Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Incident Date:
Tuesday, October 25th, 2011


10:32am     1600 Blk Castro            Stolen Motorcycle
Officer Rand responded to investigate the theft of a moped.  He spoke with the victim who advised that he locked and chained his moped to a pole in front of his home.  He returned to find the moped missing and the lock and chain had been cut.  A witness who was working nearby advised the victim that he saw a male cut the chain and take the moped.   The witness told him he could identify the male and agreed to drive around the area and search for the suspect with the victim.  They located the suspect nearby pushing the moped into an address a few blocks away.  The victim returned home with the worker and called the police.  Officers Frisk and Turner responded to the address where the suspect was where they located the moped and detained him. They located a pair of bolt cutters on the suspect’s person and found a cut lock and chain which they believed were all used in the crime.  The officers took pictures of the moped for evidence and took custody of the burglary tools which they later booked into evidence at Ingleside station.

I transported the witness to the area where the suspect was detained and he positively identified the suspect as the male he observed cut the chain and take the moped.  The suspect was taken into custody where he was read his Miranda rights and agreed to speak to the officers.  He admitted to taking the moped and was booked at Ingleside station for the theft.  Report 110861057  ***BEST ARREST OF THE DAY!***

11:13am     100 Blk Brazil               Battery
Officers Walsh and Altamirano were dispatched to a battery.  Upon arrival they spoke with a victim who stated he was walking his dog when his dog stopped in front of a home to urinate.  Suddenly, and without provocation, a male inside of the home opened his window and threw a bucket of water on him and his dog.  Both men began screaming at each other and the male inside the home went inside, refilled the bucket with water, and proceeded to throw another bucket of water out of the window.  A witness who was in the area told the officers that he witnessed the male throw the bucket of water on the victim.  The officers spoke with the suspect who admitted he threw two buckets of water on the victim and his dog because the dog was defecating on his property.  The victim signed and citizen’s arrest and the officers cited the suspect for the battery.  Report 110861126

3:15pm       200 Blk Juanita            Warrant Arrest
Captain Mahoney was in the area of Juanita Way when dispatch broadcasted that a suspicious person was going door-to-door on the block ringing doorbells.  He observed an individual matching the description and did a consensual encounter with him.  The individual explained that he was selling magazine subscriptions from out of state.  The captain asked the male to provide identification and he said he did not have it in his possession.  He provided the captain with his information and admitted to him that he had outstanding warrants.  Officer Curry transported the suspect to Ingleside station pending further investigation.  The warrants were confirmed by the warrant bureau and the individual was booked at Ingleside station.  Report 110861869

5:23pm       Unit Blk Curtis             Warrant Arrest
Officers Hurwitz, Rueca and Elton were advised that the resident of an address had an outstanding warrant.  The particular address has been the subject of a public nuisance and various calls for police service have been made there.  The officers knocked at the door and the woman who they believed had the outstanding warrant answered the door.  She agreed to come outside and speak with Officer Hurwitz.  She identified herself to the officer and told her that she was aware of the warrant and was going to take care of it soon.  Officer Hurwitz placed her under arrest and the woman was booked at Ingleside station for the warrant after it was confirmed.  Report 110797521

Other incidents:  

0:01am       Bernal Hts/Anderson    Theft
Officers Baldovino and Otaguro were on patrol when they were flagged down by a victim who wanted to report some items stolen.  She told them that she left some items in a friend’s vehicle when they drove to the top of Bernal Heights to look at the view with some other friends they had recently met.  The new acquaintances then asked her friend for his car keys to remove some of their stuff which they said they had left inside of the car.  When the victim returned to the vehicle the vehicle was gone and she was unable to locate the owner.  She wanted the incident documented because the items she left in the vehicle were of significant value.  Report 110860372

3:00am       4700 Blk Mission          Burglary
CPSAs Der and Reynolds were dispatched to investigate a commercial burglary.  They spoke with the owner of the business who advised that he locked and secured the business the evening before and was called in the morning by one of his janitors who told him the business had been burglarized.  The owner told the officer that various items were missing from the cash register and the safe but he could find no sign of any forced entry.  The officers spoke with other employees who reiterated what the owner said.  The CPSAs were unable to locate any sign of forced entry and process the scene for any latent fingerprint evidence to no avail.  They took pictures of the scene and booked them into evidence at Ingleside side.  They requested a copy of the businesses surveillance video for the Ingleside Station’s Investigative Unit.  Report 110861217

7:00am       200 Blk Teddy              Malicious Mischief
Officer Rand responded to a landlord-tenant dispute where dispatch advised the landlord had broken into the premises and was still at the scene.  The officer interviewed the complainant who stated that the male who lives upstairs had broken down his front door and became confrontation regarding the utilities.  The victim stated that the suspect left the apartment and went back upstairs.  The victim said he pays rent to the upstairs people who he rents from and that lately things have been missing from his apartment and a window had been broken but he did not see anyone remove the items or break the window.  The officer spoke with the upstairs tenant who said he never received money from the victim and that he was not the landlord of the property.  The victim was provided with follow up information.  The officers attempted to speak to other tenants but there was no one else at the scene.  Report 110860736

9:00am       4700 Blk Mission          Vandalism
Officers Hermosura and Dominguez responded to the call of vandalism.  The victim advised that he locked and secured his vehicle and when he returned found the front windshield was cracked.  He could provide no further information and wanted the incident documented for insurance purposes.  Report 110862851

6:00pm       4900 Blk Mission          Burglary
Officers Naval and Morrow were dispatched to investigate a commercial burglary.  They spoke with the owner of the business who advised that he locked and secured the business the evening before and when he returned found the window bars to one of the rear windows removed and the window open.  The victim said he walked into his office and noticed various items missing.  The officers determined the open window to be the point of entry and exit for the burglar as they were unable to locate any other sign of forced entry to the business.  The owner told the officers that he did have a surveillance camera on the premise but it does not record.  Officers took pictures of the damage and booked them into evidence at Ingleside station.  Because of the lack of physical evidence SFPD’s Crime Scene Investigations Unit was not contacted.  Report 110861267
6:03pm       Unit Blk Santos            Threats
Officers Shugars and Paras were sent to investigate a threats call.  The victim advised them that she was a Cantonese speaker and Officer Fung responded to assist with the translation.  She told them that she was standing on her front porch when a group of males and females passed by her house.  The victim said she recently moved into her home and has had problems with people constantly ringing her door bell.  She has asked them to leave her house alone.  The victim said that most of the males and females just walked by but one of the females said, “Go ahead, call the cops” then made a gesture of cutting her throat and simulating shooting a gun with her hand.  The victim said she felt threatened and wanted the incident documented.  Report 110862356
6:15pm       27th/Church                            Assault w/Chemical
Officer Kneuker responded to an assist a victim who had been pepper sprayed after exiting a MUNI bus.  The victim advised that there were several individuals creating an altercation with the bus driver and when he exited the bus the suspects exited the bus with him.  He said he took a picture of the suspects and one of them grabbed him camera and attempted to take it away.  The victim refused to give it to them and one of the suspects sprayed him in the face.  The suspects then all ran away.  The victim said he did not know the suspects but could possibly identify them if he saw them again.  The officer summoned and ambulance for the victim and he was transported to the hospital for further medical treatment.  The officer responded to the hospital, took pictures of the victim and provided him with follow up information.  Officers searched the area unsuccessfully for the suspects.  Officer Kneuker then contacted MUNI dispatch and requested a copy of the video surveillance tape.  Report 110862293

9:20pm       3900 Blk Folsom           Battery
Officers Lundy and Baldovino responded to a possible domestic dispute.  The woman advised she was Spanish speaking and Officer Anderson responded to assist for the translation.  Upon arrival they spoke with victim who stated that she was at home when she heard someone knock at the front door.  She opened the door and a male was attempting to serve her with some papers.  She attempted to close the door and the male pushed the door on her left arm and called her a foul name.  The victim did not know the suspect and does not know if she can identify him again.  The victim’s roommate told the officers he was coming up the stairs when he noticed the suspect attempted to give her mother some papers and then try to force the door open.  He saw the mother close the door and said the suspect threw the papers on the floor and left.  Neither individual was injured and the roommate also said he does not know the suspect.  A few hours later another call was dispatched to the same address requesting an officer’s assistance.  No one answered the door and after waiting for a few minutes the tenant came outside and told the police that nobody called them and there had been no crime committed toward anyone in the home. Report 110863075

10:51pm     Unit Blk Pope               Vandalism
Officers Ferronato and Anderson were sent to a vandalism of a vehicle.  The victim advised that he locked and secured his vehicle.  Shortly thereafter, he was looking outside his window when he saw what appeared to be a Latino male standing by the vehicle.  The victim went outside to confront the individual and the individual ran away.  The victim then noticed his passenger window had been smashed but stated that no items were missing.  The officers were unable to lift any latent fingerprints and the victim said he could not identify the suspect if he saw him again.  The officers provided the victim with follow up information. Report 110862851


    4:00am        300 Blk London                     Stolen vehicle 
    9:21am        Seneca/Delano                       Traffic collision
   12:53pm       500 Blk Laidley                     Recovered vehicle
   13:47pm       Unit Blk Surrey                      Recovered vehicle
   10:21am       Heyman/Prospect                  Traffic collision
    1:45am        100 Blk Brunswick                Stolen vehicle
    2:41pm        100 Blk 28th St                     Recovered vehicle
    4:05pm        1800 Blk Silliman                   Recovered vehicle
    4:59pm        400 Blk Pioche                      Recovered vehicle
    7:00pm        Harkness/Girard                     Stolen vehicle
    8:30pm        1800 Blk San Jose                 Recovered vehicle
   10:00pm       Unit Blk Wool                        Stolen vehicle
   10:06pm       Park/Mission                          Traffic collision