Monday, November 8, 2010


Incident Date:
Saturday, November 6th, 2010


11:30 am       3300 blk Mission                 Shoplifting
Officer Naval responded to a shoplifting call at a grocery store and met with a security guard who had made an arrest.  The guard observed the suspect enter the store with a rolling backpack.  The suspect placed two large containers of liquid detergent into the backpack and walked out of the store.  The guard placed him under arrest and contacted the police.  Officer Naval took over custody of the suspect and later cited and released him.  Report number 101031944

02:37 pm       Santos/Geneva                   Fire Alarm, False
Officers Chew and Barajas were on patrol in full uniform and driving a marked patrol car when they saw a man exit a Muni bus and walk to a Fire alarm call box.  They saw the man pull the alarm and walk away.  The officers notified the dispatcher who told them that a fire call had just been generated from that location.  The officers contacted the suspect and placed him in custody.  Due to lack of identification the suspect was taken to Ingleside Station where he was identified and later cited and released.  Report number 101032538

Other incidents:

00:15 am       Geneva/San Jose               Att. Robbery, w/Force
Officers Gabriel and Apodaca with numerous other Ingleside Officers responded to an attempted robbery call.  The officers searched for the suspects to no avail.  The victim told the officers that he was standing at a Muni bus stop playing with his iPhone.  An African American male, 18-20 years old, 5’5, 140 lbs wearing a dark jacket and blue jeans grabbed the iPhone and attempted to wrestle it away from the victim.  The victim maintained control of his property and the suspect, along with a Hispanic male of similar age, height and weight, ran away on Geneva then south on San Jose Ave.  The second suspect acted as a lookout for the first.  Report number 101030861

02:32 am       900 blk Teresita                  Vandalism to Vehicle
Officers Apodaca and Gabriel responded to an auto boost call.  The officers searched for the suspect to no avail.  The suspect was described by a witness as a Hispanic male, 20-25 years old, 5’10, 160 lbs, wearing a dark colored ball cap, black jacket, black pants. The officers located the damaged vehicle and located the vehicle owner.  No property had been stolen from the vehicle.  Report number 101031217

02:50 am       200 blk Brazil                       Vehicle Tampering
Officers Seavey and Padilla responded to an auto boost call.  They met with the victim who showed them that the front passenger side window of his vehicle had been shattered and that the suspect had attempted to start the car damaging the ignition.  No suspect information was available. Report number 101031308

08:15 am       200 blk Cayuga                   Vandalism to Vehicle
Officer Martinez met with a victim who showed him that the drivers side window of his vehicle was smashed and the ignition housing made inoperable.  Report number 101031449

09:00 am       900 Ellsworth                      Vandalism to Property
A woman reported to Officer Hart that one of her door locks was damaged by an unknown suspect.  She believed that someone damaged the lock for a later burglary.  Report number 101031869

09:45 am       Cortland St.                          Threats
A man reported to Mission Station Officers Cooper and Emanuel who were on patrol in plain clothes that he was being followed and threatened by an acquaintance.  The victim stated that a friend of his ex-wife had followed him in a vehicle and threatened his life.  The suspect was not located. Report number 101031706

12:00 am       Unit blk Prague                   Theft from Locked Auto
A man reported to PSA Zabarte at Ingleside Station that his golf bag was stolen from the trunk of his vehicle.  The victim stated that there were no signs of forced entry and therefore believed that his girlfriend had entered his vehicle with a spare set of keys and stole the clubs as they were a gift from her.  Report number 101034766

02:00 pm       400 blk Joost                       Theft from Locked Auto
A woman reported to Officer Naval that her vehicle which had been parked, locked and unattended, had been entered and items stolen.  The victim stated that she rarely drives the vehicle and uses it to store some property.  The victim stated that numerous items of property were stolen including a car stereo, music, camera, clothing and rock climbing equipment.  There were no signs of forced entry on the vehicle.  Report number 101032497

02:55 pm       400 blk Goldmine               Theft from Building
Officer Naval responded to a theft call.  The victim told the officer that she was approached by two men, both Caucasian males, who told her that a bush on the side of her property was falling and needed to be tied off.  The victim agreed to a price of $15.00 for the work and invited two men into her home.  She retrieved the promised cash from a secret location in her home while the two men “looked for a place to tie the bush”.  The victim went through her home to locate the men and found they were gone.  She returned to her secret place and found that a large sum of money had been stolen.  Suspect 1: White male, 50-60 years old, 5’8, 160 lbs, black hair, with a long sleeved jacket.  Suspect 2: White male, 40-50 years old, 5’8, 160 lbs, with black hair.  Report number 101032641

03:35 pm       200 blk Ripley                      Theft from Locked Auto
Officers Tillan and Toomey responded to an auto boost in progress call.  They met with the witness who told them that she looked out of her window after hearing a noise and saw a woman inside of a car. The witness stated that her father ran out of the house to investigate and saw the woman and accompanied by a Hispanic male walking away.  He yelled to them, they looked and then ran away to a vehicle stopped nearby.  The suspect vehicle was a silver Nissan Pathfinder.  The suspects jumped into passenger seats and the vehicle took off.  The officers located the vehicle owner who stated that a back pack and a laptop computer were stolen.  Report number 101032691

10:30 pm       Huron/Fredson                   Robbery w/Force
Officers Dilag and Lundy responded to a robbery call. The officers met with the victim who told them that while walking on Huron an African American male popped out between two parked cars and grabbed her purse with enough force to knock her to the ground.  The suspect then ran to a white sedan which then drove away.  The victim was not injured.  Report number 101033893

11:00 pm       Silliman/Hamilton               Vandalism to Vehicle
Officer Brown was approached at Ingleside Station by a man who stated that an unknown suspect had thrown a glass bottle at his vehicle while he was driving causing damage.  Parts of the bottle were wedged in the vehicle.  No suspect information was available.  Report number 101034023

Vehicle Incidents:

03:00 am       Ocean/Miramar                                Traffic Collision H/R
07:30 am       Unit blk San Juan                            Stolen/Recovered Auto
08:00 am       Powhattan/Anderson                      Stolen License Plate
11:00 am       Cielito/Parque                                   Stolen Auto
11:30 am       3500 blk Mission                              Unlicensed Driver
08:30 pm       300 blk 29th St                                 Stolen Auto
09:15 pm       Bayshore/Arleta                               Traffic Collision H/R