Monday, October 24, 2011

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Incident Date:
Sunday, October 23rd, 2011


1:40am                300 Blk Harkness                   Warrant
Officers Benavidez and Seavey were dispatched to a pay dispute.  They met with reportee who told them he picked up a passenger in his taxi and when they arrived at the destination the suspect told the driver he had no money to pay him.  The taxi driver then called the police.  The officers arrived and detained the suspect.  A record check revealed the suspect had an outstanding warrant for his arrest.  The victim requested no further police action and the suspect was booked for the warrant.  Report 110857272

1:34pm                3300 Blk Mission                    Warrant
Officers Murphy and Pedersen were on regular bicycle patrol when they made a passing call at a grocery store.  They were advised by the security guard that he had an individual detained for shoplifting.  The officers detained the suspect and a record check revealed an outstanding warrant.  The reportee said he did not wish to pursue the shoplifting offense and the officers took the suspect into custody for the warrant.  He was booked at Ingleside for the offense.  Report 110855947

3:40pm                5300 Blk Mission                    Warrant
Officers Yuen and Gonzalez were on patrol when they spotted a male who matched the description of someone who had committed a robbery earlier in the evening.  They identified the individual and a record check revealed he had two outstanding warrants and was currently on active probation with a search condition.  Various Ingleside officers responded to the suspect’s address where they were allowed inside by other tenants.  The officers performed a probation search of the home with negative results.  They then located a vehicle which belonged to the suspect and he allowed them to search inside the vehicle.  The officers located a sweatshirt inside the suspect’s vehicle similar to the one used in the earlier robbery.  The officers took custody of the sweatshirt and provided the suspect with a property receipt.  The suspect was taken into custody and booked for the outstanding warrants.  Report 110856252

3:57pm                3300 Blk Mission                     Shoplifting
Officer Hom was dispatched to a shoplifting report.  He spoke with reportee who advised that he observed a woman enter the store, walk down various aisles, place several items in a basket and walk by all the registers without attempting to pay for the items.  The reportee detained the suspect outside the store and escorted her back inside.  The officers properly identified the suspect through her Mugshot photo as she had no identification on her person.  The reportee signed a citizen’s arrest and the suspect was cited for the shoplifting offense.  Report 110856274

4:50pm                3300 Blk Mission                    Petty Theft
Officer Hom was dispatched to investigate a shoplifting offense.  He met with reportee who advised that he observed a male enter the store, walk down the liquor aisle and place several items in his front pockets.  The suspect then walked by all of the cash registers without making any attempt to pay for the items.  Reportee said he then detained the suspect outside the door and escorted him back into the store.  The reportee signed a citizen’s arrest so the officers could take the suspect into custody.  A record check revealed several outstanding warrants and the suspect was booked into custody for the shoplifting and the warrants.  Report 110856428
6:50pm                Mission/Silver                         Robbery
Officers Tam and Habib were sent to investigate a robbery.  They met with victim who was a Spanish speaker and Officer Archilla responded to assist in the translation.  The victim told them that she exited the MUNI bus near Mission and Silver and observed a male and a female standing nearby.  She said that she began crossing the street when she observed the suspects began following her.  As she attempted to put her IPhone inside of her purse she felt someone come from behind, grab her wrist and yell “Phone” as they attempted to yank it from her person.  The victims said she was in fear of being harmed so she let go of the cell phone and the suspect ran across the street and ran towards a side street.  The victim provided a description of the suspects and the officers advised dispatch.  Various Ingleside units responded to canvass the area.  The officers were able to locate video surveillance footage which they viewed and identified the suspects as individuals who they had had previous encounters with.  Having knowledge that stolen items are often sold in the area of 7th and Market Officer Gonzalez and various other Ingleside officers, with the approval of Sgt. Lozada, responded to that area.  Officers Gonzalez and Yuen located the two known suspects who were wearing the clothing in the video and detained them.  The victim was transported to the scene and positively identified the suspects as the individuals who had robbed her.  Officer Yuen seized an IPhone from one of the suspect’s pockets which the victim identified as belonging to her.  The suspect who had possession of the cell phone was taken into custody and the other suspect was released at the scene.  Report 110856688  ***BEST ARREST OF THE DAY!***

9:00pm                1200 Blk Geneva                    Battery
Officers Pereira and Nibungco responded to a battery.  The victim advised that he was pumping gas when a male approached him, asked him for money and when the victim would not give him any forcefully pushed him with both hands.  The victim was not injured and did not require medical attention.  He wished to press charges and advised the officers the suspect had entered an establishment across the street.  Officer Archilla responded to the area and detained the suspect.  The victim identified him as the person who had pushed him and signed a citizen’s arrest for the battery.  The suspect was cited for the battery.  The officers booked the victim’s statement and the citizen’s arrest form into evidence at Ingleside station.  Report 110856939

9:09pm                1000 Blk Russia                     Trespassing
Officers Burke and Carrasco were dispatched to a possibly burglary in progress.  Dispatch advised that the reportee had the suspect detained.  Upon their arrival the victim stated the suspect was at a different address and that he had located the suspect inside a locked from gate of his premise.  The victim stated that this was not the first time the suspect had trespassed on his property and wanted her arrested.  The officers responded to the address with the victim where the suspect was and the victim identified her as the individual who answered the door and the one who had trespassed on his property.  The victim signed a citizen’s arrest and the woman was cited for the trespass.  Report 110856901

Other incidents:  

1:13am                900 Blk Dartmouth                Vehicle Strip
Officers Seavey and Benavidez were dispatched to a report of a vandalism.  They met with victim who stated the heard noises outside of his home and observed various individuals outside removing parts from a vehicle and then board a vehicle which drove up alongside him.  The reportee stated that the vehicle did not belong to him and he would not be able to identify neither the vehicle nor the individual he observed removing parts from the vehicle.  A record check of the vehicle revealed it to be reported stolen.  The officers took pictures of the vehicle which had several items missing and towed it to Auto Return because he was missing the wheels.  They contacted the owner of the vehicle and advised him the vehicle had been located and booked the pictures into evidence at Ingleside Station.  Report 110857197

9:20am                5800Blk Mission                     Robbery
Officers Pai and Araujo responded to investigate a robbery.  They met with two victims at the scene.  One of the victims had visible injuries to his facial areas and the officers summoned an ambulance to tend to him.  The female victim was not injured.  They both agreed that they could identify the victim if they saw him again.  The male victim advised that he was pumping gas when he was approached by a male who asked him for money.  He refused to give any money to the suspect and the suspect approached him and punched him three times in the face.  The female victim stated she was also pumping gas and had money in her hands when the suspect approached her with a club in his hand.  The female said she was in fear so she gave the suspect the money and the suspect ran off.  A witness inside the store reiterated their story.  The witness said they have a video surveillance camera but was unsure how to access it.  The officers searched the area for the victim unsuccessfully and ordered a copy of the video from the store.  Report 110855323

1:00pm                Unit Blk Curtis                       Haz. Materials
Officer Frisk responded to a public nuisance.  She was advised by reportee that he located liquid seeping down the wood wall and inside the concrete under his house.  The officer could smell a strong odor of feces.  She took pictures of the liquid and Sgt. Miller and Officer Morgante responded to the next door home where they believed the liquid was emanating from.  They found the home in disrepair, covered in filth and without electricity.  They located two tenants who said they were trying to help by unplugging the toilet.  The officers advised the tenants not to throw any other sewage out of the window area and their investigation located the area where the seepage was leaking into the victim’s property.  The officers provided the victim with follow up information and booked the pictures into evidence.  Report 110853220

4:50pm                Ocean/Cayuga                       Battery
Officer Padilla was dispatched to a battery call.  He was able to locate a victim who was extremely uncooperative and refused to speak with him.  The victim was holding her head and the officer observed a large bump on her forehead.  The officer summoned an ambulance to assist her.  The victim told him that she was at a party and a known suspect had pushed her but she did not wish to press charges and refused to provide any further information.  She was treated at the scene by the paramedics and released.  Report 110856337

8:00pm                200 Blk Gates                         Vandalism
Officers Kneuker and Leong responded to a possible burglary.  They met with the victim who advised them that he recently purchased the home and when he arrived home found the front door damaged, door locks removed and a new pad lock placed on the front door.  There was a note left from one of the banks which the victim had attempted to make contact with to no avail. The victim had the locks changed and requested a police report for further investigation.  He took pictures of the damages which he provided copies of to the officers and they booked them into evidence at Ingleside station. 


    1:22am        900 Blk Dartmouth                 Recovered vehicle 
    9:20am        200 Blk Duncan                      Recovered vehicle
  10:30am        Avalon/Mission                       Stolen vehicle
    2:00pm        Delta/Raymond                       H&R