Friday, July 29, 2011

July 28, 2011

Incident Date:
Thursday, July 28th, 2011


700 Block Silver Ave
Officers Morrow and Naval were sent to this location regarding possible trespassing.  Upon arrival they were met by the Realtor handling the property.  He explained to the officers that approximately one month earlier, the residents of that address had been evicted.  He drove by the house on today’s date and noticed that several signs that had been posted had been removed. When he saw someone entering the residence through the front doorway, he contacted the police.  Officers made contact with the male suspect within the residence and discovered that the ex-tenant had illegally moved back into the house.  The male was cited for trespassing and all illegal occupants removed from the premises.   Report 110603718

12:35pm   Mission/30th St      Mental Health Detention
Officers Chew and Lim responded to the area when advised of a male that was running in and out of traffic, screaming and making threatening gestures.  They located a male that was sweating profusely and talking incoherently to himself.  The male was unable to appropriately respond to questions and was clearly a danger to himself and others.  He was detained and transported to SF General Hospital for Psychiatric Evaluation.   Report 110603229

7:48pm  100 Blk Blythdale Ave        Warrant Arrest
Officers Johnson and Obot were conducting patrol in the Sunnydale Housing Community when they observed a subject they were familiar with.  The suspect was a known felon loitering in an area rampant with narcotics activity as well as street robberies and shootings. The alert officers were aware of an active warrant out for his arrest.  They conducted a computer query to confirm the warrant and then took the male into custody without incident.  Good Job!  Report Number 101185422

300 Blk Bayshore Blvd
Officers Habib and Chan were on patrol at this location when they spotted a vehicle whose driver was driving erratically and at extremely high rates of speed.  They followed the vehicle into a nearby parking lot and effected a traffic stop.  They identified the driver who had attempted to jump into the back seat of the vehicle and instructed him to exit the car.  They could immediately detect the strong odor of alcohol on his breath. They were also able to see open containers of alcohol within the vehicle.  Several field sobriety checks were conducted, which the male was unable to successfully complete.  He was taken into custody for driving under the influence.  Report Number 110604261

8:58pm       Vienna/Brazil St               D.U.I.
Officers were dispatched to the area regarding a possible drunk driver.  A male had been seen walking with an unsteady gait and urinating in the middle of the street before stumbling into his car and driving away.  After a brief canvass of the area, Officers located the car and effected a traffic stop.  Officer Castillo conducted the preliminary investigation and could immediately see that the male driver was under the influence.  He was unable to complete any of the field sobriety tests and, in fact, could barely stand up and walk.  He was taken into custody and booked into the county jail.  Good teamwork by all involved, removing an extreme danger from the roadway!  Report Number 110604590

Other incidents:        

12:01am   500 Blk Bosworth St      Embezzlement
Officer Marino and her partner responded to a business at this location regarding a fraud report.  The victims reported that they had hired the male suspect to assist them with their bookkeeping.  He had been hired as an independent contractor to work for them on a part-time basis. When the suspect completed this weeks bookkeeping, they realized that the deposits seemed unusually low.  When checking through their bank statements from previous weeks, they discovered a pattern of low deposit numbers.  The suspect was called in to the office and admitted to skimming cash from the books and stated that he was having severe medical issues necessitating cash. Further investigation of the books revealed that a substantial amount of money had been fraudulently obtained by the suspect over the months that he was employed.  Further investigation to be conducted.  Report 110599606

11:00am   300 Blk Lisbon St              Burglary
CPSA Wong and Officer Fung responded to the residence regarding a burglary report. The victims reported that they had left their residence that morning and came back to find that their front door had been pried open.  A check of the interior discovered that the entire house had been ransacked and several items stolen.  Personal identification items, jewelry and cash had all been stolen from the various rooms of the house.  Neither victim had any suspect information nor possible witnesses.  Crime Scene Investigations was contacted to respond to the residence and photos of the scene retained for evidence.  Further investigation to be conducted by the Station Investigative Unit.  Report Number 110603962

12:30pm   1500 Blk Visitacion Ave   Theft from Vehicle
Officers Sugitan and Hornstein were called to take a report regarding an auto boost.  They met with the victim and were told that she had parked her vehicle in front of her residence. A few moments later, she looked out her window and saw an unknown male removing her registration tabs from the rear license plate.  She yelled out to the suspect but he was able to remove the tabs and flee from the area.  The victim said that she would not be able to him if she saw him again. Officers conducted an unsuccessful search of the area for the described suspect.   Report Number 110603188

Broad/Plymouth St
The victim came with his guardian to Ingleside Station to report that he had been robbed while waiting at a bus stop.  As he sat in the shelter waiting for his bus, he was suddenly surrounded by two males.  Both males began to act in a very intimidating manner and demanded the victim’s IPod nano and wallet.  The IPod, along with a small amount of cash, was turned over to the suspects who then fled from the area.  The victim was not harmed during the incident and no weapons were seen.  Report Number 110603520

Unit Blk Arleta Ave
    Attempted Money Scam
Officers Ocreto and Ng responded to a bank at this location regarding a suspicious occurrence.  They discovered that the victim had been approached by an unknown male in a white pick-up truck when entering her garage.  The male told her that he was working for the water company and offered to repair her pipes.  He further told her that he and the other suspect within the truck were doing repair work on other houses in the area for a set price.  When the victim went to her bank to retrieve money for the job, the bank cashier became suspicious and contacted the police.  The suspects and white pickup truck fled from the area prior to police arrival on scene.     Report 110603495

8:25pm     100 Blk Blythdale Ave             Theft                 
Officers Duffin and Hart were on patrol in this area when flagged down by the victim.  He pointed towards three females running away from the area and said that they had just broken into his vehicle.  The officers were able to track down two of the females and detain them.  The victim approached the first suspect, pointed to her and said that she had broken his car window and removed his briefcase.  Further investigation discovered that the briefcase had already been returned to the victim and that the vehicle’s window had been broken prior to this incident.  The victim refused to sign a citizen’s arrest and said that he just wanted the incident documented.  All parties were released from the scene and no further police action taken.   Report Number 110604603

10:56pm   300 Blk La Grande Ave       Burglary
Officer Hermosura was dispatched to a Technology High School in the area regarding a break-in.  The Security Officer on-scene reported that the school’s alarm had gone off just prior to the police being contacted.  Upon arrival he discovered the main office door unlocked and several desks and drawers opened and rummaged through.  A glass window leading into another room had been shattered.  He was unable to determine whether any items had been stolen. CSI was contacted to respond to the scene and further investigation will be conducted.  A search of the perimeter was unsuccessful in locating potential suspects or witnesses.   Report Number 110604998

Unit Blk Blythdale Ave
Officers Kneuker and Pedersen responded to this location regarding a vandalism.  The victim had parked and secured his vehicle.  He later heard the car alarm going off and ran outside.  He found that and unknown suspect had shattered the rear window of his Mercedes.  No entry had been made into the vehicle.    Report 110601950


   5:30am        400 Block Leland                  Hit & Run Collision
Unit Blk Laura St
                  Stolen Vehicle
300 Blk Silver Ave
                 Stolen Vehicle
  7:00pm         1600 Blk Geneva                  Stolen Vehicle

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