Tuesday, September 20, 2011

September 19, 2011

Incident Date:
Monday September 19th, 2011


2:38am   Mission/Russia     D.U.I.
Officer Jones was out of his patrol car when he witnessed a newer model Mercedez Benz traveling erratically down Mission Street at an excessive speed.  He jumped back into his patrol car and attempted to catch up with the vehicle, notifying other units in the area.  Another patrol unit spotted the vehicle several blocks away and effected a traffic stop.  Officers were immediately able to detect the strong odor of alcohol emanating from the interior of the vehicle as well as the driver’s breath.  The driver was showing obvious signs of intoxication and was put through a series of field sobriety tests. He failed to perform any of the tests satisfactorily and was taken into custody.  A breathalyzer test was conducted and the results showed a blood alcohol level well above the legal limit.  The driver was booked into the county jail on the D.U.I. charges.   Report Number 110756646 

2:51am  Mission/Randall   Imp. a Peace Officer 
Officers Ma and Jones were on patrol when they heard a vehicle illegally sounding an air horn. They then noticed a white Ford with a male driver in a security guard uniform drive past them at a high rate of speed. The vehicle resembled a white SFPD unmarked car used by investigative units.   They began to follow behind the Ford and witnessed the driver go through several intersections, failing to stop for any of the red signal lights.  A traffic stop was ultimately effected and the driver was found to have intoxicated passengers within the vehicle.  After a full investigation was conducted, it was discovered that the driver had not only used illegal lighting devices as well as the air horn, but had also identified himself to be a SF Police Officer.  The driver was taken into custody and issued a citation for impersonating a police officer as well as all of the vehicle code offenses that the officers witnessed.  Report Number 110753620

5:22am   Mission/Ocean     D.U.I.
Ingleside Units were dispatched to a hit and run collision involving a DPT unit at this location.  The DPT vehicle had been sideswiped and the driver fled from the scene.  A full vehicle description was put out and units located the driver passed out behind the wheel of the car.  Contact was made with the subject and he unsuccessfully completed several Field Sobriety Tests.  He was taken into custody and booked for D.U.I. as well as leaving the scene of an accident.  Report Number 110753733

7:00pm   4950 Mission      Shoplifting
Officers Park and Chang responded to this location regarding a shoplifter being chased by security.  As they responded, they were given a location in the area where the security officer had been able to stop and detain the suspect.  The male suspect had entered the store and secreted two bottles of gin within his clothing.  He then ran out from the store, making no effort to pay for the alcohol.  The security officer gave chase and was assisted on the street by a postal inspector who witnessed the foot pursuit.  The bottles of Gin had been thrown by the suspect during the foot pursuit.  The suspect had no history of previous arrests for shoplifting and was issued a citation and court date.  He was then released from the scene.  Report Number 110755892
10:03pm  600 Blk Andover    Warrant Arrest
Officers Hurwitz and Daggett were in the area when they noticed a male that they were familiar with.  The male had a lengthy criminal history and he was currently on active felony probation.  A quick check of his personal information discovered a recently issued felony warrant out for his arrest.  Contact was made with the suspect outside of his residence and he was taken custody without incident.  Report Number 110104331

Other incidents:        

1:30am    500 Blk Madrid     Auto Boost             
PSA Zabarte was contacted at the station regarding a vehicle that was broken into.  The victim reported that she locked and left her vehicle in the area and returned to it the next morning.  At that time she discovered that the driver’s side rear window had been shattered and her purse stolen.  There had been no items of value within the purse.  She had no suspect information, but the vehicle was processed for any potential evidence left behind.   Report Number 110753783

3:30am   400 Blk Campbell    Vandalism
The victim reported that her mother’s vehicle had been vandalized and she wanted the incident documented.  Her mother had parked her vehicle in front of the residence and heard a loud noise during the night.  She looked outside and did not see anybody, but did see a vehicle fleeing the area at a high rate of speed. She ran outside and found that her car window had been shattered and her tail lamp cracked. The damage appeared to have been made by a BB Gun, based on the indentation left behind. She had no suspect information and had no vehicle description of the car that fled from the area.    Report Number 110749130

8:00am   100 Blk Brazil      Battery
Officers Muro and Larocca responded to the residence regarding an assault that took place.  The victim reported that she had pulled into the suspect’s driveway in order to let her child off at the baby sitter’s residence.  The suspect yelled for them to leave and then poured a large pot of cold water on both she and her toddler.  Officers attempted to make contact with the suspect but he refused to come out from the residence.  The victims were not harmed in the incident.  Further investigation to be conducted.  Report Number 110736450

5:00pm   5700 Blk Mission     Vandalism
CPSA Der and CPSA Navarro responded to a barber shop at this location regarding a vandalism.  The owner had returned to work that morning and had found his padlocks glued shut.  He was unable to open the front padlock that locked the gated entrance, nor could he open the front door to the shop.  Both padlocks had to be cut off. There did not appear to be any forced entry or attempt to actually enter the premises.  He had no suspect information.    Report Number 110754769

5:00pm   200 Blk Ney        Grand Theft       
The victim reported that he had placed his bicycle into his garage and entered his residence. He closed the garage door but was unsure if he had locked the side door. The next morning, he discovered the bike missing.  He had no suspect information.   Report Number 116118571

5:30pm   200 Blk Rolph       Fraud
CPSA Zabarte was contacted at the station by the victim. He wanted to document the fact that he had received a letter from his bank informing him that an unknown suspect had attempted to change the authorized user information on his credit card. He did not give anyone permission to change the information and had no idea how the suspect obtained his personal information in order to make contact with the bank. The account was cancelled and follow-up investigation will be conducted by the bank’s fraud unit.   Report Number 110754894

5:30pm   100 Blk Tompkins     Vandalism
CPSA Cato was contacted at the station regarding a vehicle vandalism.  The victim reported locking and leaving his vehicle at this location.  Upon returning to the car, he discovered that the paint had multiple scratches from an unknown tool and part of the hood emblem had been removed.  There were no witnesses to the incident, however the victim reported being in the midst of an ongoing dispute with one of his neighbors.  Photographs were taken of the vehicle and booked into evidence. Further investigation to be conducted.   Report Number 110756282

6:35pm   Mission/Italy       Theft
The victim reported getting on a Muni Bus carrying her handbag on her shoulder. The bus was extremely crowded at the time and she was surrounded by people.  Upon exiting the bus at this location, she realized that her handbag and all its contents were gone.  She had several personal items of value within the purse and needed the incident documented.  She had no suspect information.    Report Number 110737511


8:00am         600 Blk Bosworth                Stolen License Plate
4:00pm         400 Blk Day                          Stolen Vehicle
8:20pm         30th/Mission                          Hit & Run Collision
11:47pm       200 Blk Valley                      Recovered Stolen Vehicle