Sunday, November 13, 2011


Incident Date:
Saturday, November 12th, 2011


4:38pm                 300 Blk Alemany Blvd            Assault
Officers Shugars and Paras were dispatched to a report of a possible robbery.  Several other officers responded.  Dispatch relayed the description of the suspect to responding officers.  A witness informed Officers Campos and Nigbungco that a suspect matching the description provided by dispatch had just run by him.  The officers located the suspect and detained him pending further investigation. 

The victim told the officers that he was washing his car when the suspect approached him and asked him to use the bathroom.  The victim recognized the suspect as a relative of a neighbor.  The victim continued to wash his vehicle when he suddenly heard an argument.  The victim walked around the vehicle and saw the suspect yelling at a second victim who was sitting in his vehicle parked just up the street.  The suspect was holding a knife.  The second victim locked himself in the car.  The suspect advanced towards the first victim with the knife raised in his hand.  A third victim came to assist the first victim, and the suspect tried to stab him with the knife.  The suspect continued to swing his knife at the first and third victim.  Both victims managed to avoid being stabbed with the knife.  Suddenly the suspect put the knife away in his pocket and fled.

The officers contacted the second victim.  He told the officers that he was sitting in the driver’s seat of his parked vehicle when the suspect approached him.  The suspect took out a knife and told the victim to move about 8 times.  The victim feared for his life so he closed the vehicle door and locked himself inside.  The second victim witnessed the suspect attempting to stab victim one and victim three.

All three victims positively identified the suspect and he was arrested.  Report 110913391

Other incidents:  

10:00am               2400 Blk Alemany                  Graffiti
Officer Blume and Park responded to a report of graffiti.  The victim went to check on her property that is currently vacant.  The victim discovered large black letters sprayed paint across the plywood covering the garage door.  Report 110913460

11:00am               200 Blk Montcalm St             Theft
CPSA’s Callaghan and Navarro were dispatched to a report of theft.  The victim stores her bicycle in a residential garage, suspended from the ceiling.  The victim discovered that her bicycle was missing, as well as her roommates.  She told the CPSA’s that the garage might have been left open by contractors that were working on the house.  Report 110912763

4600 Mission St
CPSA’s Der and Lee responded to a report of a battery. The victim was working as a security at a business.  An angry suspect left the business, yelling.  The suspect violently shoved the glass door of the business as he exited, causing it to make a loud bang sound.  The victim followed the suspect out of the business to speak with him about his actions.  The suspect turned to the victim and cussed at him.  The suspect raised the middle finger of each of his hands and directed them towards the victim. The suspect then shoved the victim to the ground.  The suspect fled in a vehicle.  A witness corroborated the incident.  Report 110913040

6:00pm                 Harkness & Brussels             Theft
PSA Flynn took a report regarding theft.  The victim was walking when a suspect approached her from behind.  The suspect grabbed the victim’s purse from her hand and fled in a vehicle.  Report 110913987


  9:15am                Unit Blk Patton                Stolen vehicle
10:43am                Unit Blk Seville                Recovered vehicle
11:05am                Curtis & Morse               Recovered vehicle
  8:00pm                100 Blk Poppy                Recovered vehicle
  9:54pm                Mission & Geneva           Vehicle accident