Sunday, November 20, 2011


Incident Date:
Saturday, November 19, 2011


There were no arrests this day.

Other incidents:  

5:51am                 29th & Mission St                     Robbery
Officers Sanchez and Curry responded to a report of an attempted robbery.  Upon arrival, the victim was being treated by paramedics.  The victim told the officers he was approached by two suspects who asked him for money.  The victim told the suspects that he did not have any money.  One of the suspects suddenly struck the victim in the face with a hard object.  The suspect struck the victim a second time in the back of the head.  The victim fled in one direction, and the suspects fled in another.  Report 110932222

9:15am                 100 Blk Britton St                    Mischief
Officers Trujillo and Turner were dispatched to a report of someone breaking windows.  The victim was inside the bedroom of his residence when he heard glass break.  The victim ran into the living room to check on his relatives.  Two other victims were in the living room when the glass shattered, and one sustained a small cut to her forehead.  One of the victims saw two possible suspects fleeing the area, one holding a baseball bat.  The victim recognized both suspects.  Report 110932476

600 Blk Morse St
PSA Flynn took a report regarding false personation.  The victim received several “past due” notices in the mail regarding different accounts.  The victim had never authorized any of these accounts and was not aware that they had been opened under his name.  Report 110933446

10:45am               900 Blk Rutland St                 Burglary
Officers Fung and Walsh responded to a report regarding burglary.  The victim had returned to his residence after about a weeklong absence.  The victim told the officers he normally rents this residence out but that it had been vacated.  Upon his return, the victim discovered a window had been smashed. Pieces of copper piping had been cut from the walls.  Report 110932987

Unit Blk Phelan Ave
SFCCPD Officer Quintana took a report regarding theft.  The victim placed several of his personal items into a locker and secured it with a lock.  When the victim returned to the locker, he found that his lock had been removed and his personal items taken.  Report 110930107

300 Blk Edna St
PSA Heckenberg-Tognozzi took a report regarding false personation.  The victims had received a phone call from an unknown male suspect who claimed to be their grandson. The suspect told the victims that he had been arrested in Mexico and needed money for fees.  The victims transferred several thousand to Mexico.  A couple of days later, the victims discovered that their grandson had never been in Mexico and was safe at home.  Report 110932608

4:00pm                 1500 Blk Geneva Ave             Theft
Officers Chang and Hom were dispatched to a report of theft.  The victim had taken her kids to the park to play and placed her purse down on the ground next to her.  The victim went to check on her kids.  When she returned to retrieve her purse, she discovered that it had been taken.  Report 110934018

9:30pm                 1100 Blk Geneva Ave             Mischief
Officers Dominguez and Otaguro were dispatched to a report of vandalism.  The victim was inside of her office when she heard a window shatter.  The victim saw a possible suspect fleeing the area, holding a hammer in his hand.  The front window of the business had been shattered.  Report 110934046          

Unit Blk 30th St
Officer Lundy responded to a report of a robbery.  The victim was standing on the sidewalk when a suspect approached him from behind and grabbed him.  The suspect reached into the victim’s back pant pocket and removed the victim’s cash.  The victim could not stop the suspect because he was holding his daughter in his arms.  The suspect fled.  Report  110934115

11:15pm               4900 Blk Mission St               Mischief
Officers Otaguro and Dominguez were dispatched to a report of vandalism.  The victim discovered that the front glass window of her business had been shattered.  Report 110934331


  5:00am           Mission & St. Marys                Vehicle accident
10:30am           Visitacion & Bay Shore            Vehicle accident            
  1:00pm           200 Blk London St                   Stolen vehicle
  1:36pm           100 Blk Appleton St                 Recovered vehicle
  1:46pm           Geneva & Cayuga                    Vehicle accident
  3:00pm           400 Blk 28th St                        Stolen vehicle
  3:40pm           Unit Blk Bache St                     Recovered vehicle 
  6:08pm           Alemany & Lyell                       Vehicle accident
  8:00pm           400 Blk Madrid St                   Stolen vehicle
  9:00pm           700 Blk Rolph St                      Stolen vehicle
11:50pm           Girard & Wilde                        Vehicle accident