Monday, December 20, 2010


Incident Date:
Thursday, December 16th, 2010


10:10 am       3300 blk Mission                 Shoplifting
Officers Morgante and Martinez responded to a grocery store where a security guard had a woman in custody for shoplifting. The officers took custody of the prisoner and later cited and released her.  Report number 101155986

11:44 am       Unit blk Towerside               Recovered Auto/Probation Viol
Sgt McDevitt observed a vehicle, double parked, with two occupants.  The sergeant ran a computer query and found the vehicle was reported stolen.  Sgt McDevitt was joined by Officers Hopkins, Uang, Obot, Johnson, Trail and Peregoy.  The driver was taken into custody and the passenger was later released.  The driver was also in violation of her probation and was operating a vehicle with a suspended license. The driver was booked at County Jail.  Report number 101156235

04:47 pm       1600 blk Geneva                 Threatening Public Employee
A young man was identified at a suspect in a threats report against a Muni operator.  Officers Cassinelli and Castillo located the subject and took him into custody for the incident.  Report number 101043557

05:52 pm       1800 blk Sunnydale            Theft from Building/Battery
Officers Johnson and Obot responded to a robbery call with Sgt McDevitt.  They found, upon their arrival, that two female friends had an argument and that one woman took the other ones cell phone during the physical confrontation.  The suspect was located and taken into custody.  She was found to have a warrant for her arrests and she was booked at Ingleside Station.  The cell phone was not located. 
Report number 101157562

11:57 pm       Geneva/Moscow                  Warrant Arrest/Suspended Lic
Officers Padilla and Seavey observed a driver commit a traffic offense and therefore conducted a traffic stop.  The driver was found to have a suspended license and a warrant for his arrest.  The female passenger of the vehicle was also found to have a warrant for her arrest.  Both were transported to Ingleside Station where they were booked.  Report number 101158639

Other incidents:

11:00 am       4400 blk Mission                 Burglary, Store, Force
Officer Sullivan responded to a restaurant and met with the owner.  The glass front door to the restaurant had been smashed by an unknown suspect and a cash box was stolen.  Report number 101156304

02:33 pm       1500 blk Sunnydale            Civil Gang Injunction Svc
Officer Obot served a documented gang member with a civil gang injuction.  Report number 101156780

03:27 pm       700 blk Sunnydale              Battery
Officers Chang, Park and Ng responded to a battery call.  The officers found all of the parties and discovered that a female juvenile had struck a male juvenile after he called her a name.  The male struck her back.  No one was injured and none of the parties wanted to pursue the matter criminally.  Report number 101157051

04:05 pm       200 blk Desmond               Theft from Unlocked Vehicle
PSA Flynn was approached at Ingleside Station by a man who stated that he left his wallet in his unlocked vehicle overnight.  He returned to the vehicle to find the wallet had been stolen.  Report number 101160418

06:20 pm       400 blk Cortland                 Theft, from Building
Officers Yuen and Paras responded to a theft call.  The officers met with the victim, a restaurant employee, who stated that a man had stolen money from her wallet.  The victim stated that the suspect entered the restaurant and asked to use the restroom.  The man was directed toward the restroom, but the victim found him in the storage room.  She pointed to the restroom and the suspect entered.  The victim entered the storage room and found that her wallet had been taken out of her purse and was open with money missing.  The man exited the restroom and denied taking the victims money.  He then ran out of the restaurant.  Suspect Description: African American, 20-21 years old, 6’1, 150 lbs, brown hair and eyes, wearing a red plaid jacket, dark color skinny jeans, carrying a black tote bag. Report number 101157603

06:29 pm       400 blk Banks                     Robbery w/ Force
Officers Robinson and Gonzalez responded to a robbery in progress. The officers met with the victim and a witness.  The suspects had fled the scene.  The victim was a pizza delivery man.  The witness had ordered a pizza, but the pie that was delivered was wrong, so as the victim was returning to his vehicle, he was robbed by two African American males; both about 6’0, 170 lbs, and both were wearing all black clothing and black caps.  The victim was punched numerous times  and robbed of the pizza.  The suspects also attempted to steal money but were unsuccessful because the witness yelled at them and called for the police.  A search for the suspects was conducted to no avail.  Report number 101157631

06:45 pm       300 blk Cortland                 Theft, from Building
A woman, closing her business was approached by a subject with the same physical description as the other theft on Cortland Street.  She told the man that she was closed for the day and he lingered suspiciously in the store, then left.  Moments later the victim discovered that her laptop computer had been stolen.  The suspect had left the store in an unknown direction.  Report number 101157738

07:30 pm       100 blk Santos                  Burglary, Residence, Unlawful
Officers Hom and Cassinelli responded to a burglary call.  The victim stated that he left his home secured and returned to find a second story window open and his front door unlocked.  He entered his home and found that his computer, stereo and some food was stolen from his home.  Report number 101157857

Vehicle Incidents:

07:26 am       500 blk Alemany                              Recovered Auto
07:54 am       200 blk Ocean                                  Suspended Driver
11:40 am       100 blk Ripley                                   Recovered Auto
11:44 am       Unit blk Towerside                           Recovered Auto
03:32 pm       Mission/Randall                               Suspended Driver
06:00 pm       Unit blk Phelan                                Stolen Auto
07:00 pm       Blythdale/Santos                             Traffic Collision
07:59 pm       Ocean/Delano                                  Unlicensed Driver
08:06 pm       Mission/Persia                                  Suspended Driver