment of his injuries.  Report 120039147

6:45pm       Mission &
Silver Ave
PSA Flynn took a report regarding false personation.  The victim lost her wallet while riding a MUNI bus.  When she got home, the victim cancelled all of her ATM and credit cards.  One of her banks informed her that there were two fraudulent charges to her account.  Report 120039288


  3:15am           2200 Blk Bayshore Ave           Vehicle accident
  1:58pm           Alemany & Rousseau               Vehicle accident
  7:50pm           Persia & London                      Vehicle accident (H&R)
10:13pm           Mission & Excelsior                  Vehicle accident