Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Incident Date:
Monday, November 1st, 2010


04:00 pm       600 blk Crescent                Warrant/Suspended License
Officers Duffin and Hart conducted a traffic stop on a driver for failing to stop at a stop sign.  The driver was found to have a suspended license and a warrant for his arrest. The vehicle had plates on it from another vehicle owned by the driver.  The officers took him into custody and booked him at Ingleside Station.  The vehicle was towed from the scene.  Report number 101015697

Other incidents:

12:01 am       Monterey/Foerster             Robbery w/Force
Officers Padilla and Henry-Garcia responded to a robbery call.  The officers contacted the two 16 year old victims who told them that they had been robbed of their skateboards by two African American males, late teens, wearing black hooded sweatshirts.  The victims stated that they were approached by the suspects near the park.  One suspect told the boys to give him the skateboards.  Out of fear the boys complied and then followed the suspects into a nearby convenience store to attempt to get the boards back.  The victims approached the suspects and one suspect punched one of the victims on the face.  The suspects then fled the area in a green Saab.  Report number 101013453

12:30 pm       1500 blk Hampshire           Att Burglary, House,Forced
Officers Curry and Sanchez responded to an attempted burglary call.  The victim returned home and found that someone had attempted to force entry into her home through a window but was unsuccessful.  Report number 101015089

12:58 pm       1500 blk Hampshire           Burglary, House, Unlawful
The victim from the above call noticed that her neighbors’ home appeared to have been broken into and called the police again.  She then called her neighbor who returned home. Officers Fung, Sugitan and Pedersen responded and found that the suspect had fled prior to their arrival.  The victim told the officers that he had left the rear doors unlocked upon leaving the home on that date.  A bicycle, laptop computer and jewelry were stolen.  Report number 101015114

01:30 pm       Unit blk Garrison                Vandalism to Property     
Officers Goldsborough and Hornstein responded to a vandalism call.  The officers spoke with the maintenance manager for the public housing complex who showed them that a sliding door was damaged by an unknown suspect.  The unit was unoccupied and undergoing renovation.  Report number 101015299

05:00 pm       200 blk Laidley                    Battery
Officer Dudley responded to a battery call.  The caller stated that his neighbor, with whom he had had disagreements since the 1990’s bumped into him on purpose on the sidewalk near their homes.  The other man apologized at the time of the incident.  The other man did not respond to the officers knocks at his door.  Report number 101016178

10:30 pm       Crescent/Andover              Robbery w/Knife
Officers Castillo and Shugars responded to a robbery call.  The victims, husband and wife, were walking home together when they noticed two African American men walking briskly up behind them.  One of the suspects grabbed the female victims purse and when she did not relinquish her property easily, he pulled out an Exacto style knife and pointed it at her and demanded he purse.  The victim let go of her belongings.  The suspect then turned the knife toward the husband and demanded his cell phone.  The victim complied and then both victims ran away on Crescent and did not see where the suspects went.  Suspect 1: 19 years old, 5’7, 250 lbs, shaved bald head wearing a black baggie t-shirt, baggie black jeans.  Suspect 2: 20 years old, 5’8, 180 lbs, bald head wearing a white t-shirt. Report number 101016582

11:47 pm       3400 blk Mission                 Assault, Non-Aggravated
Officers Shugars and Castillo responded to an assault call.  They located a man who was being attended to by SFFD personnel.  The man was intoxicated and refused to assist in the investigation about what had occurred to him only stating that someone had punched him.  The man then rode away on his bicycle.  Report number 101016689

Vehicle Incidents:

07:00 am       Persia/London                      Stolen Auto
10:15 am       Unit blk Sears                       Recovered Auto
05:25 pm       2900 blk Diamond               Recovered Auto