Monday, October 18, 2010


Incident Date:
Sunday, October 17th, 2010


05:34 pm       Unit blk Phelan                   Burglary, Unlawful Entry
SFCCPD Officers Burlyga, and Flood, with Sgt. Russo responded to call of a suspicious person in one of the school buildings.  An IT worker spotted the suspect and called the police.  The officers searched the building and located the suspect who they found to be in possession of several vending machine items.  The officers found that a vending machine had been damaged and that the same drink was accessible at the point of the damage.  The suspect had tools on him consistent with the damage.  The suspect was taken into custody and later booked County Jail.  Report number 100966689

Other incidents:

12:15 am       100 blk Highland                Arson of Vehicle
Officers Pereira and Gomez responded to a vehicle fire and met with SFFD engine 32.  The firefighters extinguished the blaze and found that the vehicle had also been “egged”.  The vehicle owner stated that she did not see who had damaged her vehicle, but that she has been in a dispute with a neighbor.  The officers attempted to contact the neighbor to no avail.  Report number 100964677

04:41 am       Amazon/Mission                 Battery
Officers Dilag and Lundy responded to a battery call and met with the victim.  The victim told the officers that he was looking for a place to sleep in the area when he was approached by four individuals.  One man in the group said something to the victim and then punched him a number of times on the face causing a bloody lip injury.  The officers searched for the suspects to no avail.  The victim was treated by medics. Report number 100965283

03:30 pm       600 blk Madrid                     Burglary, House, Unlawful
A woman responded to Ingleside Station and told PSA Knuckles that she believed that her ex-boyfriend had somehow entered her home and stole her iPod, a fish, money and jewelry.  Report number 100966980

Vehicle Incidents:

04:58 am       Cortland/Anderson              Suspended Driver
09:15 am       Unit blk Edinburgh              Stolen Auto
01:30 pm       Bosworth/Diamond             Suspended Driver
04:07 pm       Phelan/Cloud Cir                 Suspended Driver
05:08 pm       Unit blk Otsego                     Recovered Auto
06:30 pm       Diamond/Kern                      Traffic Collision H/R
06:30 pm       San Jose/Niagara                Stolen License Plate
09:45 pm       Mission/29th                          Suspended Driver
10:37 pm       Valencia/Cesar Chavez     Unlicensed Driver
10:45 pm       Mission/Silver                       Unlicensed Driver