Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Incident Date:
Monday, November 8th, 2010


12:32 am       Circular/Baden                    Suspended/False Info
Officers Padilla and Seavey observed a vehicle with an equipment violation.  The officers conducted a traffic stop and contacted the driver.  The driver initially gave the officers a false name and stated that he had a license in another state.  The officers attempted to locate the drivers information via numerous computer queries and were unsuccessful.  Upon hearing that he would have to be booked due to lack of positive identification the driver finally gave the officers his real name.  The driver was operating a vehicle with a suspended license.  The driver was then positively identified, cited and released.  The vehicle was towed with a hold for the STOP program.  Report number 101036900

01:32 pm       Mission/Silver                      Meth /Para /Burg Tools
Officer Johnson was on patrol when she saw a vehicle with an equipment violation.  The officer conducted a traffic stop and contacted the driver and passenger.  The officer discovered that both driver and passenger were CDC parolees.  Officers Murphy and Pedersen and Sgt Miller responded to assist.  The two subjects were detained and searched.  The passenger was found to have methamphetamine, narcotics paraphernalia and burglary tools in his possession.  The driver was cited for the traffic violations and released.  The passenger was taken into custody and booked at Ingleside Station.  Report number 101038627

08:30 pm       4100 blk San Bruno           Battery of a PO/Resisting
Officers Tam and Burke responded to a fight call.  Officers Hurwitz and Daggett also responded to the residence.  The homeowner told the officers of a friend who was staying there that was fighting with other occupants and that he wanted the person escorted from the home. The officers attempted to contact the subject who upon contact attempted to fight the officers, throwing punches and pushing and kicking the officers.  The officers prevailed against the man and took him into custody.  The man was later apologetic to the officer and expressed remorse for his actions.  He was taken to Ingleside Station where he was later cited and released.  Report number 101040252

Other incidents:

08:00 am       200 blk Madrid                     Graffiti
Sgt Miller responded to an elementary school which had been recently plagued with vandalism by graffiti vandals.  Numerous graffiti “tags” had been painted and applied with markers to many of the school building exterior surfaces.  The costs of repairs to the property are estimated to exceed $1000.00. The report was forwarded to the Graffiti Abatement unit. Report number 101038188

09:00 am       100 blk Persia                     Battery
Officers Rand and Morgante responded to a battery call.  The officers met with the victim who told them that she worked at the residence which functions as a group home for girls.  An adult female resident pushed the victim and knocked her into a television then stormed out of the house due to some unknown issue.  The victim did not want to pursue criminal charges since she sustained no injury.  Report number 101037641

01:57 pm       100 blk Tucker                    Battery
Officers Sugitan and Fung responded to a battery call.  The officers contacted the victim who was outside of a home and stated that she had been hit by the resident and that her property was inside.  The officers attempted to contact the resident to no avail.  The woman was hysterical and yelled at the officers and stormed away.  A short while later she called for the police again and this time was cooperative with the officers’ investigation and described to them how the incident had occurred.  The officers were still unable to locate the suspect.  Report number 101038774

04:35 pm       800 blk Cortland                 Threats
Sgt Heidohrn was flagged down by a man who told him that he had just been threatened by an acquaintance.  The victim stated that the suspect approached him driving a vehicle while the victim was walking.  The suspect threatened the victim and then drove away.  The victim fears the suspect and believes that the threat may be carried out.  The suspect was searched for, but not located.  Report number 101039283

Vehicle Incidents:

05:00 am       100 blk  Appleton                             Stolen Auto
05:45 am       1400 blk Sanchez                            Stolen Auto
07:45 am       Unit blk Surrey                                  Stolen Auto
08:00 am       100 blk Lawrence                             Stolen Auto
09:32 am       Mission/Ottawa                                 Traffic Collision
11:10 am       Cortland/Folsom                               Unlicensed Driver
11:40 am       1000 blk Goettingen                        Recovered Auto
03:00 pm       200 blk Roanoke                              Stolen Auto
03:12 pm       Unit blk Phelan                                 Traffic Collision H/R
03:25 pm       Felton/Madison                                Traffic Collision
06:46 pm       Peru/Edinburgh                                Traffic Collision