Monday, August 1, 2011

July 29, 2011

Incident Date:
Friday, July 29th, 2011


6:35pm               Unit Blk Leo                  Kidnapping
Officers Habib and Chan responded to a possible kidnapping.  They located victim who stated that she had arrived at the premise to visit a friend when a male approached her from behind.  Victim stated that the male grabbed her, opened one of the apartments and forced her inside.  Victim stated she began to scream for help because the suspect would not allow her to leave.  Other officers arrived on scene and located a witness who said he heard a female screaming for help and when he went to assist suspect pushed him.  The female then left the building.  The officers returned the victim to the scene where she positively identified the suspect as the male who wouldn’t allow her to leave the apartment.  Suspect suffered a laceration to his facial area and was transported to the hospital for medical assistance.  He was later booked into custody for the kidnapping and battery charges.  Victim and witness both said they were not injured and refused medical assistance.  Report Number 112102831

8:00pm              Mission/Silver              Viol of Ct Order
Officers Hauscarriague and McMilton were on patrol when they recognized a known suspect who had an active stay away court order from the Mission and Silver area.  They approached the suspect who began to run from them.  The officers chased after him and successfully took him into custody.  An arrest search revealed several tools known to the officers are used to graffiti buildings.  The suspect was booked for the violation and possession of vandalism tools.  Report Number 110607497

9:02pm              5600 Blk Mission         Warrant Arrest
Officers Park and Chan were on patrol when they were dispatched to the call of a prowler.  They met with the complainant who stated a male was checking for any doors at the inn which might be open.  They located a male hiding in the laundry area and the complainant identified him as the prowler.  A record check of the suspect returned with two outstanding warrants and he was taken into custody without incident. 

Other incidents:          

9:00am               400 Blk 27th St             Fraud
Officers Wong and Fung responded to the call of a fraud.  The victim reported that he was checking his credit report online when he noticed various inquiries had been made which he had not authorized.  Victim wanted the incident documented should anything further show up on his credit report.  He was unable to provide the officers with any further information.  Report Number 110606198

10:00am             Unit Blk Harrington     Fraud
Victim responded to Ingleside station to report a fraud.  She told PSA Flynn that after responding to an ad on Craig’s List she was sent a check which she deposited in her bank account and forwarded the funds to an unknown individual out of the state.  When she returned to her bank to withdraw the money she was told the check had bounced.  She was later unable to contact the individual who had hired her as a supposed employee.  Victim could provide no further information.  She provided PSA Flynn with all the documentation which he booked into evidence at Ingleside station.  Report Number 110606596

10:00am             800 Blk Moscow        Vandalism
Officers Wong and Fung responded to the call of a vandalism.  Complainant advised that he had locked and secured the premises when he left.  This particular area is surrounded by wire because it is a community garden which he maintains as a city employee.  Complainant stated that he returned and various areas of the wire had been cut.  He stated there was no damage to the garden and nothing had been stolen.  Report Number 110606358

12:00pm             Ocean/Phelan            Robbery
Officers Park and Chang were dispatched to meet with the victim of a robbery.  Victim stated he was waiting for the bus at Ocean and Phelan Avenues when two males approached him and demanded he give them his cellular phone.  Victim told the suspects he did not have a cellular phone and one of the suspects told him, “I’ll shoot you.”  Victim became fearful and gave the suspects his phone.  Both suspects then fled the area.  Victim stated he was not injured and could not identify the suspects if he saw them again.  The officers searched the area for any surveillance cameras or suspects matching the description given by the victim but were unsuccessful in locating anything.  Report Number 110606665

12:45pm             Unit Blk Harper           Theft
Officer Gomez responded to the call of a theft.  Victim advised that he had ordered a smartphone through the mail.  When he arrived home he noticed the package on the floor in front of his home but the box was empty.  Victim did not know who took the phone and could provide no further information.  Report Number 110607710

5:00pm               1000 Blk Cayuga          Burglary
CPSA Busalacchi responded to a burglary report.  Complainant advised he locked and secured the area and when he returned found a bicycle was missing and a safe inside one of the offices had been left opened.  An additional reportee advised that money had been taken from the safe but the amount of currency was unknown.  A search of the area located an open window which officers determined to be the point of entry.  Officers requested a copy of the surveillance video which would be provided to them this week.  Report Number 110605673

5:15pm              100 Blk 27th St                Fraud
Officers Wong and Fung responded to the call of a fraud.  The victim reported that she was checking her credit report online when she noticed an account had been opened with Dish Network which she did not authorize.  Victim wanted the incident documented should anything further show up on her credit report.  She was unable to provide the officers with any further information.  Report Number 110606825

6:23pm              100 Blk Garrison            Theft
Officers Dudley and Antonian were dispatched to a call of a theft from a vehicle.  They met with victim who stated she parked and secured her vehicle and when she returned found items missing.  Victim believed she had left the vehicle unlocked.  Officers searched the area and were contacted by a witness who claimed to have seen the incident occur and provided the officers with a description of the suspects.  The officer’s search for the suspects and missing items were unsuccessful.  They attempted to lift latent fingerprints from the vehicle but the results returned negative.  Report Number 110607102

10:30pm             1200 Blk Cayuga          Theft
Officers Dudley and Antonian responded to a call of a theft from a building.  Victim advised that she had hired known contractors to do some work on her home.  After the construction ended victim noticed a large amount of currency had been taken from one of the drawers.  Victim stated she did not know or see anyone take the money but did suspect it may have been one of the men who had been working on the construction.  Report number 110607378


  12:00pm                  3400 Blk Alemany               Recovered vehicle
  12:41pm                  Porter/Benton                      Traffic Collision
  12:41pm                  Crescent/College                 Traffic Collision
  12:45pm                  Crescent/College                 Traffic Collision
   1:00pm                   400 Blk Justin                      Traffic Collision
   4:20pm                   Ney/Trumbell.                        H&R
  10:00pm                 4500 Blk Mission                 Stolen Truck