Thursday, August 11, 2011

August 10, 2011

Incident Date:
Wednesday, August 10th, 2011


3:50pm    200 Blk Blythedale    Court Order Violation
Housing Officers Trail, Peregoy, Uang and Hopkins responded to this location regarding a court order violation.  The victim explained to them that she had obtained a stay-away order from the suspect and he had been served with the official paperwork.  The suspect showed up at the residence, in violation of the court order and she called the police.  The suspect was located and taken into custody without incident.   Report Number 110639321

8:44pm  2900 Blk Diamond      Assault                
Officer Blume and Sgt. Riskin were on patrol when they were flagged down by one of the Muni Operators.  The Muni Operator pointed to a male that was running past them down the street on Diamond.  They caught up with the suspect and detained him.  After further investigation, it was discovered that the male and two friends had refused to pay the bus fare.  When stopped for payment, they began to disrupt service and ask passengers for money. They were ordered to exit the bus and pushed the Muni Operator to the ground as they fled.  The suspect located was booked in at the County Jail for the Public Transit Violation as well as the physical assault.    Report Number 110640124

Other incidents:          

8:00am      200 Blk Paris              Burglary
Officer Bernard responded to this residence regarding a burglary.  The victim reported that she had locked and left the residence and gone to work.  Her brother returned to the house a few hours later and discovered the front gate closed but unlocked. Upon entering the residence, he discovered that it had been ransacked.  He called her at work and she returned home immediately and called the police. The victim reported that several video games as well as a small amount of cash had been stolen.  The officer was unable to find any signs of forced entry and there was no potential suspect information.   Report Number 110639105

9:00am    200 Blk Goldmine          Fraud
CPSA Derr and Officer Pai responded regarding a fraud.  The victim explained to the officers that she had been contacted over the phone by a male who told her she had won a large sum of money.  She was asked to send a money order in order for her prize to be delivered and was given an address.  The money was sent and the victim never heard back from the supposed company representative.  She had no suspect information for the police report.     Report Number 110638373

9:20am    100 Blk Lisbon             Threats
Officer Bernard responded to the residence regarding a neighbor dispute.  The victim reported that she had been outside doing some yard work when her neighbor began making rude comments.  The victim told her neighbor to stop bothering her and she was then yelled at and threatened.  She further explained that this was an ongoing issue and wanted the incident documented.  Report Number 110638282

5:00pm    900 Blk Bradford          Theft
Officers Barajas and Hart were dispatched to the area regarding a theft.  The officers were told that the victim had placed her backpack on the ground and began picking some vegetables from a farming area.  When she looked up, she saw an unknown male reaching into the front of her backpack.  She began to run towards her backpack and the suspect fled on foot.  Her IPod had been stolen from the front compartment of the backpack.  Officers searched the area for the suspect to no avail.    Report Number 110639478

6:00pm   1100 Blk Geneva          Theft  
PSA Flynn was contacted at the station regarding a theft.  The victim reported that she had been involved in an auto collision that resulted in her being transported to the Hospital.  Upon arrival at the Hospital, she realized that her purse and other personal items were missing.  She had been able to freeze her bank account and cancel all credit cards, but needed the incident documented.      Report Number 110639810

8:05pm   Unit Blk Miquel       Court Order Violation
Officers Campos and Archilla responded to this location regarding a stay-away violation.  The victim explained that he had been walking down the street when he noticed a subject that he had obtained a stay-away order against.  The male suspect drove past him at an extremely slow rate of speed and then stopped his vehicle and stared directly at him.  The victim could not give the officers a vehicle description nor license plate number, but wanted the incident documented.   Number 110640174

8:30pm   2200 Blk Geneva            Burglary
CPSA Derr and Officer Pai responded to this commercial building regarding a burglary.  The manager reported that a suspect had broken through a rear wall area and made entry into the building.  For unknown reasons, the store alarm failed to activate.  The suspect spent a great deal of time within the store, ultimately manipulating open the cash register.  Photographs were taken of the crime scene and booked into evidence.  The crime scene unit responded to the scene and follow-up investigation continues by the Station Investigative Unit.    Report Number 110638890

9:50pm    Unit Blk Blythedale         Vandalism
The victim came to the station to report a vandalism to her vehicle.  The victim said that she locked and left her vehicle and upon returning to it, discovered that the rear window had been damaged. Nothing from within the vehicle appeared to be missing and she had no suspect information.  Report Number 110640538

11:55pm    1000 Blk Brussels         Vandalism
Officers Morse and Seavey responded to this location regarding a trespasser.  Upon arrival they met with the victim.  She said that someone had attempted to kick in her front door.  She went to examine the damages and saw a known suspect fleeing on foot.  There was nobody else in the area when she saw him running away from the residence.  Photographs were taken at the scene and follow-up investigation to be conducted.  Report Number 110640544

7:00pm             1800 Blk Sunnydale           Stolen Vehicle