Saturday, January 7, 2012


Incident Date:
Friday, January 6th, 2012


2:00pm       1800 Blk Sunnydale Ave       Burglary
Officer Phillips and Sgt. O’Brien were on patrol when they spotted a suspect they recognized as being wanted for a burglary in the Northern police district.  Sgt. O’Brien believed the suspect also matched the description from a burglary case she was currently investigating.  The officers watched the suspect and noticed that he had a limp, consistent with the description of the suspect from both burglaries.  The officers lost sight of the suspect, but saw several subjects that he had been talking with.  Several other officers arrived to assist as Officer Phillips and Sgt. O’Brien approached the subjects.  The subjects denied knowing the whereabouts of the suspect.  Ofc. Phillips believed that the suspect may have disappeared into a nearby residence.  Ofc. Phillips got permission from the occupants of the residence to gain entry to search for the suspect.  Ofc. Philips and Sgt. O’Brien searched the premise for the suspect and located him.  The officers seized several pieces of evidence from the suspect that were suspected stolen items.  The suspect was booked for the burglaries.  Report 110982075 *GREAT ARREST!!* 

Other incidents:  

7:00am       400 Blk Laidley St                 Burglary
CPSA’s Lee and Callaghan were dispatched to a report a burglary.  The victim had locked her bicycle in the entrance area of her house.  The area is secured by two gates.  The gate closest to the street would allow for most people to reach over the gate and unlock it.  The inner gate could only be opened using a key.  The victim found the inner gate wide open, and her bicycle missing.  There was no damage to the gate so it was unknown how the suspect gained entry.  Report 111004389

1800 Blk Ocean Ave
CPSA Reynolds took a report regarding false personation.  The victim had her car broken in to and her purse was stolen.  A few days later, the victim was notified by her bank that the suspect had withdrawn a large amount of cash from her bank account.  Report 120012052

9:30am       100 Blk Addison St                Theft
Officers Leong and Castillo responded to a report of theft.  The victim said that the suspect had come to her home to visit her.  The victim said she and the suspect were drinking, and that she had fallen asleep.  The suspect left the house a few hours later.  Over the next few days, the victim realized that several of her personal belongings were missing.  The victim believed the suspect took her items because there were no signs of forced entry into her residence, and he had not had any other visitors.  Report 120016496

Unit Blk Anderson St
Officer Naval took a report regarding theft.  The victim told the officer she had hired a moving company to take her belongings from her old to her new residence out of state.  The movers required a 50% deposit, which the victim gave them.  While on vacation, the victim received a call from the moving company telling her she owed them another $7,000 because the weight of her belongings was heavier than expected.  They also told her that her belongings would be delivered about two days later than they originally told her.  On the day her belongings were supposed to arrive, they did not, so the victim contacted the moving company.  The victim was unable to reach anyone at the moving company.  The victim called the company numerous times and was not able to reach anyone.  The victim has still not received her belongings and has not heard from the moving company.  Report 120015410


  2:45am           Unit Blk Lawrence St                Stolen vehicle
  5:00am           Unit Blk Gladstone Dr               Stolen vehicle
  6:30am           200 Blk Bosworth St                Stolen vehicle
10:36am           3300 Blk Folsom St                  Recovered vehicle
10:38am           3300 Blk Folsom St                  Recovered vehicle
11:15am           3400 Blk Folsom St                  Recovered vehicle
11:30am           Bemis St & Addison St             Stolen license plate tab
  2:16pm           Unit Blk Madison St                 Recovered vehicle