Monday, November 21, 2011

November 20, 2011

Incident Date:
Sunday, November 20th, 2011


5:19pm                 600 Blk Edinburgh       Threats               
Officers Sugitan and Fung responded to a battery call.  They met with reportee who told them that his roommate accused him of having a relationship with another resident in the home and began challenging him to fight.  When the reportee ignored him the suspect punched him repeatedly in the head, knocked him to the ground and screamed at him in a threatening manner.  The victim complained of pain but refused medical assistance.  He told the officers he felt threatened by the suspect and felt that he was capable of carrying out the threats.  They detained the suspect inside the home while the victim agreed to sign a citizen’s arrest against him.  A record check revealed the suspect was on active parole.  His parole agent was contacted and instructed the officers to place a parole hold on him.  The suspect was transported to Ingleside station and booked for the threats. 
Report number 110936343

6:04pm                 4700 Blk Mission          Battery                
Officers Hom and Blume were on patrol when they were dispatched to a battery.  They met with the victim who stated that she was inside the store when the suspect approached her from the rear and punched her several times in the head.  She pointed the suspect out to the officers and signed a citizen’s arrest for the battery.  The victim had slight redness to the forehead area and the officers summoned an ambulance to assess her.  A witness at the store collaborated what the victim had told the officers and the suspect was cited for the battery.  Report number 110936365

8:00pm                 Rey/Towerside              Resisting
Officers Dudley, Antonian, Yuen and Gonzalez were on patrol when they were advised by dispatch that there had been a shot spotter activation alert in the area.  The officers patrol the area frequently and recognize suspects and how they possibly conceal firearms.  One known suspect was lurking in the area and Officer Dudley believed his gestures were monitoring the officers’ locations and actions.  Based on their experience and training the officers also believed the suspect might be in possession of and attempting to conceal a firearm.  The suspect began to run away in the opposite direction of the officers.  The officers chased him and detained him a short distance later.  The suspect began resisting the officers and yelling obscenities and threatening things at them.  The suspect attempted to strike Officer Dudley in the head various times and continued resisting the officers.  The officers were finally able to take control and custody of the suspect and he was transported to Ingleside station.  The suspect stated he was not injured, refused medical assistance and when read his Miranda rights agreed to a taped statement.  Officer Gonzalez took pictures of the suspect and booked the pictures, along with his suspect’s taped statement, into evidence at Ingleside station.  The suspect was booked for resisting.  Report number 110936531  **BEST ARREST OF THE DAY**

10:10pm               5200 Blk Mission          Warrant
Officers Almaguer and Hauscarriague had received information of a house where illegal activity was taking place.  While on surveillance there they made contact with three suspicious individuals who were loitering in the area.  A record check of one of the suspects revealed an outstanding warrant.  The warrant was confirmed, the individual was taken into custody, and booked at Ingleside station at the instruction of Sgt. Chan.  Report number 110936707

Other incidents:  
4:43am                 900 Blk Ellsworth         Burglary
Officers Contreras and Jones were sent to investigate a burglary with a man with a gun.  Several other Ingleside officers responded to the area for assistance.  They made contact with the tenants of the home who seemed very upset.  The male was bleeding from the facial area and the officers immediately summoned an ambulance to treat him.  The victim told him that he heard someone knock at the front door and when he went to answer a male forced the door open and began punching him repeatedly with a handgun.  The victim was thrown to the ground and began wrestling with the suspect.  The female resident heard the commotion and came downstairs to see the men struggling with each other.  She began screaming and the male stood up next to the suspect.  The suspect then hit the male victim again with the gun and fled the premises.  Both victims said that they did not know the suspect but believe they could identify him if they saw him again.  They provided a description of the suspect and various units canvassed the area to no avail.  The victims stated they didn’t believe anything in the home was missing.  The suspect left a beanie behind which had fallen off of him during the struggle.  The officers took custody of the beanie and booked it into custody at Ingleside station.  Report number 110934739

5:28am                 4600 Blk Mission          Vandalism
Officers Dominguez and Otaguro were on patrol when they noticed the front window to a commercial business had been smashed. The officers advised dispatch and did a walk through of the premises.  The premises were empty and the officers located the owner who responded to the business.  She advised them that he had locked and secured the premises when she left the evening before.  She did an inventory of the business and told the officers he did not believe any items were missing. She agreed to provide the officers with a copy of the business’ surveillance video and was provided with follow up information.  The officers took pictures of the damaged window which they booked into evidence at Ingleside station.  Report number 110934751

5:34am                 100 Blk Monterey         Theft
CPSAs Navarro and Reynolds responded to a burglary. They met with the reportee who advised that various items had been taken from the building and had surveillance video to provide the officers.  There was no sign of forced entry to the premises.  After viewing the video, the reportee stated he did not know the suspect and could not identify him.  The CPSAs took pictures of the premises and booked them into evidence at Ingleside station.  The reportee agreed to provide Ingleside station’s Special Investigation Team with a copy of the surveillance videos and was provided with follow up information.  The CPSAs did not find any suitable surfaces to process for fingerprint evidence.  Report number 110932692

9:15am                 San Jose/Ocean            Battery
Officers Hui and Giannini were dispatched to investigate a battery.  The victim stated that a male boarded the MUNI train he was riding and bumped into him.  The suspect then elbowed the victim on the right cheek area and stared at the victim to see if he was going to react.  The victim did not say anything and exited the bus.  The victim called the police and complained of pain to right cheek area.  An ambulance was summoned to the area to assist him.  The officers took pictures of the victim and provided them to the investigative team at Ingleside station.  The officers provided the victim with follow up information and ordered the surveillance video from MUNI dispatch.  Report Number 110934933


  2:18am           Mission/Bosworth                    Traffic Collision
  9:00am           300 Blk Ney                            Lost License Plate
11:00am           1100  Blk Geneva                    Recovered License Plate
  2:41pm           Unit Blk Mateo                        Recovered Auto
  2:41pm           Unit Blk Mateo                        Recovered License Plate
  7:00pm           1300 Blk Sanchez                    Stolen Auto