Monday, October 18, 2010


Incident Date:
Saturday, October 16th, 2010


01:33 pm       1100 blk Crescent              Warrant Arrest
Officers Hopkins and Uang observed a man walking on the sidewalk while drinking a 40 oz beer.  The officers detained him and found that he had a warrant for his arrest.  The officers took him into custody and booked him at County Jail.  Report number 091091555

05:09 pm       400 blk Precita                    Stolen Auto/ Vandalism
Officers Conceicao and Leong responded to a possible stolen auto call and found the female suspect inside of the vehicle.  The caller told the officers that she had witnessed the suspect enter the vehicle through the passenger side door and move to the driver seat.  The suspect then released the emergency brake and the vehicle rolled into a parked vehicle.  The vehicle owner responded to the scene and stated that he had not given the suspect permission to enter or drive his vehicle.  The suspect was found to be unlicensed also.  The suspect was taken to Ingleside Station where she was booked.  Report number 100963889

05:52 pm       1800 blk Sunnydale           Marijuana Offense
Officers Dudley and Kneuker observed two known gang members seated in a parked vehicle in a parking lot in a public housing complex.  The officers approached the vehicle and found that the subject in the driver seat had several “buds” of marijuana on his lap and brown rolling papers in his hand.  The officers seized the contraband and conducted a search of the suspects and the vehicle for additional narcotics to no avail.  The vehicle did not belong to either suspect and the registered owner could not be reached.  The suspect with the marijuana was cited and released.  The passenger was released.  Report number 100963914

Other incidents:

01:29 am       3400 blk Mission                 Aggravated Assault
Officers Jones and Henry-Garcia responded to a call of an injured person.  They met with the victim who had a laceration on his head.  The victim stated that he won a game of pool in a bar and the men he was playing against attacked him with a pool ball striking him on the head.  The victim stated that he ran out of the bar and the suspects followed saying that they would kill him.  The victim hid and the suspects left the area.  The bartender stated that no altercation between the three men occurred in the establishment.  Report number 100962079
09:30 am       300 blk Joost                       Att Theft from Locked Auto
A victim responded to Ingleside Station and reported to PSA Guituan that his vehicle had been forcibly entered which caused damage, but nothing was stolen from the car.  Report number 100963500

10:13 am       200 blk Morse                      Vandalism to Vehicle
 A man reported to Officer Wong that he witnessed his grandson vandalize his vehicle.  The victim stated that his grandson was upset about something, went outside and kicked the victims’ car numerous times, and left the area.  The officer searched for the suspect to no avail. Report number 100962643

10:45 am       Cuvier/Bosworth                Vandalism to Vehicle
A victim responded to Ingleside Station and told PSA Heckenberg-Tognozzi that someone had damaged his vehicle while it was parked and unattended.  The victim did not believe that the damage was from another vehicle, but rather from someone purposely vandalizing the vehicle.  Report number 100962875

11:20 am       Ocean/San Jose                 Theft from Vehicle/Vandalism
Officers Pedersen and Murphy were flagged down by a victim who showed them that his vehicle was vandalized.  The victim showed the officers the vehicles’ smashed windshield and then told the officers that the suspect entered the vehicle and stole a leather  jacket and a GPS unit.  Report number 100962728

12:29 pm       200 blk Mullen                     Graffiti
Officer Araujo met with a victim who stated that someone had spray painted a graffiti “tag” on her home.  The victim showed the officer the marking.  Report number 100963209

12:30 pm       400 blk Valley                      Threats
A landlord called his tenant to advise him about his incessantly barking dog.  The suspect told the landlord that he would injure him if Animal Care and Control were called regarding the dog.  The landlord was afraid and wanted the incident documented.  Report number 100963265

02:05 pm       Richland/Murray                 Battery
Officers Sugitan and Fung responded with numerous other Ingleside officers to a fight between two men in the street.  The officers located the suspects who eventually told the officers that they had fought with each other due to a family dispute.  Neither suspect wished to make an arrest of the other for the fight.  Both had mild injuries but refused medical treatment.  They were both released at the scene.  Report number 100963287

04:30 pm       900 blk Brussels                 Trespassing
Officers Kneuker and Dudley responded to a possible burglary call.  The officers met with the victim who stated that she returned to her home to find that a key was in the front door lock and that it worked to open her home.  She stated that though several people had a key to her door, no one should have been in her home on that date.  The officers found no one in the home and the victim walked through finding nothing out of place or stolen.  Report number 100964019

06:20 pm       100 Gladstone                     Robbery w/ Knife
A woman pushing her baby in a stroller was approached by two Asian males, 18-22 years old wearing hooded sweatshirts.  The suspects each had a small folding knife and demanded the victims’ money.  She complied, handing the suspects two dollars.  The suspects then grabbed her diaper bag, rifled through it, and threw it on the ground when they did not find additional money.  The suspects ran away on foot.  Report number 100963964

09:07 pm       Unit blk Avalon                   Attempted Stolen Auto
Officers Gomez and Pereira responded to a call of someone attempting to steal a car.  The officers met with the witness who stated that he saw a white female inside of his room mates’ vehicle with the engine on.  Upon seeing him walking toward her, the suspect pulled a set of keys from the vehicle and went to another vehicle where three other white females were waiting.  All four suspects were described as Caucasian females, 25-30 years old with blonde hair pulled into pony tails.  The main suspect was additionally described as heavy set, wearing a white blouse, blue jeans, with tattoos on her hands.  Report number 100964291

Vehicle Incidents:

12:43 am       Mission/Leo                          Unlicensed Driver
01:00 am       Unit blk Sparta                      Stolen Auto
01:45 am       Amazon/London                  Traffic Collision
07:50 am       400 blk Edinburgh               Stolen Auto
08:00 am       300 blk Park                          Stolen Auto
08:30 am       Geneva/Alemany                 Unlicensed Driver
02:50 pm       San Jose/Ocean                  Suspended Driver
08:25 pm       San Jose/Ocean                  Traffic Collision H/R
09:10 pm       100 blk Sickles                     Traffic Collision H/R