Thursday, October 21, 2010


Incident Date:
Wednesday, October 20th, 2010


07:55 am       Unit blk Roscoe                  Dog Bite or Attack
Officers Robinson and Pereira responded to a dog bite incident and spoke with both parties.  One woman was walking her two small dogs when he neighbors’ large dog pulled her across the street and bit one of the small dogs.  The owner of the large dog had previously agreed to pay the vet bill for the treatment of the injured dog.  The injured dog owner signed a citizens arrest for her neighbor.  The officers cited and released the woman at the scene.  Report number 100976531

08:36 am       Unit blk Blythdale               Burglary, Residence, Forced
Officers Larocca and Morgante responded to a burglary in progress call.  The found the front door of the housing unit wide open and saw two young African American males in the unit.  Upon seeing the officers the suspect ran from the rear of the unit with the officers in pursuit.  Both suspect initially evaded the officers, but with some direction from witnesses, Officers Trail, Peregoy and Johnson located one of the suspects a few blocks away and took him into custody.  The second suspect remains at large.  The suspect was taken to Ingleside Station and was later booked into the Juvenile Justice Center.  Report number 100974701

12:22 pm       500 blk Alemany                 Heroin Offense
Officers Hopkins, Duffin and Hart responded to an assault call in a housing unit.  The officers met with a woman who stated that she wanted a man, her boyfriend, out of her house as they were having a fight.  The man complied with the officers orders and stepped out of the house.  The officers located a small plastic bottle, which the suspect stated was his, and the suspect told them that it contained heroin.  The officers took the suspect into custody and transported him to Ingleside Station where he was later booked.  Report number 100975486

04:24 pm       200 blk Desmond               Meth/Counterfeit
Officer Hauscarriague with a team of other Ingleside officers and supervisors responded to a residence to serve a search warrant.  The officers searched the home and vehicle listed on the warrant and found a large amount of methamphetamine, narcotics paraphernalia, and counterfeit money.  Two suspects were taken into custody and later booked at Ingleside Station. Report number 100976412

09:01 pm       400 blk Lisbon                    Cocaine/Marijuana
Officer Archilla observed a driver fail to stop for a posted arterial stop sign and pulled the vehicle over.  The driver was found to be on probation with a search condition which the officer exercised and found the man to be in possession of several bindles of cocaine salt.  Several other officers arrived to assist Officer Archilla who then searched the vehicle and found a large backpack full of marijuana and additional cocaine.  The suspect and the passenger in the vehicle were transported to Ingleside Station.  The passenger was later released.  The driver was booked at Ingleside.  Report number 100977153

Other incidents:

06:45 am       Unit blk Stoneyford           Theft, Vehicle Strip
A man reported to Officers Araujo and Pai that he went to his car in the morning after leaving it parked and unattended outside of his home, and found that all four tires and rims were stolen.  The vehicle was left on blocks.  Report number 100974660

07:00 am       300 blk Faxon                      Vandalism to Vehicle
PSA Heckenberg-Tognozzi was approached by a man at Ingleside Station who stated that one tire on his vehicle had been slashed overnight.  Report number 100974911

10:10 am       Persia/Madrid                      Attempted Robbery w/ Force
 Officer Chew responded to a robbery call.  The victim told the officer that he was seated on a Muni bus texting on his cell phone.  An African American male, 20-25 yo, 6’2, 190 lbs, wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and dark jeans, attempted to grab the victims cell phone from his hand.  The victim maintained a strong grip on his property and yelled loudly that he was being robbed.  The suspect then let go and ran off of the bus.  Report number 100975016

11:00 am       400 blk Italy                          Vandalism to Vehicle
Sgt Miller responded to a call of vandalism and spoke with the reportee who told him that his adult son had punctured the sidewall of one tire on a truck he had borrowed to move out of his home.  The son suffers with mental health problems and became angry with his father about the move.  Report number 100975185

01:30 pm       300 blk Mount Vernon       Burglary, Residence, Forced
A family returned to find that their home had been burglarized.  Officer Park responded and met with the victims.  The officer found that the front door had been forced open and some jewelry and money were stolen from the home.  Report number 100975618

16:00 pm       Blythdale/Santos                Shots Fired/Damaged Vehicle
PSA Knuckles was approached at Ingleside Station by a woman who told him that she found a bullet hole in her vehicle.  The victim stated that while her vehicle was parked and unattended it was damaged by an unknown suspect.  No shots fired calls were reported in the area the vehicle was located during the time period given.  Report number 100976804

01:30 am       4900 blk Mission                 Fire Report
Officers Vizcay and Padilla responded to a vehicle fire call and met with the victim.  The victim told the officers that the trunk area of his vehicle caught on fire, possibly due to a faulty speaker wire.  SFFD extinguished the fire and no other property or persons were damaged or injured.  Report number 100977733

Vehicle Incidents:

05:46 am       Prague/Geneva                    Unlicensed Driver
07:00 am       200 blk Flood                        Stolen Auto
07:15 am       300 blk Gambier                   Stolen Auto
08:10 am       300 blk Paris                         Stolen Auto
08:30 am       Unit blk Crescio                    Stolen Auto
09:00 am       Unit blk Castillo                    Stolen Auto
09:53 am       200 blk Flood                        Recovered Auto
12:35 pm       Geneva/South Hill               Suspended Driver
12:45 pm       1000 blk Naples                   Recovered Auto
11:40 pm       Mission/Persia                      Suspended Driver