Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Incident Date:
Sunday, October 31st, 2010


03:15 am       Mission/Appleton               Agg Assault/Cocaine
Officer Anderson responded to a battery call with Taraval Officers Owens and Shinbori.  The officers found the victim unconscious and broken glass on the sidewalk beside him.  A man later identified as a suspect in the incident approached the officers and attempted to appear as a witness.  He was identified by the victim when he came to and by the witnesses description.  The suspect was taken into custody.  Two other suspects fled the scene and were not located.  The suspect was found to be in possession of cocaine.  Report number 101010904 The victim later reported that he had been robbed in the incident by the suspects. Related case 101012922

09:45 am       4900 blk Mission                 Shoplifting
Officers Sanchez and Curry responded to a grocery store where employees were holding a shoplifter in custody.  The officers met with the employees who stated that the suspect was observed placing numerous bottles of liquor into a duffle bag.  The suspect then went into the restroom and left the store, passing the manned check stands.  Employees stopped the suspect and called for the police.  The officers found that the suspect had numerous prior theft related convictions so he was booked rather than cited for this offense. Report number 101011275

02:40 pm       700 blk Naples                    Stolen Vehicle Arrest
Officers Hauscarriague and Almaguer were working in plain clothes when they observed a vehicle and ran a computer query.  The computerized results took a moment to come through and while they did the officers circled the block.  They returned to the vehicle moments later and observed four individuals get into the car.  The suspects were two Asian males and two Asian females, all adults in 30’s and 40’s.  The officers conducted a felony traffic stop and detained all of the occupants.  The driver was later taken into custody and booked.  The vehicle had been stolen from a rental car lot.  Report number 101012126

02:41 pm       Trumbull/Mission               Traffic Viol/Resisting
Officer Villaruel conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle for an equipment violation.  The driver gave the officer a false name, but admitted to not having a license.  The officer began a pat search of the suspect when the suspect suddenly ran from the area, closely pursued by Officer Chang who had responded to back up Officer Villaruel.  The suspect was caught about four blocks later by Officer Chang and Officer Johnson who arrived in time to stop the foot pursuit.  The suspect was taken into custody.  It was later discovered that the suspect was a criminal gang member , a previously deported felon and had a warrant out of Antioch, Ca. The suspect ran from the scene leaving behind his girlfriend and her young daughter in the vehicle.  The suspect was later booked at Ingleside Station.  Report number 101012063

Other incidents:

05:31 am       500 blk Visitacion               Robbery w/Force
A twenty year old man was waiting for the bus when he was approached by three men in black hooded sweatshirts.  The men punched and kicked the victim numerous times and stole his cell phone and wallet.  The victim suffered head and facial injuries and was taken to the hospital for treatment.  Report number 101010954

06:15 am       200 blk Precita                    Att Theft from Locked Vehicle
Officer Murphy responded to an auto boost call.  The victim stated that she heard her vehicle alarm sounding and looked outside.  The victim saw two men rifling through her car.  One suspect was described as a Hispanic male adult with long dark hair.  The suspects disregarded the vehicle alarm and after finding nothing to steal, fled on foot toward Shotwell.  Report number 101010998

07:54 am       100 blk Chenery                 Burglary, Store, Forced
A burglary was called in at a grocery store and Officers Morgante and Wong responded with Officer Johnson and Sgts Miller and Escobar.  A search of the store revealed that a cash register had been stolen.  A witness reported to Mission Station Officer Brugaletta that he had witnessed the burglary and provided the license plate on a van involved.  The officer relayed that information to the Ingleside officers.  The van was reported stolen and was recovered later that day on the 1100 blk of Brazil with the cash register inside.  The loss was about $20.00 in change.  Report number 101011106

11:00 am       500 blk Los Palmos           Theft from Unlocked Vehicle
Sgt Miller responded to a stolen auto call and met with the victims.  The victims told the sergeant that someone had entered their unlocked Volvo and stolen a spare key to their other car, parked up the street.  The other car, a Porsche Cayenne, was stolen.  Report number 101011645

11:00 am       5400 blk Mission                 Threats
PSA Zabarte was approached at Ingleside Station by a victim who reported that an acquaintance, who had loaned him money, threatened his life when he did not make his payment as promised.  Report number 101014122

12:05 pm       Persia/Mission                    Battery
Sgt Escobar was on patrol when he observed a crowd gathering around a man who was rolling around on the ground, bleeding from his face.  The sergeant was approached by a witness who told him that a man had punched the victim in the face.  The victim was completely uncooperative, but was transported via ambulance to the hospital for treatment.  Report number 101011651

01:50 pm       Visitacion/Sawyer              Battery
Officers Fung and Sugitan responded to a battery call. The victim, a passenger on a Muni bus was slapped several times by an African American male, 20-25 years old, 5’8, 150 lbs, with short afro.  The suspect was wearing a dark hooded jacket and blue jeans.  The victim sustained a cut mouth. The attack was witnessed by the victims girlfriend and the bus driver.  All stated that the attack was unprovoked.  Report number 101011902

3:46 pm         3100 blk Mission                 Public Intoxication
Officers Altamirano and Thompson responded to a call regarding an  intoxicated person causing problems.  The officers located the subject and detained him.  The subject had a pre-existing medical condition and was taken to SFGH where he was released.  Report number 101012386

11:22 pm       Unit blk 29th St                     Battery/Aided Case
Officers Anderson, Brown and Gabriel responded to a fight call.  The officers located two subjects, one appearing intoxicated who had been pepper sprayed in the face by the other, a bar security guard.  The security guard had sprayed the other man after the man had been removed from the bar for causing problems.  The guard feared the suspect would cause additional problems when he returned to the bar shortly thereafter and sprayed him.  The guard refused all police action against the suspect.  The suspect was transported to SFGH via ambulance.  Report number 101013425

Vehicle Incidents:

02:41 am       Mission/Bosworth                            Traffic Collision
02:43 am       Geneva/Mission                               Traffic Collision H/R
03:00 am       Edinburgh/Silver                              Traffic Collision H/R
03:10 am       Craut/Silver                                       Traffic Collision H/R
07:30 am       1600 blk Guerrero                            Stolen Auto
09:15 am       1100 blk Brazil                                  Stolen/Recovered Auto
09:18 am       1600 blk Alemany                            Stolen/Recovered Auto
11:00 am       500 blk Los Palmos                         Stolen Auto
07:54 pm       Sgt John V. Young/San Jose        Recovered Auto
09:15 pm       200 blk Alemany                              Stolen Auto