Wednesday, August 10, 2011

August 9, 2011

Incident Date:
Tuesday, August 9th, 2011


4:10pm   500 Blk Mangels       Probation Violation
Officer Preston observed an individual that he was extremely familiar with, dangerously throwing rocks into the street. The officer was also aware of a stay-away order served against this individual at a nearby location.  Thinking that the agitated male was enroute to that location, he attempted to make contact.  The male immediately ran from him and gained entry into a nearby residence.  Officer Preston forced entry into the residence and was able to coordinate other units and ultimately take the suspect into custody.  Excellent Job!   Report Number 110636565

11:11pm 1600 Blk Sunnydale          Assault        
The Ingleside Station Housing Unit Officers were in this location in search of a wanted felon.  Officer Trail spotted the suspect walking in the area and ordered him to stop. The male immediately shielded his face and took off on foot.  After a brief foot pursuit, the male was taken into custody and booked into the county jail.   Report Number 110632193

Other incidents:          

2:00am    200 Blk Cortland       Theft from Vehicle
CPSA Der and Officer Pai responded to this location regarding an auto boost.  The victim told them that her husband had locked and left his vehicle.  When he returned to the car he discovered damage to the front panel and several items missing from the interior of the car.  There was no suspect information for the police investigation.   Report Number 110635482

6:00am   100 Blk Brookdale       Threats/Assault
PSA Cato was contacted at the station regarding threats.  The victim wished to report that one of his neighbors has been threatening to kill him and felt that the matter had to do with health issues. The victim did not immediately report the threats, feeling that the matter would blow over.  When threatened again recently, he decided to document the incidences.    Report Number 110636399

8:30am   300 Blk La Grande       Theft
PSA Cato was contacted at the station by an elementary school’s videographer regarding a theft.  She reported that upon getting into school the other morning, she discovered that several items had been stolen from an unlocked cabinet drawer.  All the stolen items were her teaching tools.  There was no suspect information, but further investigation to be conducted.  Report number 110636640

12:21pm   Unit Blk Harrington       Theft
Officer Bernard responded to a report of a robbery.  When the victim was located, she told the officer that she had been walking down the street and approached by two unknown males.  The suspects came up from behind her and suddenly reached around her body and yanked off her necklace.  They both fled on foot up Harrington Street.  The victim tried to chase after the suspects but lost them in the area.  She was unharmed in that attack.  Report Number 110635965

12:30pm   800 Blk Ellsworth          Battery  
Officers Huang and Hopkins responded to this area regarding a physical altercation.  Upon arrival they discovered that one of the subjects involved fled from the area.  Two windows had been shattered along with a couple of other items found in disarray.  The officers were told that the two roommates had gotten into an argument over a borrowed item that had never been returned.  The suspect who fled the area had become angry and confrontational. When the disagreement became physical, the police were called to the scene.  The victim refused medical attention on scene.  Officers searched the area for the suspect to no avail.    Report Number 110635993

3:05pm      200 Blk Tingley             Dog Bite
Officer Rueca and Officer Elton responded to this residence regarding a dog bite. They met with the victim, a Postal Carrier, who explained that he had been bitten while delivering mail.  As he approached the area, he heard loud barking behind him.  A large white dog suddenly pushed open a closed gate and came charging towards him.  The victim sprayed the dog as a deterrent to attack and was able to flee from the area.  Officers were able to locate the dog, along with its owner, based on the victim’s information.  Animal Care and Control was contacted to respond and take over this investigation.    Number 110636377

8:00pm        300 Blk Nevada            Theft
CPSA Der took a report at the station regarding an auto boost.  The victim reported that his vehicle had been parked and secured. Upon returning to the car, he discovered the front window smashed and an MP3 Player missing. He had no suspect description and could find no witnesses at the scene.     Report Number 110632836

11:10am          200 Blk London                  Recovered Stolen Vehicle
11:55am          200 Blk Naglee                   Stolen Vehicle
   2:07pm         400 Blk Mission                  Stolen Vehicle
   3:30pm         1500 Blk Sanchez              Stolen Vehicle
   6:00pm         300 Blk Valley                     Recovered Stolen Vehicle

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